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SilencerCo Osprey cutaway with GLOCK handgun

Part of what makes SHOT Show cool is the engineering models and displays you get to see. Over at the SilencerCo booth they have a cutaway GLOCK 20 with a similarly sliced SilencerCo Osprey on the front. It’s a rare look at two nifty designs and definitely worth a post here on TTAG for y’all to enjoy as well.

EDIT…Jeremy just had to add one, too:

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  1. It’s cool seeing modern wire EDM tech bringing back the mostly-lost art nowadays of ‘cutaway’ modeling…

  2. If I end up getting a suppressor at some point, the Osprey is high on my list of candidates. I really like the eccentric design, because I think it better follows the profile of most guns, which have their mass below the barrel. It just fits the esthetics of a semi-auto pistol better.

    • If you get one you’ll love it. Doesn’t require high sights to shoot and it’s got 30% bigger baffles than most cans it’s length. What’s not to like? I just shot mine today and it’s quiet enough it doesn’t even trip the electronic protection on my Walker’s (careful with turning those ears up with a can).

      Just make sure you clean the piston every time you shoot the can and give that spring a decent once over too. Otherwise taking it apart can be a real PITA once carbon builds up.

  3. I love my Glock 20. One of my favorites in my collection. The fact that I could get a silencer for it excites me, almost in a sexual way! Oh no, I just woke up and realized I was having a wet dream because my state will never allow it! Oh well the fantasy will continue and hope might prevail! I am still clinging to my hope, my guns and even my bible, and got a little bump with today’s swearing in!
    If things don’t work out in my state I will move to a nice place like Texas! (Don’t worry, I will not bring the politics of this blue state with me! Kamala Harris is not my SENATOR, nor Feinstein either!)

  4. Use of suppressors is just plain common sense. It makes instruction and interaction easier and its like a car exhaust system for your firearm. There are so many positives over “perceived” negatives, I cannot for the life of me, understand why they are not allowed. My understanding of the law here in CT is that suppressors are legal to obtain and own HOWEVER it is illegal to own or use a threaded barrel. If that is true, what does it say about our lawmakers? I need some help in a description here folks. Your comments are welcome.

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