Gear Review: Etymotic GunSport PRO Electronic Earplugs

Electronic hearing protection is the solution to hearing range commands, conversation, and ambient sounds while simultaneously protecting from loud noises. Founded in 1983, Etymotic Research has been designing hearing aids and earphones almost as long as I’ve been alive, and is one of the few U.S.-based hearing aid manufacturers. They know ears, hearing, and hearing […]

Gear Review: Hunter SMART Bluetooth Active Headset

Ever wanted to take phone calls and jam out to ABBA while shooting? There’s an app for that: Sweden’s Hunter Electronic Hunter SMART ear pro. It’s active electronic hearing protection with built-in Bluetooth, now available in the U.S. of A . . . Without batteries, Hunter’s cans are ~23 NRR muffs that work in the standard, “dumb” way. Turn […]

Friends, (Gun) Owners, Countrymen . . . Lend me Your Ears

As I’ve mentioned here before, I was a professional musician long before I was a shooter. I’m also the son, grandson, great-grandson, etc. etc. etc. of musicians. As such, I make a part of my daily bread with my ears. And just like a dancer that needs to protect their legs or a visual artist […]