Accuracy International’s Tom Irwin Clarifies His Comments Regarding Gun Control in the US

Yesterday we reported that Accuracy International’s owner, Tom Irwin, had commented on the availability of bump fire stocks and semi-automatic weapons in the United States. Our report was based an article quoting him in the British daily, the Evening Standard. Mr. Irwin has spoken to Frank Galli of the Sniper’s Hide, who writes the following: […]

Gun Review: Accuracy International AX-308

Accuracy International has been in business since 1978. In that short time AI’s precision rifles have established an impeccable pedigree amongst operators, wanna-be’s and precision shooters. Their L115A3 in .338 Lapua enabled the longest recorded sniper kill in history. Call Of Duty geeks will instantly recognize their Arctic Warfare rifle. Building on and extending their rep: Accuracy International’s AX-308. […]

Just Arrived: Accuracy International AX-308

Yesterday was kinda like Christmas in March at my FFL guy’s shop when I picked up this much-anticipated AX-308 from Accuracy International. I’ve been looking forward to this review for a long time: we’ve been flirting with Accuracy International for more than two years, and if my experience with other AIs is any indicator, I […]

TTAG To Test Accuracy International AX 308

After months of stalking polite and persistent inquiries from Farago and myself, the good people at Accuracy International have finally made it official: they’re going to trust us with one of their OMFG-accurate precision rifles in the near future, along with a worthy optic from the likes of Zeiss, Nightforce or Schmidt & Bender.