A Pain in the Bass Pro Shops

A gathering of the clans today, northbound and down for Bass Pro Shops. This monument to retail-tainment lingers in the shadow of the Patriot’s palace (football, not Congress). I made the pilgrimage to watch my youngest fall into their pond and drop $3k-plus on a Browning gun safe. Not so fast, Mr. Bond. The salesman […]

Editorial: Store Your Ammo in a Fireproof Safe

I don’t know about you, but I sleep better at night knowing that I have a great deal of ammunition in-house. Zombie attacks, natural disaster-related social disintegration, post-apocalyptic hunt-for-your-food scenarios—bring it on. I have enough guns, bullets and shells to protect my family until, say, 2012. But seriously folks, a gun without ammo is like […]

Gun Safety: Thinking Inside the Box

Handguns, rifles and shotguns do one thing, and do it very well: they blow holes in things. This is a good thing—if the hole you’re talking about is one you’ve put through a bad guy intent on harming you and yours after disobeying a direct order to stop and drop. If, on the other hand, […]