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Courtesy Joe Grine

Oregon Precision Arms, of Hillsboro, Oregon, caught my eye at SHOT Show for two reasons:  they had some very good looking modified Ruger Mark II pistols on their table…and they are from the great State of Oregon. OPA is a manufacturer of high-end barrel upgrades for Ruger 22/45 and MK series pistols. These .22LR uppers are designed primarily for competition use (Bullseye, Speed Steel, etc.), and are intended to compete against the likes of Hammerli and similar high-end European .22 pistols. Shown above is the Marksman II Upper with 6.5 inch barrel ($695 for upper). More pics and info after the jump . . .

The O.P.A. Marksman II Upper is an anodized aluminum upper with comes with top and bottom weaver rails. It is a direct replacement for a standard MK II /MK III receiver. It features a threaded 6 1/2 inch button rifled match grade barrel made by FJ Feddersen, and comes with a tension nut. The barrel will accept all muzzle brakes and suppressor which feature 1/2-28 threads. It also comes with a removable thread protector.

Shown here is an OPA carbon fiber wrapped barrel featured on a Ruger 22/45 lower:

Courtesy Joe Grine

Here is another stunning carbon fiber barrel that may just have to find its way into my personal collection:

Courtesy Joe Grine

Shown below is the Oregon Precision Arms blast baffle and Marksman compensator:


According to OPA, the Marksman Compensator “redirects gasses entering the expansion chamber, greatly reducing compensator lead buildup.”  OPA also claims that their Marksman Compensator reduces muzzle flip by 26%, and links to a You Tube video on their website to substantial such claims.

  • Works with Tactical Solutions® Pac-Lite® Ruger® 22/45 and threaded Ruger® 10/22 rifles .22lr
  • Completely index-able, no fussing with laminated washers or spacers to get your compensator / muzzle brake to align properly
  • 1/2 x 28 threads
  • 2 finishes available gloss black & flat black
  • Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel design
  • 3 diameters to choose from:
  • OEM Ruger® pistol barrel diameter (.875)
  • Ruger® 10/22 rifle bull barrel (.920)
  • Oregon Precision Arms Marksman 2 pistol receiver (1 inch)

Here is a close up photo of the blast baffle:


Courtesy Joe Grine





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    • First paragraph says $695 for the ugly yellow one in the photo.
      At that price, I hope the bolt assembly is included.

      Also, Ruger uppers are the serialized part of the pistol, so each of these “uppers” will have to be transferred like a complete firearm as far as paperwork (4473), background checks, transfer fees, etc. are concerned.

  1. My Mark III Target is pretty darn accurate right out of the box. I guess you need to be REALLY good at Bullseye shooting to pay almost 2X the price of the gun just for another barrel.

  2. I have the Golden OPA pistol. One of the first ones let out. It’s a very excellent pistol. Here is a 50 yard five shots group from the Ranson Rest. The first four were very impressive. Shot 5 ruined the group out to about 5/8″


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