LeBron James on Guns: Black People Think You’re Hunting Us

The media talked to the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James today about the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Because every athlete’s opinion on every societal issue must be communicated and broadcast as widely as possible. And when you think “social justice” the first thing that always comes to mind for most Americans has […]

Kenosha Riots: A Small Midwestern Town Devolves Into Chaos After Police Shooting

On Sunday, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot a sexual assault suspect who reportedly resisted arrest.  Within hours, hundreds of rioters assembled within the city and began a spree of burning and destruction. They committed all manner of felony-stupid violence including looting businesses, attacking the police and starting fires in the small midwestern city. It all […]

Pro Tip: Keep Your Gun Safe Locked

When I was a kid, there were public service messages on TV about preventing kids from playing in or around refrigerators. Some of the little urchins liked to climb inside where they could suffocate.   That came to mind when we heard the news of a 5-year-old Maryland kid who’d gotten himself trapped inside a […]

BREAKING: Dangerously Incompetent Scott Israel Defeated in Bid for Reelection as Broward County Sheriff

One of the nation’s worst law enforcement officers, former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, has lost his bid to regain his old job. Lacking any sense of responsibility or shame for his abysmal performance or being fired for his poor management and his department’s general level of incompetence, Israel had challenged current Sheriff Gregory Tony […]

BREAKING: 9th Circuit Panel Strikes Down California ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban

A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled for the plaintiffs in Duncan v. Becerra, striking down the state’s “large capacity” magazine ban. Again. You can read the full decision here. As the opinion notes: The Ninth Circuit employs a two-prong inquiry to determine whether firearm regulations violate the Second […]