Arsenal RS-1
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Holding six rounds of .22 Short in an internal cylinder, the Arsenal RS-1 lets you bring a knife-gun to any flavor of fight. While it’ll run you as much as $2,499 (plus a $5 Any Other Weapon NFA tax) to snag one of the last ones available, there are few more interesting ways to add insult to grievous injury.

Rotating a lock on the trigger bar causes the trigger to flick down out of the frame. Squeezing it back into the frame runs the internal revolver double action — it advances the cylinder and fires the next shot.

There’s no shortage of interesting features on the RS-1, but the spike on the guard may top the list. It’s there so the operator doesn’t accidently wrap their thumb over the top and put it in front of the barrel. For obvious reasons. It’s really freaking sharp and would definitely get your attention.

Unfortunately we don’t foresee a TTAG review of the RS-1 in our future. But, if you have a spare couple grand laying around, it’s a unique collector’s item of which there are only a few hundred in existence. Arsenal said there won’t be more and when their remaining stock is gone, they’re gone for good.

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  1. It’s cool. I want one. But not for $2500……

    Who knows though, it may actually go up in value seeing as there are so few.

  2. This looks… very familiar… are we sure this is new? So help me, I could swear I’ve seen this knick knack before and a long time ago… tiny spike over the muzzle and all…

  3. It had to be said, but this truly does answer the age-old question about bringing a knife to a gun fight.

  4. What’s the matter with you guys? I’d give $24.99 for that in a minute. OOoops. I may have gotten that wrong.

    • Honestly, I’d buy it at $250 all day long especially since the AOW transfer is only $5 but that price is truly outrageous.

      My buddy is part owner of D3 (check out their videos from SHOT on youtube) and he is pretty damn handy in his shop. I wonder if we could possibly whip one up ourselves.

      • The price is high because as it is an AOW, they know they’re not going to sell a lot of them. So, it’s not a mass production gun, probably done by high labor toolmakers on manual machines.

  5. Okay, someone from the company please tell us how much engineer time and money was spent on this. I’m not judging, I’m just curious… and wondering how many they would need to sell to break even or if this is basically a marketing shot.

  6. Wonder if a 22 short will shoot the bayonet loose ,least you wouldn’t get as much guts blowed back on you

  7. Soon to be a museum piece. One of the most lame things I’ve seen. They’ll be 96 of them and they’ll be worth 100,000 each and no one will know why.

  8. Well, I for one, think it’s a nifty little gun. Not worth the price, I’m not convinced any .22lr gun is worth that amount of money, but if you have the cash, and want to spend it on something trivial but conversation starting, I suppose you could do worse.

    I would also make it in a more powerful caliber. I don’t care if it only gets a single shot, a bigger caliber, like .380, 9mm, would be ideal. Maybe with some slight design tweaks it could use .22 magnum. A good idea, from my view. Hope someone does something with it.

    • 22 Mag, maybe, but there’s no way you’re going above that without sacrificing the mechanism and going towards single shot or something. And while you said you wouldn’t mind that, they’ve been done. I have a feeling this was built specifically because it had not been done before.

  9. Eh, if someone can walk off getting stabbed with a big-ass knife like that, I doubt 6 rounds of .22 short would do much to wreck his day, either.

    If that does end up happening, though, make sure to get his Cyberdyne model number before he puts his fist through your torso.

  10. .22 short?! Does .22 short even count as a “gun”?

    a .22 short has approximately 1/2 the energy of a .22 LR…

  11. If you don’t think that a .22 short is “even counted as a gun”, shoot your arm or leg with it, like it is a stun gun. You may change your mind. This Arsenal knife/gun is the ultimate gadget gun and if you think it is “Lame things”, then I wonder why you even opened this web article. You opened it because it is a friggin cool piece of engineering and design. But, then again, most people are too cheap to give it the value that it deserves.

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