BangBang Cinema: Iron Man 2

Back in 2008, Marvel’s Iron Clad Playboy Tony Stark got a chance to rock and roll on the big screen. Despite a kick-ass rock and roll trailer, there was plenty of reasons to be hesitant. A ton of comic book movies had been bad up to this point. Also, Marvel took charge of their own […]

Kopin Wins $27m Contract For TWS-11B Thermal Eyepiece reports that the U.S. Army has awarded a $27 million contract to Taunton Mass military contractor Kopin (“The Nanosemiconductor Company”) for their latest gen thermal eyepiece. In case you were wondering. Kopin’s TWS-IIB eyepiece is based on the company’s low-power CyberDisplay 640M LVR display designed to operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees […]

AK-47 v. M16

Considering this last night’s news that the U.S. Army is sending 5000 M14 Enhanced to Afghanistan, I thought it a good time to post this look at the weapon’s rival: ye olde AK-47. The M14’s not the M16, but still.

U.S. Army Drops Bayonet Practice

According to the AP [via KTUU], the U.S. Army has dropped bayonet practice from basic training. “Adapting to battlefield experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Army is revamping its basic training regimen for the first time in three decades by nixing five-mile runs and bayonet drills in favor of zigzag sprints and honing core muscles […]