Gear Review: M3 TI (Tactical Illuminator)

Illuminator? I just met her! And there’s your trouble. For an explanation of one of the main dangers of using a snout-mounted light on your handgun, let us turn to page 2, point 5 of Insight’s manual for its M3 Tactical Illuminator, under the main heading WARNINGS. “Once the M3 TI is attached to a […]

Win! 10 Boxes of Winchester PDX1 410 Ammo

Thanks to the good folks at Winchester, TTAG has ten boxes of PDX1 410 personal defense ammunition to give away. One lucky reader will be able load up their Taurus Judge (you DO have a Taurus Judge don’t you?) with ammo designed to ruin a bad guy’s day. Specifically, the PDX1 shell combines three plated […]