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Teased to the U.S. market at SHOT, the Beretta PMXs 9mm personal defense weapon/subgun is now hitting dealers. We handled it at the 2023 NRA show and cover the features and highlights in the video below . . .

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    • “But straight blowback for that price? Nah”

      It’s simple and a reliable action, and $1,500 beats $5,000 for an MP5 any damn day of the week.

      It will be just the ticket when we get the ‘Hughes’ amendment struck down, and good little boys and girls everywhere can have their very own for-real subgun to play with at the range. (Or if a Leftist Scum ™ thug tries a home invasion at your ‘Casa TTAG’… 🙂 )

      • The Hughes ammendment isnt going to be struck down.
        The powers that be will see to that.
        For instance finding dirt on Supreme court judges and firing them until they get who they want.

        • “ For instance finding dirt on Supreme court judges and firing them until they get who they want.”

          SCOTUS justices are appointed for life. They don’t fire them – they smother them with pillows.

      • I can go to Atlantic Firearms and buy Turkish and Indian MP5s for $1,100. Only people who pay full price are HK fanboys, and those prices are down to $2700.

      • I’m not sure where you shop, but a HK SP5 is around $3k and the SP5k-PDW $3.5k. If you don’t want to spend that much, MKE build Century AP5/AP5-P are around $1200.

    • “Meet my expensive little friend 🙂 ”

      $1,500 is loads cheaper than H&K’s $5,000 MP5, Deborah.

      I think a pre-dementia Bruce Willis would approve… 🙂

  1. So a shorter much more expensive Kel-tec Sub 2000 that doesn’t take Glock mags. Pass, sorry.

  2. 5.5 lb 7ish inch barrel $1500ish not quite what I would be looking for post SAFE act but good to see an offering outside of AR9, scorpion, and B&T

    • We could be so lucky. An M12 is a great design with a telescoped bolt. This is literally (per previous reviews including TFB’s) Beretta’s update of a TEC-9 (for the price of 3-5 TEC-9s).

      I want today’s Meme of the Day to feature Jeremy holding his version of “A 9mm Very Compact Pistol”, with thumbnails across the top for: “Sig Version” (P365), “S&W Version” (Shield Plus); Springfield Hellcat, Taurus, etc.

  3. I don’t know where to begin. Well, I’ll start with this. Beretta has built fine firearms for a long time. Owned a few. Next, I like a SMG better than a shotgun. Unless, I’m shooting waterfowl, or upland birds. Well, the odd gobbler, but I was rained out this morning. Anyway, a SMG is useful. A PCC? I don’t care for them. And why would Beretta build a SMG with no stock?

  4. As much as I’m a Beretta fan, for the price I’ll pass. This isn’t my kinda thing anyway and there are others i still would like to get. Although this would make an excellent companion to a CZ Scorpion.

  5. Choices are nice, but this one doesn’t do anything for me. It’s an oversized 9 mm semi-auto in straight blowback for $1500. Cool looking, but functionally I don’t see where it brings much to the table that my PX4 doesn’t already do for a lot less.

  6. Not sure what is worse. A solution to a problem that no one has or a solution to a problem that already has 10+ answers. I mean the mp5/clone with at least 5 variations, cz scorpion with 2 variations, stribog with 3 variations, b&t, ruger carbine/charger, ar9 with limitless variations, mpx, keltec, tavor, beretta’s px4 If this interests you then go for it but you may want to wait a few years and pick one up at half price during clearance. Likely going the same way as the arx100.

  7. So like why does this cost twice as much as a Cx4? You’d think it’d be somewhat closer in price since they’re pretty much the same thing, plastic blowback nines. This looks easier to manufacture too and lacks the bonus of taking cheap and plentiful 92 mags.

    • That was a neat feature on the cx4 but the 33 rounders were a tiny bit awkward……..yeah I miss fun options sometimes. What kind of mag does this even take anyway something that is used elsewhere or totally new proprietary?

  8. this is just slightly more interesting
    than the “henry big bore revolvers”
    that is to say
    “not very interesting at all”

  9. Despite what the video claims, It’s not an “SMG” (submachine gun) and it’s not a “subgun.”
    It’s just an absurdly oversized 9mm pistol that’s way too big to conceal.
    It also has a short barrel, so it’s just as weak as any other 9mm pistol.
    The only people who would want to buy such an oversized, underpowered monstrosity are posers and short-dicked gangbangers compensating for their small dicks by buying an abnormally oversized weak 9mm just because they think it “looks intimidating” to their fellow short-dicked gangbangers and posers.

    • 7in is shorter than I would prefer for 9mm but it’s in the beginning of the useful for extra velocity per barrel length range. The rest ……. could be true but still good to see options even if we can’t buy them yet as it “should” drive further development.

      • “it’s in the beginning of the useful for extra velocity per barrel length”

        I’d say the converse: in terms of useful velocity and energy per barrel length, BBTI shows 7″ near the top of the sweet spot. As 9mm has become much more popular as a CCW cartridge, most professionals (except those focused on suppression, who are obviously not focused on optimizing velocity) have switched to intermediate-cartridge rifles for anything much longer, and many private citizens moved in a similar direction while braces were legal, removing market incentive to optimize loadings for long SMG barrels.

        • That is an excellent point, I am way too used to full sized pistol loadings with 9mm and haven’t caught up from over a decade ago with how that has changed (need to get a chrono for some of it). Would love to see a current day update for ballistics by the inch.

        • Yeah, I’d love to see them incorporate Underwood, Buffalo Bore, and Double Tap, but they’ve stopped for some reason.

  10. I think the Pistol Caliber carbine to beat is the K-USA KP9. The gun is made of steel with polymer furniture, has reliable and well build magazines and it is very affordable.

    The MP5 is a really nice submachine gun, but way to expensive as a pistol caliber carbine unless you are a collector or just have to have one. I can buy 2 or 3 KP9’s for the price of one H&K, which is something to consider.

    • Assuming magazines are easy to find……yeah this does seem to be a good pistol to sbr 9mm balance. Well will keep an eye on this one (and a Widley) for post SAFE act fun.


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