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What’s worse than a dude breaking into your home? Could be a naked dude breaking into your home.

Fox 2 now in St. Louis is reporting a resident was forced to shoot a man breaking into his apartment in the middle of the afternoon Friday, April 5.

Police told the news station the suspect “broke through the wall” of the victim’s apartment. He didn’t bust through a window, which might have been easier; he didn’t kick down a door, the modus operandi of gang bangers and SWAT teams alike. He flat out busted through the wall like the Kool-Aid man—a naked one—or Steven Tyler in the Run DMC/Aerosmith video “Walk This Way.”

But this cat wasn’t singing “hey diddle diddle with a kitty in the middle,” he was apparently threatening to kill the resident and his family.

Somewhere in the confrontation that ensued—details are still murky—the 36-year-old resident grabbed a handgun and shot the 32-year-old intruder in his left hand. Apparently, that was enough to make him chill the heck out, because when police arrived, the naked guy with a hole in his hand was still there, but no longer chasing anyone around. He was taken into custody, and while police are still investigating, it doesn’t appear, any charges will be forthcoming, for the resident at least. We assume naked man will face some charges.

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    • It usually means meth, or other stimulants, are involved.

      At least the perp had enough sense to calm down after a minor ballistic perforation.

      • Mental illness usually. Someone off their meds. My brothers are both cops. Both with more than 30 years.
        Whenever they got a call about a naked person doing something, they knew it would be a schizophrenic. Usually a repeat customer

  1. Busted nekkid through a wall? More info required😀Like what kind of mental problems,demons or pharmaceutical aids he was on! Happy apocalypse day🙄

  2. A hole in the hand is better than a hole in the head. He was lucky.
    Wonder what kind of a wall he broke through, must have been a chicken coop!

    • Probably your basic 2 plies of drywall. Maybe some fiberglass insulation in between. Only a barrier to those of sound mind and benign intentions.

  3. I am happy that the apt. resident did not have to empty his gun into nekkid guy. The PTSD will be less since he didn’t kill the Harvey Wallbanger.

  4. And like I always say…There’s more where he came from. Chances are very good such insane drama queens support the insane democRat duo biden/harris.

  5. Lol the kool aid man.

    No charges are forthcoming? Lol i hope they’re talking about the shooter there. Unless it’s completely legal in St Louis to barrel thru your neighbors wall in the nude

    • Naked wall smashing is allowed (strangely enough) but only on even day of odd months. You can wear a Speedo on odd days of even months, but wearing any other clothing is right out and always illegal (considered a “performance enhancer” like steroids in sports).

    • Haha. Excellent point AQ. Yes, no charges for the resident. I’m sure the naked dude will face some. I’ll clarify that in the story.

  6. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed people are not the same anymore? After thousands of years of human progress, we have imitation kool aid men? What the actual foxtrot is going on?

      • Yea we seem to be reaching a new low. Unless their were always people smashing naked thru walls and we just didn’t hear about it pre internet lol

  7. Heh heh, the first time I went to St. Louis I saw a big fat woman chasing a naked kid down the street with a stick. He’d run in a store and she’d run in after him then out the door they’d go.
    Then in a traffic jam going across a bridge a guy in an old pickup was driving down the railroad tracks to dodge the traffic.
    I thought what the hell kinda town is this?
    One things for sure, it’s hard to conceal a gunm when your nude.
    Nude, naked, two different things.
    I stand before you nude naked in the truth about gunms your Honor.

    • “One things for sure, it’s hard to conceal a gunm when your nude.”

      Not for Miss Dallas Archer.

      (Google her, she was caught with a NAA mini-revolver right up her hoo-hah, I shit you not… 😉 )

    • Nude President -Falls- through wall while chasing his daughter.
      America has become a joke to other countries.
      Proud To Be An American just means retardation.

  8. this was common in the middle 70s, when PCP first become common. they get hot and take off their clothes. then look for something to cool themselves off. Would walk through plate glass windows because the shimmer looked like water. Lot of them drowned in pools and reservoirs.

    • PCP had my cousin dancing in the yard with nothing but a cape on holding a sword listening to Fairies Wear Boots.

    • The show COPS had an episode filmed in Killadelphia, a naked buck, no a stitch of clothing nor shoes, 250+lbs & over 6′ tall high on Angel Dust was rampaging through the business districton night, sweating profusely officers couldn’t get a grip on him, tazers had no effect, the brother of Sheila Jackson-Lee eventually went through a barbershop’s plate glass window Kool-Aid man-style, now covered in blood and sweat it took THIRTEEEN (13) of the
      Boys-in-Blue to bring him down when the whole event could’ve been brought to an early end with a magazine dump of 9mm/.40 caliber hollowpoints to the torso.

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