Buying a suppressor is easy at Silencer Shop
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Completing the paperwork for a suppressor purchase can have you running all around town for passport photos and fingerprinting. Then it’s off to a long, slow process filling out forms at your dealer. But not at Silencer Shop or a Powered by Silencer Shop dealer.

Their process takes care of everything in-house and in right around 10 minutes. To see what’s involved and just how quick, efficient, and easy it actually is, follow Robert as he enters Silencer Shop HQ and completes the process of buying his first suppressor, a Q El Camino.

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        • The republican gun grabbers threw it in with Reciprocity as a poison pill.

          So the best outcome is that it dies in the senate, but we all know they’ll just take out Reciprocity and pass NICS and send it to trump who will sign it.

          The dems are gonna sweep the house and senate next year and trump will be a one term president. If he doesn’t get impeached.

        • FIX NICS was combined with National Reciprocity into one bill, H.R. 38, which passed today.

          It remains to be seen what the Senate will do with it.

        • If “Trump gets impeached” we don’t need any of the rest of them.


          Let me correct myself.

          We don’t need any of them right now. They would be seen as a huge detriment and impediment to Liberty and the rest of America’s future.

    • Best news here, IMO, is that the bill passed the House with some democrat votes. Six democrats voted for it. Not only that, it wasn’t a one-vote win; it got 231 votes, 13 more than the 218 it needed to pass.

      So maybe… just maybe… we can break this obstructionist wall that the democrats have built. Can it get 8 democrat votes in the Senate? Probably not, but at least there’s a slim glimmer of a prayer of hope for some rationality here.

      • It’s a poisoned bill now. They shoved in the “due process removal act of 2017” aka the NICS fix.

        The bill now needs to die and take the NICS fix with it.

        • Would you shut the fuck up already? Fix NICS is about as benign a “poison” as can be put in place and all it does is prosecute AGENCIES that do not report disqualifications appropriately. It in no way affects citizens.

          Is it more gun control? Yes. Am I okay with it? Eh, not really. But it’s a very, very small price to pay for CC reciprocity.

        • In fact, the difference between the Fix NICS bill and what is currently in place is this: two federal reports per year instead of one. Ah! Ah! Big goddamn whoop. Now shut up and stop pulling this chicken little bullcrap.

        • “The bill now needs to die and take the NICS fix with it.”

          The bill now needs to die (of natural causes [for all you sensitive bitches and secret squirrels]) and take the NICS fix drafters with it.

      • And as far as what the senate will do? They’re gonna take out Reciprocity, and leave in the NICS fix, and probably put in a bump stock/semi-auto ban and send it to trump who will of course sign it.

        I can see through these snakes.

      • 13 Democrat senators voted for reciprocity in 2013 when the Senate voted on it. Seven of those Senators are still in the Senate.

        If it were at all possible to get those 7 to vote yes… and hold all 52 republicans together… that puts ’em one Democrat or Independent vote away from passing it.

        As it stands right now, the Senate version is not combined with FIX NICS.

        • Those dems could vote on it back then without fear of it actually passing because they knew obama would veto it.

          Now, they’ll vote against it, same with he repukes. The senate will kill their version of reciprocity; combine S. 2135 and HR 38, Reciprocity will be removed during reconciliation and only the nics fix will be sent to trump. Also I cant say this enough, trump will sign a nics fix bill. He’s a sellout.

          And if it looks like nics is in trouble, then the democrats and republicans always have the FBI/ATF to make sure another shooting happens.

        • I think Doomguy just described Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare.
          They were all for passing it as long as they knew Obama would veto it.
          Then Trump took office and….

  1. I do like SS and powered by and they kiosk/app. Unfortunately the closest kiosk to me is actually about 30 min away even though I am in a decently large city. I think it took much longer than 10 minutes to wipe the scanner, perfectly roll my finger, wipe, error, redo, wipe, cancel, curse, wipe, scan… But now that it is done I can order cans as fast as my wallet allows! As long as they are sold by SS.

    • Only problem I had with the fingerprint part is understanding that I needed to start on the outside edge of my pinky finger but finish on the pad, rather than finish on the inside edge. Took a solid 5 minutes of trying to do it the wrong way before I very carefully watched the video to see what I was doing wrong. Felt like a dummy.

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Mr. Farago, finally loosing your suppressor virginity.

    : )

    You’ll probably be buying another one in, oh. . . 72hrs.

    : )

  3. What box did you check for mental state?

    I would check the box for “pissed the F off” (for how long this process is going to take).

    “ATF&E, making crazies is our business, and business is good”

  4. So wait times will go down to 90 days by Jan 18 but the form 4 RF did today is still 8 months out, what am I missing?

    • Wait time 90 days from 1/18/18 = June of 2021 in ATF&E years.

      ATF&E Supervisor: “What is the current average turn time for a paper/trust Form 4?”

      ATF&E Minion: “What is the half-life of Lead?”

      ATF&E Supervisor: “Lead is non-radioactive, so, nearly “infinity” ”

      ATF&E Minion: “I think we’ll have it done before then, can you increase our budget and hire more people?”

  5. Used the kiosk to complete my Form 1 for an SBR this summer. Hope to get it in by Valentines, or maybe St Patrick’s Day. Painless process.

    • Because there’s tax.


      because they could charge you $500 and (if you had it) you’d pay it.


    • Cover their CC processing costs since Silencer Shop then submits a $200 check to the ATF. You could submit your paperwork with a check of your own instead, which would then be an even $200.

  6. You have to love the fact that there’s a super fast and easy kiosk so that you can then wait 9+ months for the govt to process what the kiosk does.

    Hurry up and wait.

    • I am not sure lawyer, nor do I sleep at a holiday in…

      Individual means it is registered to you. And only you. And forever only you, unless they deregulate them or you later transfer them to someone else.

      The trust is really like any other trust, except rather than being named Johnsons Trust or Billy Bob’s Cool Gunz trust, it is named whatever your silencer is named, eg QElcamino-2251 Trust. You can add other responsible parties to your trust, you become a trustee and technically the trust owns the can. That can have some benefits, like other people can use it legally, transport it, maybe even sell it if they are Co trustees. Even if you moved to California or lost your gun rights, the other trustees could keep the cans.

      The only difference between a single shot and regular trust is the single shot owns just this one silencer. Most gun trusts people put all their nfa weapons on it, and potentially all their family and maybe friends in it.

      Advantage of single shot – because each one is a new instance of a trust, you are the only responsible party so only you need prints and photos. You can add responsible parties later. If you already loaded up a non-SS trust with responsible parties, then each one needs to submit prints and photos when you buy your next can, granted they can do the kiosk/app too, but you have to submit them over and over. The single shot you don’t submit the responsible parties. But you pay for it each time, it get the multi pack.


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