Yes, it’s that time of year once again — time to get ready for the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Not to be self-congratulatory or anything, but last year TTAG’s intrepid team of writers brought you the best, most complete coverage of the show in the history or the world, ever. This year we’re planning to do it again, even better. We’ve been building up our alcohol tolerance all year and perfecting our rapid-fire posting skills. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off. The NSSF has just opened registration for the event;┬áthose of you who are eligible should be able to snag your badge any time between now and the show. Note to the TTAG crew: don’t forget to sign up!


  1. This photo has brought me a sad measure of Internet immortality, kind of like a skater who takes it epically and repeatedly in the nuts on YouTube.

    But my SHOT registration is already confirmed. I even recce’d the Sands expo center on foot yesterday but it was full of video game developer geeks and they didn’t even brig demo games for the public.


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