The Bren Ten, The Fashion Of Firearms and The Sword Of Legend

It’s ironic, in the non-Alanis-Morrissette sense, if you think about it: The Glock 17 pistol and its successors have been tirelessly vilified, demonized and even libeled by the firearms-hating American media since before it found a single owner on this continent. Yet the fantastic polymer dishwasher-safe double-stacker is the best possible example of firearm-as-tool. Consider […]

The Battle Rifle: Origins and Theory, Part Two

  Where were we? Oh, right: World War II was over and it was time for the world’s armies to adopt some self-loading rifles already. The Soviets had whole-heartedly subscribed to the theory of the assault rifle with the AK-47. For some reason, they were also churning out the SKS, an odd weapon that seemingly […]

The Battle Rifle: Origins And Theory, Part One

  Let’s say the proverbial balloon goes up tonight. It doesn’t matter why; maybe it’s a riot, maybe it’s Red Dawn, or maybe Janet Napolitano’s finally getting around to using that 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition she ordered. You can grab one legal rifle from your collection and hit the road, right now. What’s in […]

Gun Review: The IMI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle

The IMI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle wasn’t the first large-caliber autopistol to reach production. That honor belongs to the .44 AutoMag, which was then succeeded by the Wildey Auto, as famously wielded by Charles Bronson in Death Wish III. The Desert Eagle (DE) was, however, the first large-caliber auto pistol to catch the public imagination. Even […]