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From HK . . .

Heckler & Koch is pleased to announce the launch of the coolest rimfires on the market, full stop. HK has partnered with Umarex of Germany to bring you the only HK-authorized rimfire versions of the legendary MP5.

What could be cooler than two new MP5 .22 LRs in pistol and rifle configurations? These new guns have the look and feel of the MP5 submachine gun, which is easily the most famous of all HK gun designs. The rifle variant has a sleeved barrel that gives it the look of the legendary MP5SD, while the pistol variant is more like an MP5/SP5 with buttcap.

“If you like the SP5, you’re gonna love the MP5 22. It can be a trainer, a suppressor host, or just the coolest .22 LR fun gun on the range. And let’s not forget the fact that, as a semi-auto 22, it’s an MP5 that most of us can actually afford to own and shoot,” said Bill Dermody, HK USA’s Director of Marketing.

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Both models have an MSRP of $479.

MP5 .22 LRs will start shipping to HK dealers October 1, 2021. These dealers can be found at

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  1. ….yeah, yeah, I know it’s a range toy with no practical applications besides having fun.

    Having fun is important. People need to have more fun.

    Still want details on the internal action, accuracy, reliability, and how much of a PITA it is to clean.

    • Reliability is excellent, accuracy is excellent (assuming they continue using the Lothar Walther barrels) and it’s not hard to clean at all because it doesn’t break down fully. I’ve owned mine for several years (yes, the SD version is a reissue) and it only requires the most basic of cleaning due to design.

      The originals are accurate enough I’m considering taking the red dot off mine and adding a scope for squirrel hunting.

    • “i’m trying to slow my rimfire usage.”

      Same here, and .22lr is finally down to about 2X pre-panic prices… 🙁

  2. These Umarex replicas have god awful triggers, worse than any of their airsoft guns.
    But given their price and cheap zinc metal construction they are extremely reliable, even long term, and they just chew away your stash of bulk .22lr.

    • The trigger on mine is pretty good. Way better than the factory trigger on my 10/22. They also offer a kit to reduce the trigger weight if you want.

  3. for 479 ill just build an ar pistol in 5.56 and drop in a cmmg conversion kit when i want to shoot .22
    and when i dont ill have another shtf gun

  4. That looks like fun. But as a pistol it can’t make the Ca. roster, and as a rifle it is probably an assaulty like weapon. Either way, no fun here in the sun.

  5. for 479 ill build an ar pistol in 556 and drop in a cmmg conversion when i want to shoot 22
    and get another shtf gun out of the deal while im at it as a bonus
    2 guns in one

  6. I’m confused here. I owned an umerex mp5 pistol clone in 22 over ten years ago. Now umerex finally gets to stamp hk on it and it’s news?

    • My old one says HK (and Carl Walther) on it too. These are just second generation versions of the old ones. Like they did releasing the 416 second gen model.

      They are a little different in features and configuration plus the old ones were discontinued, so yes, “all new for 2021.”

  7. Toys like these are why I have a part-time job in my retirement…!

    I wonder how much the spare 25-round magazines are going to cost?

    *note to self: gonna have to pick up more .22 Long Rifle.

    • This gun has last round bolt hold open and the HK slap though, and the magazine changes are much more intuitive. Nothing wrong with the 10/22, but it’s design is a bit dated. I have the older model of this MP5 from 2013 and I’ve introduced lots of people to shooting. It’s a huge hit, every time.

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