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In case you missed it, there’s a petition going to repeal the National Firearms Act. At the time of this writing, 3,168 people have signed it, up by a little less than 1000 since RF’s article about it on Thursday. If you haven’t signed it yet, you should. And to give you an extra incentive, East Texas-based Crux suppressors is offering $200 off the price of any of their suppressors with proof of signature.

While we’ve never formally tested their silencers, word on the street is that they’re quite good, capable of very consistent point of impact, and excellent tone. All you need to do is sign the petition, email your proof to Crux, and get a discount code, good through Feb 3, 2017. Furthermore, if the Hearing Protection Act passes in its current form, you’ll get your $200 tax stamp refunded as well. What’s not to love?

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  1. I signed the petition, but never received the confirmation email. Suspicious.

    It was also interesting that there were so few votes. But then if most petitioners never receive the confirmation email I would assume their petition is not counted.

    • Check your email and your Spam/Junk folder. You have to confirm your signature by clicking on the link in the second email for your vote to count. If you don’t get the confirmation email resubmit the form on the petition page.

  2. I just signed it. I think that if you un-clicked the check box below it, you might not get the confirmation email. I left it checked and the confirmation email was in my box within a few seconds. I could be wrong about that.

      • Took almost half hour for the confirmation email for me. After reloading the page it did increment one more signature. I Just looked again and the count is back down to 3369 grr

  3. I signed it. Got an email saying in order to confirm my signature, I had to click on the link in the email.

  4. I’m not entirely sure which possibility is worse: that the Trump administration is suppressing the vote because they have no intention of actually repealing the NFA, or that people who can’t figure out how to sign the petition want fully automatic firearms.

      • I’m sorry, you misspelled ‘Traitor’.

        (And that means, the’ Pwrserge Rule’ on traitors applies… 🙂 )

        EDIT – Oh, TTAG?

        Congratulations, the animated Ruger 10/22 advertisement at the top of the page on the right is much nicer to look at than the graphical representation of the inside of a guy’s best friend…

      • The guy seems to have a valid point something that Hillary supporters don’t believe exists. If you can’t figure out how to sign a petition no soup for you.

      • That was poorly phrased; what I meant was that it’s possible that the administration is really only paying lip service to 2A supporters and doesn’t actually want to rock the boat by repealing the NFA, so they’re suppressing signatures on the petition. I didn’t mean voter suppression in elections (though it is an issue). For the record, I did vote for Clinton, but am pro 2A. In fact, I’ve purchased three firearms since the election (not because I’m afraid of Trump, but rather because a local sporting goods store had to cut prices significantly after banking on Clinton panic buys). No, I am not lying about supporting gun rights, even though I do disagree with the People of the Gun on several issues. I do not find it hypocritical to have voted for Clinton given the many Trump voters who gained insurance through the ACA banking on the hope that he wouldn’t just take their healthcare away.

        • It’s Saturday so you might get off light but, were I you, I’d be putting on my flame suit right about now.

        • Anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton is a moron + not a fan of guns I don’t care how many guns you bought or the reason why you bought them your choice in presidential candidates sucks for long hard one.

        • Wow, there’s are no words for the amount of stupidity in your logic. You do realize that the old hag had every intention of taking away your right to own a firearm right? Do us a favor, go turn in or sell the guns you bought. You are a disgrace to gun owners everywhere.

    • I was going to say this ^^^

      Why isn’t this emailed out to NRA members? There is no backing for it. The GOA and NRA should be all over it.

      • Everybody needs to call the NRA and send emails to them asking them for their support on the eradication of the National Firearms Act of 1936. I will be doing both Monday hope to see more of us do the same.

      • Exactly.

        This sheet was started in 2011 by the “most transparent” administration evah.

        It’s all about the good feelings of virtue signalling.

        As worthless as the SOAMF that started it.

    • Madcap
      I’m guessing that President Trumps sons who are gun guys are responsible as well as the 2A white house advisory group.
      Coming from the white house would be perhaps more effective. We will see. I signed the list.
      TTAG has a million or more subscribers???
      Only 3k have signed up???

    • That petition said that they only had 3,500 signatures is that correct or is that just the number signed up online?? I thought someone it said we had almost 30,000 signatures? I may be mistaken not sure

  5. Tying a legitimate rights concern to the sales and marketing desperation of an imploding suppressor market. GENIUS.

      • You missed the thrust of the comment or perhaps I could have been clearer– the high priced suppressor market bubble is about to implode upon itself due to the potential passage of the Hearing Protection Act with numerous examples (many here) of dealers trying to convince to you buy now, now, now.

        This one is frankly a variation on that theme, using the petition to entice you to purchase at the current market high instead of waiting. You’ll either pay for a full priced suppressor sans tax-stamp fee or pay the full tax stamp and discount the still overpriced suppressor, depending on how you choose to look at it. And in either case, you’ll be paying a higher price now than if/when the petition passes. Sure, supressors as a tool are more popular than ever. Their market value, however, is in real jeopardy.

        But back to the advert, it’s so genius it’s diabolic. Doesn’t hurt to sign the petition, however.

        • Agreed a hundred percent agree with you on silencers or suppressors being ridiculously overpriced. It’s not like you have moving parts and side at these cans. You have one of three materials you can make them out of carbon steel stainless steel and titanium or a combination of those three. The technology has improved but not enough to show a spike in price to the ridiculous sum of $1,200 for a silencer. Now I know running a Class 7 manufacturing shop that deals in class 3 NFA items is a paperwork pain in the rump. Just ask the owner of Q that question and he’ll tell you you can be literally up to your ears in paperwork if you don’t have someone full time filling out that ATF logbook and paperwork it’s ridiculous they try to drowned you in bureaucracy. But the designs are pretty much based off Maxim’s silencer made way back when just with some newer ideas on assembly and mounting. I don’t think that gives them the right to up charge that much. To manufacture a silencer in titanium May cost you a hundred and fifty to two hundred and $50 in material and then you have specialized CNC machines that can actually cut titanium without destroying the bits and the access arms. Other than that it’s a money-making experience. But seriously do we want to keep paying these high prices that would be a big negative. Yankee Hill machine already has a turbo silencer for 5.56 NATO out right now that MSRP is $489 cash and it comes with a muzzle device that allows quick removal and installation of the can onto the rifle barrel all that for MSRP of 489. Now that’s probably going to go on the street and local gun shops once the hearing protection at passes for around $360 maybe $389 that is a hell of a lot less than what anyone out there is charging for one of their suppressors and I think that you will see a lot more price hacking of these units once the hearing protection act passes. I mean you are talking about a couple hundred dollars worth of parts and it will no longer be an NFA item so basically you have a muffler for your gun how many people you know going to pay $1,200 for a muffler no one that I know unless you own a Porsche or a BMW M series or Mercedes-Benz AMG series nobody running a Ford F-150 back and forth from work every day is going to pay $1,200 for a muffler let’s get real. So yes I agree with you that the price bubble on silencers is going to basically pop and you’re going to start seeing price drop across the marketplace and across the company’s except for I guess AAC because they have always been high price items you’ll spend $300 almost on a 300 Blackout Barrel that’s 16 inches. Where you can buy the exact same Barrel from a number of barrel manufacturers for less than $200. The people that don’t drop their prices will simply be over passed by new company springing out of the woodwork Manufacturing suppressors Yankee Hill machine realizes this so that’s why they decided to offer a realistically priced suppressor with quick disconnect muzzle device because they don’t want to be passed up by a bunch of cottage industry that will be springing out of everywhere to develop and design these things for affordable prices. Good luck for everyone on this hearing protection act I hope it passes quickly and we can all start using cans at a reasonable price without a tax stamp.

  6. Come on people, 100000 signers is only .001% of the est. 100 million gun owners in America. This is why gun control laws get passed; lack of action from the people who are disaffected the most. This is a rare opportunity to force a repeal of the NFA. Republican Senate, House, and President. Get the word out, we can eliminate one of the most degrading, to our God given and Constitutionally protected rights, laws ever passed.

  7. Went to the website, signed the petition, confirmed my signature, it told me everything was a success, reload the page and the counter is still stuck at 3369 just like mentioned above.

  8. So, if we repeal the NFA, we can own grenades and explosives and Mustard Gas again?

    I support removing SBS, SBR’s, and suppressors from the list, but that’s about all.

    • You can’t pick and choose constitutional freedoms you can’t regulate a constitutional amendment that says in the amendment shall not be infringed. Just because someone owns a rocket launcher or any type of destructive weapon including chemical warfare doesn’t mean they changed their ways on how they conduct themselves in public armed or disarmed you don’t change your personality just because you acquire a firearm or a destructive weapon.

    • I appreciate your position, because I don’t much care about the NFA one way or the other. Yeah, it’s fun to shoot a full-auto. I did that once (Uzi SMG) with a friend who was a firearms inspector at the local crime lab. But I don’t have an application for that type of hardware. I don’t need a supressor for hunting, and any DGU situation I come across will involve a handgun, so the NFA does not apply.

      Having said that, I can support repealing the NFA viz SBR and AOW. Who gives a fork, and why?

      My father, who was a WW 2 vet (and all around rogue) opined that suppressors affected mid-range (25-75 yds) accuracy. Is this true or not, or was it true then, and not now?


      • Just because you don’t mind your second amendment rights being violated doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign the petition to help support the rest of us who think it is absolutely ridiculous that any infringement on the Second Amendment are completely illegal and unconstitutional I mean we do live in a free country you need to remember that men and women have given their lives so that can be held true.

        • My second ammendment rights are _*NOT*_ being violated! And I do not appreciate your accusatory language!

          Look here, buddy boy, I come from a long line of service men. Don’t come at me with your “Do your part” spiel. You’re doing as much, or more, to damage firearms freedom as the “Moms demand action” harpies!


          • Hey asshat using the 50 Cent freaking words I served five and a half years in Iraq and Afghanistan defending our constitutional rights just like my father and his father before him. I lost three uncles in Vietnam and 1 years later to agent orange don’t give me your b*******. Do your part end of story don’t be a pansy ass Progressive what are you Retro Retro this buddy put your ass in the line of fire and see how long it takes you to make up your mind love your brothers and sisters on your left and right side of you. Your attitude displeases me and you’re choosing to not support this infringement on our constitutional rights is absolutely disgusting Dave.

      • Restrictions on rights are still restrictions. Even if you would have decided in the way that restriction compels you to, by removing the ability to make that decision for yourself, your rights have been diminished. It may only be a restriction in the abstract sense in such a case, but it’s still immoral for a government to infringe on your rights.

        For example, I’m not Catholic, but if the government decided that it was going to levy a tax on Catholic church attendance and require a permit before one could worship, it would still be an unconstitutional infringement on my first-amendment-protected freedom of religious belief, even if in practical terms, such a law wouldn’t directly affect my day-to-day life.

      • “I don’t need a supressor [sic] for hunting, and any DGU situation I come across will involve a handgun…”

        You’re remarkably sure of what and what will not occur in your life. You must win the lotto quite a bit.

    • Truth Teller, “Again” ? Where could any citizen ….before or after the NFA of 1934 was passed… legally purchase defensive hand grenades or military grade chemical weapons ?

      I’ve been to various machine gun shoots and hung around gun owners who own Title 2 weapons ( they are not called “Class 3” ) and I have never heard or seen any evidence that the types of weaponry you are describing are even available through legal channels. Ever.

      • I can’t speak to chemical weapons but in regards to explosives: you can be licensed to own them. It requires a ton of hoops.

        I have a couple friends who work with this sort of thing. From what they tell me, you can’t buy them unless you can provide the seller with a legitimate use for them. Want RPG’s? OK, got a license? Cool. Got a launcher? Cool (It’s a Form 4 destructive device btw). The people who sell the stuff are now going to want to know what your use(s) for the items you’re trying to buy is/are. Fail to provide them with what they consider a good one and your license doesn’t mean anything because they won’t sell. They also won’t take your word for it over the phone or in person. They’ll require proof that you’re doing what you say you’re doing.

        Unless you can basically provide proof that your use of say, RPG’s or 40mm grenades, serves some useful testing purpose your license doesn’t mean anything. So unless you own or work for a company that has a legit use for this stuff you can have the license (maybe) but no one will sell you the gear. If you’re licensed and working on new armor for vehicles or something, good to go. Licensed and just want toys, no sale.

        • Okay, thanks for the detailed answer. Privately purchased ordnance, with or without onerous legal barriers, appears to be entirely up to the seller’s discretion. Even if the NFA were revoked I can only assume that liability issues alone would make sales of high explosive weaponry to private citizens almost non-existent.

          I looked up U.S. chemical weapons ( blistering agents, nerve agents ) and it appears since they are considered WOMD and currently subject to recent treaties which are based on destroying / phasing them out that Truth Tellers has little to fear regarding any individual gaining legal possession of chemical agents.

    • Truth tellers
      I suggest you read some history about America Arms and how they were distributed though out the country.

      Artillery pieces and exploding ammunition were readily available, for purchase by any civilian, who could pay.
      I have read the mail order catalogs. This is a capitalist society.

      As far as poison gas goes, you can already load your own ammunition. So yes, you can make your own gas ammunition. But perhaps you will kill yourself in the process and there by, prevent the a repeat of the Tokyo subway attacks in the early 1990s.
      Sarcasm switch on.

  9. Hey Dave,

    Are you telling me that you passed the ASVAB? You can’t spell or punctuate a sentence, much less think coherently.

    I’m guessing 5th grade education, tops. lol


    • I wasn’t E4 Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg I suffered an IED explosion which took two of my closest friends lives and permanently disfigured my face blew out my left eye did severe damage to my right and I’ve got about a pound and a half of metal inside me from some weak-minded jihadist that’s set an explosive device up as we were going in to render support for the first aid and the Red Cross units coming in to inoculate the children so yeah that’s why I need some this prints because I have to use voice text to participate in these discussions.

      • I’m sorry, and thank you for your service. A good buddy of mine was in Fallujah, and told me about the crap that went on there. I hope that we can agree to disagree on this point.


        • Yes sir we can agree to disagree on this. After all this is a free country we live in and your opinion is just as important as mine and it would be unprofessional of me as a soldier to argue this anymore with you. I apologize for the irritant display Behavior I just got my feathers ruffled a little no worries brother God bless.

  10. I signed, the confirmation e-mail arrived quickly. The next day, my daughter was home, asked her to sign. The petition counter said it needed 99,999 more signatures, so it looked like I was the only signer, so far.My daughter commented on that.

  11. How come only 22k have signed the legalization of growing industry hemp petition at ???
    I signed it.
    Hey libertarians get active!!!

  12. I just signed it. I got the confirmation. It was at 3711. I refreshed to write this post and it had dropped to 3704. I think the prior administration still controls the counter.

    • No kidding man LOL that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it. I went ahead and signed the petition because I believe the NFA Firearms acts that were signed back in the thirties and in 1986 are absolutely the worst infringement on our second amendment constitutional rights that have ever been done. You have to realize that organized crime caused a huge problem in the twenties and 19 thirties era this is what started the 1930 NFL Firearms Control Act. In 1986 the climate was after the Vietnam War and there was another surge for gun control because people thought of guns as the responsible party for all the deaths that have occurred in Vietnam the so-called unjust War. Our climate has been severely changed by people not trusting the government to lead them anymore and we are going back to being more individuals and relying on ourselves to protect our families feed our families and provide medical attention for our families not the government. I see it as one of the biggest changes in people in the way they think and a hundred years. Welcome to 2017 the year of the gun. God bless our constitution and the men and women who protect it and defend it and God bless America. We should all sign this petition there should have been a hundred thousand signatures on that petition in less than an hour. It’s time for all those who came out to vote for Donald Trump as our new president to come out one more time with email and sign that petition. We can actually eradicate some of these gun control laws that have been haunting us since the thirties.

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