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Set up near the shotgun booths was a small group of guys from GoPro cameras. Nick and I have long used GoPros to film our downrange shenanigans, but we’ve held off on a technology refresh in favor of continuing to use and abuse our current collection of cameras. That said, getting to put hands on the new GoPro Hero Session, and the associated gun-specific mounts has me thinking that we might have to start rifling through Farago’s pockets for some extra change . . .

The photo at the top is GoPro’s new Camo housing, which features both Realtree Xtra and Max-5 camo patterns for those looking to bring their camera to the woods, but keep it camouflaged along the way. At a hair under $70, it’s a steep cost of entry to add to the collection, but if you’re serious about it, this is one of those things you’ll convince yourself you really need.


The new Session is a small format camera that’s supposed to increase the “wear anywhere” abilities of GoPro’s newest product. Part of this is finding mounts that make sticking it to things easier. One of these that GoPro had on display was the Sportsman mount, compatible with both the Session and Hero 4 series of cameras. The Sportsman uses a small strong clamp, perfect for affixing to various parts of your guns, bows, and fishing rods. Priced identically to the camo housing, it’s a spendy little gadget, but it makes quick work of affixing a camera to your favorite gear.

The last item that seemed to be getting a lot of attention was their Fetch Dog Harness, an adjustable harness that allows you to stick a set of cameras to your pooch to see the world from his point of view. For those looking to really capture the essence of their bird hunt, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to put a couple cameras on your dog. $60 and it’s all yours.

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  1. The dog mount would be awesome.
    I just might spring for one for my buddy’s bird dog. That dog is magic during chukar hunts!

  2. Take it from someone who puts cameras on R/C planes, get a Mobius Action Cam. smaller, lighter, gopro 2 quality 1080p footage for $80. have a oops? $80 is a lot cheaper to swallow than $400. want wide angle? get the C2 lens option. Live feed out? get the accessory pack, comes with mounts or use velcro.

    So cheap, you can afford to strap them to actual projectiles and send it down range, recover the footage from the micro sd card, they are pretty tough.

  3. Make sure that you check out the Leupold booth, especially the D-EVO setup. It felt just right for my eyes and weapon stance.

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