DigiTrigger: Gear Review

The less trigger weight required by the shooter, the less trigger travel, the smaller the chance of a bad trigger pull will ruin the shot. A one-pound trigger is perfect for precision shooting. When I first heard of the DigiTrigger I was excited. A one-pound trigger pull with little mechanical input. What’s not to love? DigiTrigger […]

Gear Review: TMG Target Systems Mechanical Reset Targets

I’m a big fan of shooting steel. Reactive targets are a lot of fun and great for improving real world shooting skills. That’s especially true of plate racks, forcing shooters to aim at and shoot multiple targets. I’ve been on the look-out for a relatively small-length system that can be easily transported. I ran across TMG Target […]

Gear Review: MonsterVault Under-Bed Safe

Back in the day I purchased a quick-action safe [not shown] for my primary home defense gun: a 10″-barreled 300 BLK SBR, complete with silencer. As Sheryl Crow crowed, the brochure looked nice. In real life, not so much . . . I practiced getting out of the bed, opening the safe and retrieving the gun, […]

Gear Review: Mr. Bulletfeeder

While I have been shooting for more decades than I would like to recall, I am a relative newcomer to reloading. I load both .45ACP and .38 Specials. My primary carry gun is .45, but I shoot a lot of .38s through my revolvers to smooth my trigger pull. At the behest of my local gun […]

Question of the Day: Are Airports Death Traps?

Just traveled through Syracuse airport. Upon exiting the terminal, travelers face these round-up (as in “cattle corral”) doors [pics above and after the jump]. They open automatically. Upon opening, several people are supposed to corral themselves inside and the door will automatically close and another opens on the other side. I was so appalled with the […]

Gear Review: SIGTac SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

The concept of an AR-15 pistol is pretty cool. The practicality of using one, not so much. For one thing, an AR-15 pistol is heavy; a lot of the pistol’s weight lies forward of the pistol grip.Stabilizing the side-to-side motion is a challenge as well. It is, to put it mildly, awkward to shoot. Enter the SIGTac’s SB15 […]

A Gun Owner’s Guide to Surviving Mass Shootings

  The content of this booklet was contemplated, written, rewritten, and endlessly modified in the very difficult weeks following a series of tragic, mass-shooting events. It deeply saddens me to write this. More to the point, it saddens me that we live in a society with so much senseless violence that something like this needs […]