The Kansas City Chiefs celebrate during their victory rally at Union Station in Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024. The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers Sunday in the NFL Super Bowl 58 football game. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
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The left is already pushing for more gun control even before the release of information on the shooter or possibly shooters at the Super Bowl Parade.

Authorities reported they caught three men, one person died, and over twenty others were injured. They haven’t said anything about who they have in custody or confirmed that they were the shooters. Two bystanders tackled one alleged shooter as he was running away.

It may be a red state, but it’s a blue city, and only four Republicans have served as mayor in the past 100 years. Kansas City ranks in the top 10 most violent cities in the US, and it has a crime rate that’s 166% higher than the national average.

Anti-gun groups like Giffords and Everytown wasted no time and, within an hour, were already screaming for more gun control. Their reason is always the same, and they say, “It’s the guns.”

Instead of going after criminals, they want to go after law-abiding citizens. Maybe it’s time they go after the underlying issues and get things back to how they used to be.

It was a lot easier to get guns 50 years ago, and there were virtually zero mass shootings. What has changed are the consequences or lack of consequences for committing crimes. Instead of adding more gun laws, let’s start by enforcing what’s on the books now.


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  1. Doing the job that US media won’t — of course the UK Daily Mail is a leftist rag but at least they cover news stories.

    Today’s headlines:

    “WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION” — KC cops retrieve an assault rifle from ‘gunman’ who was tackled by hero dad after shooting at Super Bowl parade killed one and left 21 others injured – including NINE kids – as officials claim event was NOT targeted

    “United States of gun violence: Kansas City Chiefs parade rampage that left one dead and 21 wounded is the 49th mass shooting this year that has already seen 81 people killed in US”

    “Biden says Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting should ‘shock us, shame us into acting’ and urges Congress to enact gun laws after mom-of-two killed and 21 injured in latest attack”

    All are on the gateway page of the website this morning:

    • Gun Control zeslots/nazis are always laying in wait like kidnappers waiting for an opportunity to snatch a child from a defenseless parent…fjb.

  2. One has to wonder if some of the people arrested were actually good guys with guns who attempted to engage the shooter I wouldn’t doubt that anyone who might attempt to do so would be turned on by the blue-zombie crowds the instant anyone thought they had a weapon assuming them to be the bad guy. This may or may not be the case but there is no way to know at this point.

    IMHO it is best to not get involved and get yourself and your people safely away and to keep your gat concealed until you absolutely need it immediately and have a target acquired that needs deletion as soon as you draw. Draw and fire, don’t wave it around hoping that will somehow diffuse a situation like this.

        • Just sayin’ — gun-free zones disarm vulnerable citizens, allowing the violence that we witnessed yesterday. Notice that two brave unarmed men tackled one of the shooters — but no concealed carrier responded. None of the three suspects were lawful carriers.

      • They weren’t “lawful Carriers” because it’s impossible to carry lawfully in a gun-free zone. QED. That means nothing in relation to Shall Not Be Infringed.

        I have yet to see all the details on this shooting. There is darn little so far. If the two additional people who were arrested were accomplices they didn’t seem to help the shooter at all. He was caught and only killed one. It seems unlikely they were accomplices. Possible targets of gang violence maybe -more bad guys from an opposing gange is what this could be.

        I wonder if the DJ who was killed was the primary target then there is much more to this story than meets the eye -especially if this was gang-on-gang violence and not a shooter out to inflict max casualties.

        • “They weren’t “lawful Carriers” because it’s impossible to carry lawfully in a gun-free zone. QED.”

          This is incorrect, as written.

  3. If there really were 3 shooters (not CCers shooting back) this speaks to one of two things being likely:
    1-Bangers settling scores. Any bets on how many of these three were out on supervised release if this is the case?

    Considering the hit rate, I’m betting on option 1. If this was a terrorist I feel like the shooting would have lead to a lot more deaths.

  4. Just last night I was talking with some of my guns and trying to bully them into showing some signs of life, hoping I could prove that they are living things that have a mind of their own and can choose to just go out and do as they pleased. Overall what I ended up proving, once again, was that contrary to the anti-gun for mass-shootings – its not the guns for they are simply non-living objects with zero ability to act on their own to commit crime or mass shootings and are not mentally ill mass-shooters, and contrary to how anti-gun wants me to think and feel and their political rhetoric me exercising my inherent unalienable and constitutional right to have, own, posses, use firearms does not make me responsible for the mentally ill acts of others and what they do is not my fault.

    Ok, in case no one got it, and I’m sure dacian and Miner49er didn’t, I was being somewhat sarcastic. But the fact remains: its not the guns for they are simply non-living objects with zero ability to act on their own to commit crime or mass shootings and are not mentally ill mass-shooters or criminals, and contrary to how anti-gun wants me to think and feel and their political rhetoric – me exercising my inherent unalienable and constitutional right to have, own, posses, use firearms does not make me responsible for the mentally ill and criminal acts of others and what they do is not my fault.

  5. As a former KC resident, this event really saddens me. Local politics has always denied the true cause for the violence that the city sees and refuses to acknowledge that the usual suspects are the primary perpetrator’s of the “gun violence”. Every weekend you see the pictures of the same people grieving the loss of their loved ones. Until the politicians grow some cojones and the aggrieved community assists in holding their young men accountable, this will continue.

    Put the blame where it belongs and it’s not on the shoulders of the law abiding.

    • A person in one of my post on social media commented that lives there and unloaded on the administration plus others.

      “These are people from my town that were shot, and we are friends with the cousin of the person that died.
      Brady needs to shut his mouth and every other political opportunist that wants to spew their diatribe about gun control. It is appalling that you would use the loss and pain of others as a soapbox for your selfish aspirations to gain more control over the people of this country. The only thing at this point that needs to be said are prayers for those involved.”

      He kept going and didn’t hold back.

  6. This shooting smacks of gang bs. Would I have gotten involved? I don’t go to large unruly crowded gatherings anymore. Maybe 1984 Cub’s division win in Chiraq was the last one. Yeah Chiraq was dangerous then but nothing compared to now. Didn’t make da Bears celebration in 1986. It was insanely cold! Speaking of Kansas City,Mo the mayor seemed like an automaton robot. And the chief of po-leece was a gal. Yikes!☹️

    • 100% this. That’s why it has disappeared off the front pages and no mugshots have been released. This incident will slowly bubble under.
      If it had been a white male MAGA, the coverage would be massive.

      • In other words, this isn’t something we will need to have a “national conversation” about. They’ll just talk about the gunz.

  7. What has changed are the consequences or lack of consequences for committing crimes.

    The culture has changed. People like to say politics is downstream of culture, and not the other way around. The second part of that statement isn’t true. Our laws, and how we enforce them, influences the culture. Many people assume that certain actions are moral, just, or necessary if our laws allow it, or lack of enforcement encourages it. For example, the freak out over abortion “rights” ending is because they understand this will end up changing our culture (for the better). People will now be forced to question the ethics of destroying a baby in the womb, instead of not really thinking deeply about it because some people invented a right decades ago.

  8. Trivia fact for mass shooters: The majority of mass-shooters (which includes school shooters), over 90%, have no political affiliation or preference of either left or right wing. Yet, MSM and anti-gun interests and idiots (e.g. dacian) will tag them as ‘right wing extremists’ simply because a gun was involved.

    Trivia fact for mass killers (using the definition of four or more victims injured or killed): These are ones that use something other than a gun (usually a knife or some other sharpened object) for their killing attempts. Over the last 30 years the majority (~80%) of these have been liberals whose political preference was left-wing. 8 % of these have been right-wing, the rest had no political affiliation or preference of either left or right wing. None of these were were tagged as ‘extremists’ by MSM and anti-gun groups never mention them.

    • We are in it already. Folks just don’t recognize the lawfare and sanctioned lawlessness being used as weapons to strike at the other side as “war” yet.

  9. Always the gun control crap after any incident. Ignoring the simple fact that no matter what weapon is involved, be it a gun, knife, axe, automobile, gas and a road flare, or whatever else, is there is always a human mind, and human hand involved. Unless the human factor is dealt with nothing will change. Those with criminal or evil intent will find a way to give themselves an advantage and find some way to arm themselves. Disarming the majority of the populace who are law abiding will not prevent a single crime or violent attack. From the little I’ve seen/heard/read this was likely criminal/gang related and not an attack on the celebration itself. Just a day ending in Y for the thug life punks.

  10. “That’s what happens with guns. We had over 800 officers there. We had eyes on top of buildings and there still is a risk to people.”—Mayor @QuintonLucasKC

    Hundreds of ‘good guys with guns’ and still over a dozen people were shot and thousands were traumatized.”

    No, you had cops with guns and although they can be good guys too, they rarely (its extremely rare) stop anything at the moment it starts happening and mostly for a minimum of several minutes after it starts happening. But history and fact show that firearm armed ordinary citizens tend to stop such bad guys, when they engage in less than average 10 seconds. In other words, you put a bunch of armed cops there that are less likely to stop the shooter before they can hurt a lot of people and denied your best chance assets of law abiding ordinary armed citizens the means to stop the killer quickly and save lives by prohibition on firearms for them while the killers so very clearly ignored the prohibition.

    And, while the law abiding were obeying the ‘firearms prohibition’ where were these 800 cops to keep the killers from bringing in firearms?

    Nope …. your problem is not guns, your problem is stupid.

    • and now, based upon details leaking out…

      There were gun owners who saw the threat before the firing started, normally they would have been carrying and wanted to stop it but they were disarmed by a prohibition on firearms and could not stop it. So how about the criminals shooting, did you expect them to follow the law against trying to commit murder?

      While the cops (some of them) seeing the same threats decided instead to follow ‘procedure’ and ‘organize’ so didn’t stop it either.

      And despite the cops seeing some of the shooters out in the open and firing, they still didn’t stop it leading to some people around having to take on some of the shooters and tackle them risking their lives to do so and only after that did the cops rush in to cuff the bad guy.

      “over 800 officers there” with guns, but they were not ‘good guys with guns’. Like in Uvalde they were hosed up by ‘procedure’ and ‘ineffectual’ leadership and some cowardice.

      The only actual ‘good guys with guns’ that were there were the (normally armed) law abiding ordinary citizens that were disarmed such that they became ‘good guys having to watch a threat they could have stopped not be stopped’ by your “over 800 officers there” with guns.

      Its not the guns, its your stupid.

  11. Now they are saying this was a gang related shooting. So not actually a mass shooting because its focus was another crime.

  12. In Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable any thug, dope pusher, maniac or Far Right Maga Maggot can buy all the firepower they want on the unvetted second hand gun market. Of course this is pure insanity but when dealing with the Paranoid Far Right “Losses can never be too high” when sacrificing peoples lives on the Blasphemous Altar of Zero Gun Control.

  13. If President Obama had three bastard sons, they’d look like the three suspects that were arrested.

    the problem isn’t the guns. the problem is all of President Obama’s bastard sons.


    The terrible events of criminals shooting over 20 people at the KC Chiefs Super Bowl celebration teach Americans that even if hundreds and hundreds of police are present, YOU ARE STILL YOUR OWN FIRST RESPONDER. Mark Smith Four Boxes Diner analyzes the available information.

  15. Reports stated that between 800,000 and 1,000,000 people attended the parade and celebration. Considering Missouri’s concealed carry laws. In all likelihood, there were 1000s, if not 10 of thousands concealed carry firearms present. Showing that firearms were not the problem. Criminals were.


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