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New for 2017 is CADEX Defence’s series of Competition chassis. CADEX has long offered a series of chassis with an integrated top rail, completely free from the receiver of the rifle. The Competition series is an open topped model designed in response to customer feedback for a chassis that would allow them to use a receiver mounted scope mount.

For 2017, the Competition series includes a very slick, fully adjustable butt stock that can be adjusted for comb height, length of pull, and butt pad drop. Additionally, the bottom of the butt can be configured for a monopod or CADEX’s bag rider attachment. The pistol grip is compatible with AR 15 versions of the same, so customization is only limited by your wallet. The field version includes a fixed butt stock while the Lite Competition version includes a folding adapter that locks to the bolt side on a right handed action.

All of the adjustments for comb height and butt pad drop can be performed without tools, a change from the Field series which require a hex key to modify.

Inside the action area, CADEX uses a set of rollers to ensure consistent, strong, repeatable lockup. All of the chassis can use interchangeable magazine sleeves to fit various types of detachable magazines. CADEX claims compatibility with Rem 700 pattern actions as well as Tikka and Savage short and long actions. Depending on your configuration, there are left handed versions available as well.

For 2017, the forend has been extended to allow for more mounting options. A cool feature their US Commercial Salesperson, Shawn Bevins, was kind enough to point out is the mirage mitigation built into the forend. With a typical open topped chassis, heat from the barrel will create mirage that plays hell with the view through the scope. CADEX’s full length rail is completely closed off to force hot air to move out to the sides, away from the scope. In practical terms, I’m not certain how much difference there will be between this and my open topped McMillan stock, but I’ve asked Shawn for a chassis so I can compare the two. I’ll report back as part of my review. MSRP on the Competition series starts at $1375 and goes up to $1850 for the folding version.

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  1. Goodness. For that price there are at least two or three complete chassis rifles on the market, the two that immediately jump to mind are a Bergara (B-14) and a Savage. There’s probably a Howa or Tikka out there too.


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