Lady Gear Review: G42 and Carry Options

For some reason, Farago takes it personally that my wife doesn’t EDC (everyday carry). So every time we see each other, TTAG’s jefe slips me a small gun and one or two holsters for her to try out around the house – in the hopes that she’ll start “packing heat.” The most recent entry: a GLOCK 42, an IWB TacticalTuck holster from Osborn Holsters […]

How a Clown Gets Ventilated

Thanks to the folks at Fark and by extension, Reddit, I have a solid place to find video content that’s fresh and fun. If you’re a regular Farker, this video above will be of no surprise. If you haven’t seen it, watch through until the end. While I don’t advocate the shooting of clowns (or really any violence […]

Gear Review: EDC Belt

A good belt really is crucial if you’ll be carrying even a moderately sized pistol on a day basis. This especially holds true if, like me, you decided that Springfield Armory’s finest boat anchor will be your EDC piece. I have watched helplessly as spindly little dress belts have been crushed under the weight of my […]

Gear Review: JWH 10/22 Bolt and Charging Handle

I’m a diehard Texan. Born here. Raised here. Converted a few of the staff to Texans. So I’m a gullible idiot for anything Texas-related. I’m also a big dweeb for .22 rifles. If there’s a fire, and only one of my rifles can be rescued, my 10/22 is going to be slugging it out for […]

Gear Review: NorCal Kydex – Mendocino Modular OWB/IWB

Texas is not an open carry state, something that I’m told just might change in the next legislative session. And frankly, it sucks just a touch. Because OWB OC is soooo much more comfortable. And goshdarnit, if you’re going to spend an amount of money equal to the downpayment on an affordable car for guns, […]

Gear Review: Aimline Sights

Reading back through some of my reviews of pistols during my tenure at TTAG, I’ve realized that the only features I really care about (besides reliability) in a carry piece are grip size, trigger, and sights. The first is usually set in stone (or polymer), the second is sometimes a costly fix, but the third […]

Gear Review: RADETEC LED Advisor

In our preview of the RADETEC LED Advisor, feedback in the comments ranged from “cool” to “meh” to “why?” I think my feelings on the Advisor took a similar turn during the course of my review. For the most part, it functioned correctly as I tested the gizmo, and I think they’ll likely sell like crazy. […]

Just Arrived: Ruger American Rifle .22 LR

I have a soft place in my heart for rimfire rifles and and an extra soft spot for Ruger rimfire rifles. My first gun was a 10/22 which still keeps chugging despite the tens of thousands of rounds of poor quality ammuntion, dirt, and poor maintenance I’ve thrown at it over the years. And while […]