Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Nuisance Lawsuit Against Gun Makers May Continue

The Connecticut Supreme Court today over-ruled an appeals court, allowing a nuisance lawsuit against gun makers to go forward.  The suit claims gun makers had some responsibility for the Sandy Hook school massacre, and accordingly, should pay big bucks to the plaintiffs. Previously, a Connecticut appeals court ruled that the suit, employing a “novel strategy” […]

Trump Admin Seeks To Strip BATF of Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ days look numbered.  Once more, under its 2020 budget proposal, the Trump administration seeks to transfer the ‘alcohol’ and ‘tobacco’ duties from the BATF.  The U.S. Treasury Department would take those duties if the administration gets its way. Today’s BATF would also get a new name: Bureau of […]

Smith & Wesson Issues M&P15-22 Consumer Safety Alert

Smith & Wesson has announced a M&P Consumer Safety Alert for their M&P15-22 rifle. It covers all guns and all models manufactured prior to February 2019. It involves the head-spacing on the bolt face, and if not correct, the gun could slam-fire. Now, I know a lot of folks have these wonderful little rifles. I […]