Die Water! Die!

Here’s a YouTube clip featuring the same Hatsan shotgun used by Miles “the Crazy Texan” Slade (Ian Somerhalder) in The Tournament (reviewed by our own Robert Fure). Quick aside: doesn’t ANYONE shoulder this bad boy (Die Forest! Die!). Actually, it may not be the exact same gun (Robert?). Hatsan Arms Company makes 14 Escort semi-auto models and […]

Gun Review: ArmaLite AR 24-15C

Back in the day, stoners contemplated life’s mysteries from a tetrahydrocannabinol-enhanced perspective. So enabled, they’d confront cosmic karma with a simple statement: “that’s heavy.” Heavy was deep. Heavy was good. Even when it wasn’t. “Dude, your landlord’s here to throw you out.” “Whoa. That’s heavy.” Heavy was important. And then Japanese products invaded the America. […]