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Matador Arms has announced the Montgo-9: a monolithic, blowback-operated billet 9mm upper receiver that does not require an AR-15 style buffer and tube. Think something along the lines of an AR18’s internals and you will have the idea.

Manufactured in the USA, the Montgo-9 is compatible with any AR-15 and/or AR-9 lower, providing shooters with endless build possibilities while being compact and versatile without sacrificing potential firepower – particularly if using an “extendo” magazine.

The current version of the Montgo-9 is the “K” version, featuring a 5.5” barrel threaded to 1/2×28”. The back cap shows that no buffer is required, allowing for many compact options. In addition, the non-reciprocating charging handle is reversible. The Montgo-9 has a total length integral Picatinny rail on top and a 3.5” bottom accessory rail.

The Montgo-9 upper receiver is made of aluminum, and the bolt and trunnion are 4140 steel for durability. Weight is 3.5lbs with an OAL of 12.125” and a 1.47” width.

The Montgo-9 adds to Matador’s 9mm product offering. Matador recently announced their AR-9 80% billet lower receivers, the first run of which is shipping mid-September.\

Matador already manufactures the Mag-X, a mag block adapter enabling the use of P320, Glock, M&P, and CZ-75 pistol mags in their AR-15 lowers.

Those who appreciate the Montgo-9’s design will doubtless also like the Sidewinder. Matador’s Sidewinder is a folding buffer tube adapter that will fold up anything with AR buffer tubes threads WITHOUT a moving buffer inside. And, the adjustable Regulator muzzle brake comes in 9mm, which could top off the Montgo-9 perfectly.

The MSRP of the Montgo-9 is $549.99. Shipping of the Montgo-9 is projected for Q4 of this year. To learn more about the Montgo-9, visit for information.

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  1. My fantasy home defense weapon for old fucks like me is a 9mm carbine that weighs 5 pounds or less.

    • Niche as it would be 357 sig with an 8ish inch barrel would be fun if utterly stupid given what needs to be done to get any AR pistol legal up here.

    • Flux Defense or even Recover Tactical on that old worn out Glock 34 – add a threaded barrel and a comp to fuck even harder (and louder . . . . maybe not a good idea for inside use).

  2. That blocky upper with large ejection port along with the large bolt and spring photos immediately made me think of the MAC 10 / 11 firearms. Does this fire from an open or closed bolt?

    Should be fun to shoot.

    • It would have to be closed bolt to be legal, by ATF decree. They put a stop to open bolt guns a long time ago by saying they were readily convertible to machine guns, thus they were machine guns. So any Mac or Uzi or retro Sub gun or belt fed semi has to be converted to closed bolt, usually adding some kind of striker/firing pin operation, though if this one is essentially an AR, it would run like other blowback ARs and use the hammer on a closed bolt.

  3. I have a 9mm kit for my Tavor. Due to it being blowback it has more recoil than the standard gas piston 5.56

  4. This actually looks interesting, so naturally I scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see if they wanted $2k for it like all the other AR15 “upgrades”. To my surprise they only seem to want $550 for it, so who knows, I might have to buy one when they release it to market. Very nice.

  5. You need to look at one of the ‘old’ ’90’s vintage Wilkinson 9mm Linda carbines — they are really fun to shoot (see You Tube for this).

  6. That’s a pretty neat invention.
    Trouble is with these polymer 9mm pistols that hold 21rnds I dont see the need for carbines like this anymore. I suppose longer sight radius and being able to be shouldered would make a difference. Then again you could take a Glock add a 16inch barrel and shoulder stock and have a better imo.
    With that said I hope this company does well, it is a pretty neat idea.

  7. Hopefully they offer some customer support soon. Mine arrived defective with a mis-machined picattiny rail so I can’t mount any optics and doesn’t eject either. No answer from customer service for months now.

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