I had my doubts, but it turns out that the Remington XM2010 I’ve been (slightly) obsessing about is completely legit. The guys over at Remington Defense have confirmed that it is an actual XM2010 that was purchased through a large distributor. Rumor has it that the gun is on sale for only $17,000!

Hopefully this is the first of MANY of these rifles to come out for the commercial market. The Remington guys are keeping tight lipped about the supply of XM2010s, but there is some talk of overruns that may be available to the public for certain parts of this system.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled jealousy.


  1. That is WAY more than I thought it would be. The scope can be had for about $2,500. Figure a really high end rifle is in the neighborhood of $7,000. Add another $1,000 for the suppressor. You are at about $10,500. Throw in another $500 for the case and you are at $11,000. Sorry, but paying a $6,000 premium for the coolness factor of being the first on your block to own one is a bit too much.

    • Maybe that’s too much for you, but I’m sure someone (Jesse?) will gladly pay $17,000 to have the first one (and the only one available to a civilian right now).

    • The suppressor that comes with the package is more like 2,000, not 1,000. Also if i recall the chassis ALONE costs like 9k-10k. There’s a ton of machining working going on with that thing

    • My thoughts too. I’d rather spend the shooting time walking along the beach, bicycling, or playing catch Frisbee with my neighbor’s dog.

  2. There’s supposed to be another one on GunBroker right now according to the guys over at Snipers Hide…

  3. I could never justify buying a sniper system like that for $17,000.

    Hell I could buy a Barret 98b, 82A1, and MRAD for that price.

  4. There are several large wholesale distributors stocking Big Green’s products that work both sides of the fence so to speak; selling both to the commercial retailer and into the LE/government supply channel. Not too long ago (pre-FGI) when 700P bolt rifles were in high demand, most Remington distributors were selling them in the commercial supply channel (these rifles were “overruns” from the LE side). As for the price on an XM2010’s that make their way into the commercial market, they will always be exceptionally high. The fine print in most every contract says a government supplier cannot sell a product commercially for less than the price the .gov pays.

  5. What, no apology to the dealer in question for repeatedly insinuating that it might have been stolen with a illegal suppressor (in not so many words)?



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