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We got our hands on some of the new releases from CZ-USA, Colt, and Dan Wesson at NRA 2023 this year and there’s a lot of good stuff headed to dealers right now.

From CZ we checked out the Scorpion 3+ carbine and the 712 G3 Target shotgun (these 712 G3s, by the way, are awesome freakin’ shotguns at killer prices).

From Dan Wesson we put hands on the Specialist Optics-Ready and the .38 Special Heirloom 2023.

Over at Colt, they just released the CBX TacHunter bolt-action rifle (MSRP $999). It’s so new it isn’t on the Colt website yet, but check it out in the video below . . .


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    • for a minute I was thinking ” great, new wesson wheelguns” … watched the video, went off to poop.

      • Same thing here, except I clicked the “Heirloom 2023” link and saw an autoloader. One upside is that I now have room to eat again.

  1. jeremy gonna need a sit down with mr. taylor about that gunsmile.
    hey, deb bra… the shotguns have turkish wallnutt.

    • jr…you have wood envy. I’m surprised you did not participate in the bevis and butthead bowel movements.

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