NRA Warns Trump on Background Check Support

The NRA’s embattled Executive Director Wayne LaPierre warned President Trump that promoting additional gun control would not go over well among his supporters. LaPierre, breaking from the NRA’s past tendency to maintain a low profile following news-making spree killings, reportedly made the comments in a phone call with President Trump Tuesday. From The Greenwich Time: […]

Dayton Shooter: Antifa’s First Mass Murderer

Iowahawk blogger David Burge once famously tweeted that “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.” At least where the stories don’t support the mainstream media’s narrative or Democrats and their policies. Such is the case with Antifa’s first mass murderer, Dayton shooter Connor Betts. We all can’t grow up […]

FPC Announces Addition of Attorneys & Constitutional Law Scholars Joseph Greenlee, Adam Kraut, & Matthew Larosiere to Legal Team

With the recent resignations of three NRA board members, Adam Kraut, who had come up  just short of being elected recently, became eligible for a board seat. Yesterday, he announced that he won’t be taking one of those positions. One of the reasons is his new job with the Firearm Policy Coalition. Kraut, along with […]

BREAKING: El Paso Walmart Shooting Suspect Identified

UPDATE: A law enforcement official in El Paso told me the Walmart shooter is in custody. Patrick Crusius of Dallas. Just turned 21 years old this week. — Anna Giaritelli (@Anna_Giaritelli) August 3, 2019 Blood needed urgently. Multiple injured transported to various hospitals. Blood donation centers Vitalent Blood Services at 424 s Mesa Hills […]

BREAKING: 18 People Reportedly Shot in El Paso Walmart Store

UPDATE: UPDATE: El Paso Police are updating the public on the shooting. They say that there is no active shooter and no imminent threat. Police still urge residents to stay clear of the area. WATCH LIVE UPDATES: — Iris Lopez (@IrisLopezKVIA) August 3, 2019 Police report one person in custody and “multiple fatalities.” […]

Needles is California’s Latest Second Amendment Sanctuary City

The Second Amendment sanctuary city movement continues.  The city of Needles, California has become one of the most recent local governments to proclaim itself a Second Amendment sanctuary city. The gun sanctuary movement began in Illinois a couple of years ago and has spread like wildfire. Now the Los Angeles Times has profiled the man […]