SIG SAUER P938 Ejecting Guide Rod

I’ve been using the SIG SAUER P938 in my “Ammo Quest 9mm” series to find the best-performing self defense ammo for small pocket pistols. The P938 is simply an excellent gun, and the reviews I’ve seen are usually quite positive. But I recently encountered a downright disturbing trait of the 938 — it can actually eject and […]

ShootingTheBull410: A Modest Proposal to Prevent Firearms Confiscation

TTAG’s resident ammo tester ShootingTheBull410 writes: “In the run-up to the next presidential election, guns are a liberal talking point. And here’s what they’re saying: ‘Nobody is trying to take away your guns.’ So . . .  let’s have ’em put it in writing. How about a ‘Federal Firearms Protection Act.’ A bill that simply says ‘It is and shall […]

127-grain +P+ Ranger-T, Federal 9BPLE 115-grain +P+ (a.k.a., “Illinois State Police load”): ShootingThe Bull410 Ammo Test

This is a test of two legendary rounds, the 9mm Winchester 127-grain +P+ Ranger-T, and the famous “Illinois State Police load”, the Federal 9BPLE 115-grain +P+. These are pretty much the rounds that made 9mm not suck; the 9BPLE in particular is really the first 9mm load that earned a good reputation as being an […]

9mm Ammo Quest: Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion

Ever since I published my first test of Lehigh Defense’s absurdly impressive “Maximum Expansion” ammunition, people have wanted to see it tested in other calibers.  Which I understand, but frankly, I haven’t been in that big of a rush to do so because — well, the .45 Colt version that I tested above is a unique […]

Gun Experiment: .45 ACP From a Taurus Raging Judge

The Raging Judge from Taurus is an intriguing beast, a huge, heavy revolver that fires the powerful .454 Casull cartridge, and can also launch .45 Colt (.45 Long Colt) and .45 Schofield along with both 2.5-inch and 3-inch .410 shotshells. That versatility makes it interesting in its own right, but . . . .454 Casull […]

Ammo Quest: 115+P Gold Dots: Underwood vs. DoubleTap

Yes, the 9mm Ammo Quest continues. I may occasionally get distracted with shotgun slugs or AR15 tests or the new exotic .380 ammo or whatever, but the main grind is to get through these 9mm tests and find what works best and what won’t perform in a 3″-barrel pistol. I tested the Speer Gold Dot 115-grain […]

Lessons On Truth From the Twisted Mind of James Holmes

Time and again we’ve been told that active shooters choose to attack certain places over others because those targets are either posted as “gun-free zones” or fall within the definition of a “gun-free zone” under federal law. The thinking goes that these murderers choose these targets specifically because they would be target-rich environments where the […]

Texas Open Carry Update – No Cop Stop Amendment Stripped

The controversial Dutton/Huffines amendment that was virulently opposed by police unions has now been stripped from House Bill 910, the Texas Open Carry bill. Whether that amendment “means anything” is a matter of debate, since some (such as the Senate bill’s author, Estes) say that the amendment wasn’t necessary in the first place; the US Constitution already […]

10mm Ammo Test: DoubleTap 165gr Bonded JHP

Since converting my GLOCK 21 to 10mm, I’ve tested a few different types of ammo from it, but the requests just keep coming — everyone wants to see DoubleTap ammo tested in 10mm. The reason is simple — most major manufacturers are selling “watered-down” versions of 10mm ammo. A simple example is Federal’s Hydra Shok. The […]

Ammo Quest: PolyCase ARX Inceptor in .380 ACP and 9mm

Plastic bullets? No — they’re not plastic, but apparently that’s what more than a few people seem to think. Polycase Ammo has introduced some very different new bullets to the market, and suffice it to say my inbox blew up when these were announced. Partly, I assume, because there are some lofty claims made by […]