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SIG SAUER looks to be getting into the silencer market with some cans that seem to resemble a flowerpot more than a silencer. The massive, bulbous contraptions will be offered in both 5.56 and 7.62 caliber option, and not in QD versions. SIG’s take on them: slap them on once and never take them off. Which might make it difficult getting them into cases to storage and such. Anyway, expect civilian versions to be available shortly.

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  1. That is quite possibly the cheesiest, cheapest looking silencer I’ve ever seen. That is the Saturday Night Special of silencers. It looks like they recycled a fuel-filter casing off of a diesel truck for the canister.

    • Well, if the pricing matches the saturday night special looks, they might find a place in the market as a low price option.

      • Low-price options will only be reasonable if tax stamps stop being required. If that happens, you’ll be able to pick them up for $50 like in Finland.

    • It seemed to function well. The video lack of boom was impressive. Don’t knock it. It works well. I don’t particularly care for prettiness if it works as well as this.

  2. I can only see that being a solution for dedicated suppressed SBRs where the goal is to keep the OAL very short. Still, those look terrible and would be a pain to service.

    • You don’t service centerfire rifle cans. Other than the Liberty Constitution, name a serviceable 5.56 or .30 can.

      As for the size, for years those who know cans have said you can drastically improve a silencers performance by making them wider rather than longer but it was felt consumers wouldn’t be interested because of the form factor. Seems like Sig finally decided to take that direction instead of making super long skinny cans.

        • Touche. So that’s 2 take-down cans from small no-name companies while none of the big names (AAC, Gemtech, Surefire, SWR, Knights, Ops Inc, etc…) offer take-down centerfire rifle cans. Knowing the products they offer, and having read these guys talk about their designs online, takedown cans don’t offer the high round count durability that solid cans do.

  3. With the utmost respect to Mr. Leghorn. (sincerity on). With all that is going on, a silencer review? I’m crapping my drawers about just being able to keep the weapons I have. How about some feedback from manufacturers of anything related to shooting concerning the current coups d’├ętat being waged on A2? I respect TTAG and all their contributors but I can’t seem to focus on much other than the pending legislation. I would imagine the Shot Show would be a hotbed of conversation in this regard. I guess I’m just in shock that these asinine ideas are gaining any traction with the public.

    BTW I enjoyed the reloading “article” you recently posted. Thanks.

    • Some of us still want to see the new products and tech coming out of SHOT. SHOT is a trade show, not a legislation convention and is the big event of the year for those of us who follow the industry and technological progression.

      And with the utmost respect Sammy, I can’t take the stress of being worried about my rights anymore. We’re all doing what we can, we’re all paying attention, we’re all stressing over impending legislation, but for many us who also view it as a hobby (and for me it puts dinner on the table) its hard to stay this stressed out about a hobby. Fight for your rights, but don’t allow them to ruin the enjoyment you get from this hobby.

      Back to seeing cool stuff from SHOT. There’s plenty of time to read blood boiling, ulcer inducing commentary on anti-gun legislation while perusing the article right before this one, and the one that will be posted immediately after this one.

      • I hear ya. I’m sick of it too. I was actually in the process of setting up a firearms trust when all this crapola started. Ironically I wanted to start with cans for my 10 22 and my charger.
        I’m going to watch the Simpsons.

        See ya

  4. I love my Sig AR, and would love a suppressor/silencer for it, but not that one! Yes it might work better as someone up above noted, but hey I have to look at it. And knowing Sig as most of us do, it ain’t going to be cheap!

  5. I agree with the worries about putting legislation aside for the pursuit of your own enjoyment. Do what you will and brace for whatever bull comes down the pipe.
    That aside, I kinda like the look. It’s bulky but not overly long. Seems like it’s a good idea for mass centralization and balance as most AR owners foam at the mouth about. I’m interested in the price point being European and all but should live up to Sig quality.


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