Under Armour Dumps Hunters, Hunters Returning The Favor

Under Armour is on fire! Zumbo.

Did the Baltimore-based Under Armour just Zumbo itself?

Time will tell, but following a change.org petition, Under Armour dumped their sponsored huntress, Sarah Bowmar mere days after her husband legally harvested a bear in Canada using a spear. Now, the people of the hunting world are pushing back, starting their own boycott of Under Armour and burning the UA products they already own. Here’s how it all went down . . .

Hunting enthusiasts Josh and Sarah Bowmar posted a video on their YouTube channel of Josh taking a bear with a spear. That’s right, Josh speared the bear, kind of like hunting was done for tens of thousands of years. The bear was taken legally, ethically and morally. Of course for some, the only responsible and safe way to harvest an animal is to buy it at the grocery store, pre-sliced or ground.

The anti-hunting crowd got wind of the video and exploded with their own special brand of social justice warrior righteous indignation. The pitchfork mafia then launched a petition to pressure Under Armour into dumping their sponsorship of the hunter’s wife, Sarah Bowmar.

Business Insider reported that Under Armour signed Sarah earlier this year. She was the centerpiece of the company’s very first women’s hunting campaign, seeking to capitalize on the increasing women’s athletic apparel market.


Illinois social justice warrior Kelsey Brickl launched the change.org petition. I’m embarrassed to say Illinois has more than its fair share of anti-hunting radicals.

Social justice warrior Kelsey Brickl

A mere 4000 supporters and not even 48-hours after receiving the petition, Under Armour cancelled their sponsorship of Bowman.

From Business Insider:

Under Armour has ended its endorsement deal with hunter and fitness star Sarah Bowmar after she posted a video to YouTube of her husband, Josh, brutally killing a black bear with a 7-foot homemade spear, The Daily Mirror first reported.

Brickl crowed about her victory, posting her reply from Under Armour at Change.org.

Victory! Under Armour Severs Ties with Bowmars!

Under Armour cowards fold under anti-hunting pressure

Under Armour shared similar verbiage to Business Insider:

“The method used to harvest this animal was reckless and we do not condone it. Under Armour is dedicated to the hunting community and supports hunting that is conducted in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and hunting practices that ensure a responsible and safe harvest of the animal.”

If Under Armour is so dedicated to the hunting community, why then were they so quick to dump one of their sponsored hunters when her spouse hunted in compliance with all applicable laws, using hunting practices that ensured a responsible and safe harvest of the animal?

Next question: How long will it be before the social justice warriors demand another pound of flesh after getting taste of Under Armour’s willingness to throw their own overboard for doing that which they love in a legal, moral and ethical manner?

What’s more, how does that make other Under Armour-sponsored people feel? Particularly seeing how, just for doing what they love in a legal, moral, and ethical fashion, Under Armour can easily be pressured into throwing them under the bus to placate the social media pitchfork mafia? Now that the anti-hunters have tasted the blood in the water, how long will it be before even more of them move in seeking another kill?

News of the Baltimore-based apparel company’s quick surrender to the SJWs is still spreading.

Bowhunting.com put it well:

So while hunters have been killing animals with spears since the dawn of mankind, Under Armour has elected to deem Josh and Sarah’s actions as “reckless” despite their legality and the quick recovery of Josh’s bear.

As this story continues to unfold, the question remains if Under Armour will cave in to the pressures of hunters who are urging them to rethink their stance on sponsoring Sarah Bowmar the way they caved to the pressure from the anti-hunting masses.

We also eagerly await comments from the litany of high-profile hunters in the Under Armour camp including Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, Mark & Terry Drury, Jim Shockey, Eva Shockey and Cameron Hanes among others. Will these sponsored hunters speak up in support of the injustice their former teammate faces? Or will their social media feeds go surprisingly quiet in this matter? Only time will tell.

Bowhunting.com has updated their post with some videos from notables in the hunting world.


UPDATE: Click here to read the Bowmars recent comments about the controversy.



  1. avatar jwm says:

    I was just doing some on line shopping for base layer tee’s to go with my hunting gear. Under armor had some stuff in the running.

    No more.

    1. avatar User-Name says:

      Maybe hunters should be pressuring Canadian tire, Cabela’s, Bass pro shop, and other outdoors retailers to stop carrying under armors products since they don’t support the basic premise of what these business make their bread and butter off of.

      1. avatar Daniel Taylor says:

        Maybe start our own online petition. It apparently works.

        1. avatar JoshFormerlyinGA says:

          And apparently you only need 4800 people to change the mind of a national company who probably sells their sportswear in more than 4800 stores, let alone how many hunters or hunter friendly people are actually customers.

        2. avatar MikeP says:

          What I want to know is …. why? Why? How many hipsters and SJW types even buy UA wear? I’ll bet they already collectively detest the company and would never have bought any of their products in the first place, being so closely associated with hunting/camping/outdoors/shooting/not-in-“the sitty”. So … under what pretense would UA ever imagine taking a ding in the market if they didn’t comply with a bunch of shrieking hysterical shrews? What, people who never have, and never would buy your product *might* boycott? So instead you throw your *CORE BUSINESS* under the bus to appease those who…again… *NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL BUY YOUR PRODUCT*? What I want to know is, what SJW sympathizer wound up in charge of this decision – that’s the only explanation that makes sense.

        3. avatar T-lee says:

          AAgreed someone make that happen!

        4. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

          chicago yuppies wear more of that crap to go jogging, cycling, rollerblading, windsurfing, barrista hopping (intended), irrelevent band revival festival raving and pokemon go exploring than they wear that north face shite that’s embroidered on the right rear shoulder. another reason to hate standing in line.

          silk makes an excellent first layer.

        5. avatar Rick Gum says:

          Please do. My Under Armour Buying is done. no more. .

        6. avatar Justin says:

          I will sign! And I cover two different demographics of buyers, Hunter and law enforcement. I will no longer buy UA for either!

      2. avatar Thom says:

        Excellent Idea! Thank you!

      3. avatar Curmudgeon5462 says:

        Nah, these clowns bent over backwards for pathetic driveling children. Don’t try to get them to back-pedal on it with another petition, because if they do it will be strictly for profit and insincere. Just keep shitting on their brand while their stocks plummet. Dump them for good and make an example of them, then show the corpse to the rest of the free market so they don’t try to pull this bullshit.

        1. avatar Joe Bob says:

          i wunt to kil me wun thim bearz wit wun thim speerz. my cuzin Billy Ray said it wil make me feel lik a reel man!! i aint much fer book lernin or sportz so this mite b wut i shud du. mabe sum girlz wil lik me. tird of kissn my sistr.

      4. avatar Blocky60 says:

        Believe me, you stop buying their crap, all those places won’t waste space on products that don’t sell. Good old capitalism.

      5. avatar Richard Dahl says:

        Doesn’t matter if these stores carry UA products or not, just don’t buy them. Let them sit on the racks forever!

        1. avatar Cathy says:

          All you moronic backward ignorant piece of shit hunters boycotting Under Armour can take your snivelling whiny coward asses home and go fuck yourselves. Seriously, do you think redneck”hunters” are where UA makes their money?? Ah no- REAL SPORTS like hockey, baseball basketball etc etc. And guess what? Who buys all that shit for their kids? Mom and Dad- and we have wwaayyyy more buying power and a bigger buying population than you fuckers – plus we’re EXCELLENT at getting shit done- like spreading BAD word of mouth and raising awareness for our causes using our POCKETBOOKS…. Fucking losers- get a real hobby….

      6. avatar Marc says:

        I don’t think Canadian Tire carries much UA stuff, they are more Yukon gear.

    2. avatar Megalith says:

      Under Armor just angered millions of loyal hunters to appease a few thousand anti-hunting, social justice warriors. They’re done.

      1. avatar Joe Bob says:

        buncha treehugerz aint nevr kilt evin 1 anmul n thar hol life!!

    3. avatar Hugh Mannity says:

      Petition for us to make our views known back to UnderArmor


      1. avatar Brian says:


        Here’s the petition to Under Armour to get the Bomars back please sign and share, it’s already got a few thousand signatures!

    4. avatar J Pie says:

      Hunters stick together. We have to make this happen and show that sh*t company that we won’t stand for it. I don’t care if there apparel is 90% off. I won’t b buying it . #byearmour

      1. avatar Joe Bob says:

        thats rite j. wut is apparel

    5. avatar Bob johnson says:

      I need a new pheasant hunting coat and some upland hunting pants No Under armor here

    6. avatar Rebecca Isaacs says:

      I was looking at a wounded warriors shit from Under Armour until I saw the lable said made in Vietnam. Whit the hell are they thinking.

      1. avatar Striker says:

        I boycott anything with the wounded warrior logo on it. They’re like the march of dimes, maybe 10 cents of each dollar goes to help those Warriors they tout about.

        UA just went to the top of my disgust list!

    7. avatar Jason O. says:

      I will never purchase their clothing ever again !!! We owe it to our hunting brothers and sisters to stand behind those that share our passion ! If myself and two of my friends decide not to buy from them they wouldn’t even notice a drop in sales but if 20,000 of us decided not to buy from them then that changes everything !

    8. avatar Arc'em says:

      I don’t hunt but I fish and more often ski (50 days a season). I won’t be buying any UA gear until they wake up. I buy a lot of stuff from Cabelas and will let them know what I think. This pc bs must stop!

    9. avatar Jason Anders` says:

      Trophy hunters are despicable people with small brains and small genitalia. Shove your guns up your ass and pull the trigger. you give hunters and people who support 2nd amendment a bad name.

      1. avatar Don T. says:

        Do trophy wives count?

    10. avatar Anne-Marie Hughes says:

      Cowardly murderers! Pathetic excuses of human beings. Killing any creature for fun is downright evil!
      Fight the bear hand to hand you fucking cowards!
      Spearing humane my fucking arse!

    11. avatar Not a sick vicious twat like these thick Americans says:

      Thick redneck wankers.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    I can’t boycott Under Armour because I don’t buy overpriced underwear in the first place.

    But if I was going to waste my money on overpriced made-in-the-Third-World crappola, I wouldn’t be wasting it on Under Armour.

    1. avatar Mr. Woodcock says:

      I bet you look great in compression shirts Ralph.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Compression shirts? They used to be called girdles.

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          I’m the “other” Ralph.
          I don’t get it about colored underwear – or for over-priced underwear because of a name attached to it.
          I don’t get it.
          Only “men” I remember wearing colored underwear were my sons when they were around 8 years old.
          They were called Underoos back then.
          Think they had Spiderman and Superman on them too.

        2. avatar JustJames says:

          These day’s all my shirts have become compression shirts.

        3. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

          underoos are an excellent first layer for garanimals.

  3. avatar NorincoJay says:

    I may question why this guy thought what he did was a good idea, but to punish his wife for posting it wasn’t the right call either.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      I think it was a great idea! I would never do it myself, cuz I’m too chicken, but then I would never sail solo across the ocean, either, but the thought of just one man with the stones and the energy to take a large and dangerous animal with a weapon of 100,000 year old design really lights me up. I thought bowhunting was badass!

      1. avatar george from fort worth says:

        yep. i agree. sorta makes using the ancient 1911 avant garde (did i spell all that rat?).

        1. avatar adverse4 says:

          There is the Texan language, and then there is all those others. Tell you whut rat now I ain’t hunting no bear wit nuttin.

        2. avatar george from fort worth says:

          well, bust mah britches. some un else a knowin’ how to talk rat.

        3. avatar Accidentally killed hunters says:

          Your dumbass idiot logic is saying witch hunting is ok. That would be cool. Label hunters as witches and burn them at the stake. You sound too fucking dumb to own a gun. Go screw your sister(wife) .

      2. avatar dan says:

        i’m pretty sure whoever was filming was armed as a back up just in case.

    2. avatar Tom W. says:

      You can “stick” hogs with bayonets and hunting knives as many hunters do, including celebrity outdoor hunters with many sponsors and TV shows, and no one bats an eyelash.
      Because this guy got Yogi with a pointed stick they whine?

      UA is overrated worn by wannabe operators operating operationally.

      It’s a Baltimore, MD Co. Nuff said. Just ask Beretta.

      1. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

        But it was a really nice pointy stick.

        1. avatar Alan says:

          Good one…LOL

      2. avatar Tim Grund says:

        Let’s ask Ted Nugent what he thinks!

      3. avatar Tom says:

        Send them hunting with me they will have a heart attack and be gone. I do hunt strictly by the law and I hunt with basic weapons long bow for deer, bear, turkey and hog. I use a spear for bear a hog, and a blowgun for squirrel and rabbit, and even sometimes a slingshot for rabbit. Also if I am not going to consume the game then I have a needy family waiting for it.

    3. avatar Cliff H says:

      Not a supporter of UnderArmor in this matter, but I can’t help thinking that taking a bear with a home-made spear in this day and age is about the PR equivalent of Chipotle Ninjas marching around town with totally inappropriate weaponry. Both activities may be entirely legal, it does not mean they are either reasonable or smart, especially from a public relations aspect.

      Point # 2 – you don’t really think the person taking the video (not the GoPro on the spear) was not packing some reasonable back-up hardware, do you?

      1. avatar David says:

        ICYMI, he was an NCAA competitive javelin athlete…..

    4. avatar Kahla says:

      It’s called hunting! People eat what they kill..maybe you should look up some videos of slaughter houses and see where the meat you eat comes from!! It doesn’t just appear out of no where!! Moron!!! At least hunting in the wild the animal had a decent life compared to be jammed packed in orbs or standing in feces their entire lives until it’s time to be slaughter in which they are rushed into chutes and a hammer like tool is used to kill them! Get over your self! People have been hunting for thousands and thousands of years!!!

      1. avatar int19h says:

        Hunting is fine. But there are many hunting implements that are both more efficient and more humane, like, say, rifles and shotguns, or even crossbows – if you’re hunting for meat or other utilitarian purposes, there’s no reason to not use them.

        The only point of hunting with a spear is for the thrill. But when you consider that it’s paid for by extra suffering that wouldn’t be there with other methods, there isn’t really any good excuse for it.

        1. avatar Leslie Fish says:

          From what we saw in the video, the bear died quickly and with minimal suffering. I’ve seen high-caliber gunshots take longer to kill.

          One thing spear-hunting does is gives the animal a much better chance to kill the hunter than hunting with bow or firearm. I should think the PETA-perverts would love the idea.

  4. avatar strych9 says:

    What an utterly stupid thing for UA to do.

    I occasionally rock one of their rash guards for BJJ and MMA. Well, those shirts are going to charity. Punchtown, Fuji,Tatami and Venom are gonna get some extra duty and wash cycles.

    1. avatar Ray says:

      Try Contract Killer gear

    2. avatar Bob says:

      Totally agree. Just washed my UA for no gi training today. Will be looking for new a new rash guard.

  5. avatar RSic says:

    I was about to replace some old hunting boots and get some gear, glad I came across this article now I can cross out under armor. And I’ll be spreading the news

      1. avatar Misura says:

        Yeah. What he said.

  6. avatar DrewR55 says:

    It is a shame, really, that Under Armour would cave to someone who (probably) doesn’t even buy their products and slight those who do. I won’t be buying any more UA gear, which is too bad because I like their athletic socks.

    Equally, it is ironic that these SJW types have the brass balls to complain that we don’t give animals a fighting chance when we use scoped rifles and laser range finders but are horrified when we use technology which would have given the bear better odds.

  7. avatar JoshFormerlyinGA says:

    How many of those SJWs can shove their pasty flabby bodies into UA apparel? How many of them have purchased UA goods? Seems like a dumb move to me, glad I don’t own any UA stock/work for them.

  8. avatar MiniMe says:

    This is what happens when a few stupid people in companies like UA pay attention to the inane rantings of SJW’s and bend over for them.

    Lesson of today, kids? Don’t piss on your customers and call it rain. They’ll stomp yer ass to the ground.

    The sad thing is that because of a few mgmt UA idjits, the rest of the people who work for UA is screwed.

    1. avatar My Older Brother Chet says:

      Remember when Kroger/Fred Meyer told the demanding moms to pack sand. I do, that is why I shop with them, because they stood with me. I also bought a black rifle from them recently. My wallet has a long memory.

      1. avatar Dbaur says:

        Chet, I bought my wife a new diamond from Fred Meyer because they stood their ground. What Kroger company sell black rifles?

  9. avatar Hank says:

    Let’s make an example of them.

  10. avatar Arc says:

    They will take a hit from the military. MCXs carry a lot of punk brands, under armor being one of them, and a lot of the mil like to hunt.

  11. avatar Larry says:

    UA makes far more hunting clothes then base layers LOL . I’ve found found their stuff to be well made and long lasting . My base layers cost $ 60 a top a and $60 for the bottoms . I’ve got close to ten years out of them and I hunt 20 plus days a month for 3 months. The get washed every 2 days, still like new.

    I’ve got coats hats and some great socks as well.

    Though looks like I’m none buying it .

  12. avatar lasttoknow says:

    I think I agree that shooting game at a mile isn’t really hunting, or sport, but I do know that when you have a business, and people are trying to give you money, you shouldn’t get in their way. I can imagine the war between marketing and PR types, and the sales force. Perhaps the reasoning goes like this: Marketing – we need to be riding the wave of the socially sensitive public, so as to persuade them it is a good act to purchase our products. Sales – Good idea to appeal to people who never buy our products. Insulting the customer base always leads to an order-of-magnitude increase in sales.

    1. avatar MouseGun says:

      Watch out everyone, guy witha big ol’ dick gon’ tell us how we ain’t no real hunters ‘cuz we don’t sneak up into farting distance of the animal, shoot it with a fiberglass contraption, and then waste two hours tracking the damn thing while it bleeds out. I hunt deer because I love the taste of venison. The fact that modern firearms and optics allow me to take a deer at 100 yards as compared to 15 makes it that much easier to get my deer meat fix.

      1. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

        There is such a thing as ethical hunting. Use the right tool for the job.

      2. avatar lasttoknow says:

        I do apologize if the difference between 100 yards, and 1000 yards is confusing. I also don’t consider standing in a tree and shooting down on an animal that cannot raise its head enough to see the threat is either hunting or sport. Effective? Yes. Get you your meat? Absolutely? Illegal? No. Should be? No. It just isn’t the same level skill as shooting from 100 yards or less.

        But it puts you in the company of those who shot Buffalo out the window of a passenger car on a train.

        1. avatar Momtoeve says:

          Exactly! It was a baited hunt. About as cowardly as shooting a mafia don while he’s sitting with his family eating at a restaurant. Face to face mano a mano! Without that barrel of food hiding you from its sight. Then talk to me about balls, lol.

        2. avatar 16V says:

          A Black Bear can smell a carcass at 20 miles. That it didn’t know that the Axe-covered punk-hipster-wanker was 20 feet away, defies all credulity. The fact is that the bear was baited and very accustomed to humans, so it didn’t think hipster-dolt with a pointy-camera-stick was any threat.

          This is one that makes me strongly wish for a slight modification to Jeselnik’s ‘Shark Party’. “Smile you son of a bitch…” indeed.

        3. avatar Early BIRD says:

          16V=Troll This keyboard commando has so much time on his hands, and feels his opinions are so important that he needs to respond and criticize multiple fellow respondents. I say, get a life jerk. IMO: If it were legal; the world would be a better place if all of you wannabe-nannies were culled.

    2. avatar Amilemyass says:

      “Shooting game at a mile”. Lol sorry maybe I’m the only one that quit reading after that absurd statement.

  13. avatar Mark says:

    What is the point of killing a bear? Is he going to eat it? If so, I I’m ok with that. If just for sport, then the guy is a fucking dick. I’m not anti hunting. I’m anti “lets kill a beautiful animal we don’t intend to eat because it is fun.”

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      Maybe he wanted to stuff it and put it in his living room like the animals people find at Bass Pro Shops?


    2. avatar MouseGun says:

      Be careful not to spill your chai tea laute on your skinny jeans while you’re typing your internet preaching, bro.

    3. avatar JoshFormerlyinGA says:

      People eat black bear meat a good bit as far as I know. We also have hunting seasons to keep populations reduced so bears (and all sorts of other critters) dont starve/wander into suburbia looking for territory/food.

      1. avatar Wes says:

        Bear hunting is common in my area and I must say that the meat is good. I tastes like a stronger version of stew beef.

    4. avatar waffensammler98 says:

      Animals are not beautiful. Nor are they ugly. They are animals. Nothing less, nothing more. They exist to provide human beings, the superior species, with some desired outcome. Comfort, protection, work/living assistance as a pet or service animal. Food, plant fertilizer, or decoration as meat , bones, and hide.

      1. avatar ad-lib says:

        makes no sense, waffensammler98. “beautiful” and “ugly” are adjectives that apply to a lot of things, including animals. or is this a lead-in to a weird tangent where you explain to us all how you don’t use those words because of (insert backstory here)?

        1. avatar waffensammler98 says:

          Let me rephrase that, as I was originally quoting Mark above. You are right, those words can be used to describe the appearance of something, living or inanimate, and I have no problem using just about any adjective in the dictionary when needed. What I have experienced first hand is that environmentalist whackjobs attribute words like “beautiful” or “innocent” to animals as a way to convey that they are somehow equal to human beings, and therefore killing a “beautiful” animal for any reason is the same as killing a human. These people are often fanatical misanthropes and closeted marxists who, ironically, do their shrieking and rallying from the protected sanctuary of some blue-state urban mecca. They’re not Americans in the slightest and refuse to believe in the superiority of humans over all other known species because progressives only believe in self-loathing and cultural masochism.

      2. avatar Nate says:

        Well said man.

        1. avatar notguiltfree says:

          Very well said. My hat is off to your vocabulary! You have definitely described the progressive in it’s natural habitat. All idiot all the time!!!

    5. avatar Tennessee Outdoorsman says:

      What is the point of killing a bear?
      Do you even hunt Mark????
      It starts with the passion of being in the woods and trying to outwit your prey. Then the rush of excitement when you have the opportunity to and at the same time trying to stay calm and collected to harvest your prey.

      Is he going to eat it?
      Even if HE doesn’t eat it, there are plenty of organizations that will take a kill and give it to needing families that can use it. (Most outfitters are set up with one of these organizations).

      So I ask again Mark, ARE YOU EVEN A HUNTER?? Probably not, because if you were you would not have written your dumb questions.

      Keep your shot clean and true!
      God bless the hunter!

      1. avatar Katy says:

        I think you’re over-reading, or under-reading (not sure which), into his comment. While he focused on eating the animal, I think the disgust was with the hunters that kill simply to kill and leave the animal carcass behind to rot. Even though there is still a value to that kill (providing for scavengers, population management), there are people looking to get permits that somebody who would have benefitted directly or indirectly from the animal was unable to do so.

        We have been given this Earth and stewardship over it. In other words, while we may be managing it, the planet and all things on it belong to the Lord of this domain, and we will be called to account if we are wasteful of His gifts.

        1. avatar Albrecht says:

          No. I take it the same way; that Mark is making assumptions.
          As are you.
          What you’re describing isn’t hunting, it’s slaughter or poaching.

          Since your both here, you must have some interest in firearms. I encourage you to seek out hunters or conservation clubs in your local area. Go out on an actual hunt & see the reality of hunting firsthand. It’ll clear up all your misconceptions.

        2. avatar Marc says:

          It is against the law to kill and leave the animal. It’s called wanton waste and carries heavy penalties and fines.

    6. avatar Mikial says:


      Clearly you do not have a clue about the difference between actual outdoors conservation and the Liberal concept of environmentalism. The guy wouldn’t have been able to get a license if there weren’t too many bears for the ecosystem to support. It would be wise for you to do a little research and actually understand the dynamics of animal population control, but I’m sure you’re too busy sitting around at Starbucks with your Liberal friends congratulating each other on how amazingly evolved you are over the rest of us Neanderthals. I’m sure this conversation will give you material for your Tumblr account.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        Mikial, Sort of like the difference between a “cull” and a “hunt”.

        Very different (at least to nonsociopaths), and the “hunt” doesn’t involve baiting a human-accustomed bear and then making a lousy extended kill with a substandard weapon.

        Then videoing it like a millennial douche-canoe.

    7. avatar Anon in CT says:

      Black bear is a little greasy, but not bad. Kinda like pork.

      If he won’t eat it, someone will. There are lots of native groups in Canada who would be very grateful for the donation of a bear carcas.

      Managing the bear population properly is very important, as over-population leads to devastated food sources, and sick and starving bears. And starving bears will go after humans.

      1. avatar Thom says:

        I thought of Bear meat as a kind of “sweet beef” A friend cooked the meat we had (BBQ actually) and I didn’t notice much grease! Not an arguement, just a comment!

    8. avatar Kenny says:

      So if a wolf, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, lynx, coyote, badger, fox or wolverine is on your property stalking your family or your animals., you’re just going to let it be ?

    9. avatar Amy wahl says:

      I’m friends with the Bowmars. They absolutely ate the meat, and donated most of it to needy families and shelters.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        So you’re friends with sociopaths who pretend that a baited kill of an acclimated animal is not only not a cull, but a hunt?

        You might want to sleep with one eye open. Seen it a few times before. Just sayin’…

        1. avatar TheMessingerFrog says:

          Don’t look now but you’re starting to look like an idiot.

        2. avatar oldpink says:

          He’s already well beyond starting to look like an idiot and into full retard territory.

        3. avatar Jhon says:

          Anybody who uses the word “douche canoe” needs to shut his pie hole immediately and get his man card revoked. Change your panties Donna.

    10. avatar Steve says:

      Mark..yes they eat everything that they harvest, including bear.

    11. avatar Steve Luke says:

      Are you for real? I mean a sportsman that would ask such a stupid question!
      “Do you eat bear meat?”, “Did the guy kill the bear just to kill a bear?”

      Again, you don’t need to ask stupid questions like that! If I could afford a bear hunt, I’m sure going to have it properly processed so I can eat the meat!
      You actually sound like a liberal troll trying to make this man’s hunt into an illegal hunt!
      I can tell you have never really hunted or even cared to learn how to hunt with a bow?
      This man hunted with a spear, legally and was successful in his hunt! That takes ball’s bigger than you’ll ever have!

    12. avatar EB says:

      seriously, bear sausage and ground bear meat are damn tasty. Ground bear meat browned up with some Sriracha and mixed into some bowtie pasta. Tony Chacheres to season. Simple yumminess!

  14. avatar Anonymous says:

    Maybe Under Armor forgot who their customers were? Maybe they should change their name to The Pink Bead, and sell glittery fashionable apparel for Baltimore, MD inner city metrosexual beta males, since that is where their headquarters are located.

    1. avatar Anon says:

      ***rolls eyes***

  15. avatar travisp says:

    You know who doesn’t buy or wear under armour? SJWs who protest Hunting

    You know who wears Under armour? Guys and gals with nuts big enough to hunt bears with spears. And people like me who take the occasional deer and rabbit for stew. And gun owners, and other people who actually make money not take offence. Well we used too. A damn shame they make awesome socks.

  16. avatar DaveL says:

    I never bought UA anyway, in my opinion it’s simply overpriced. Has been for as long as I can remember.

    1. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

      Overpriced bandwagon clothing.

    2. avatar John Doe says:

      It wasn’t always overpriced. When I bought my first shirt from them in the early-mid 2000s (I’m guessing it was around 2003, +/- a year or two), it was $15. Nowadays, yes, it definitely overpriced. My workout stuff is now Reebok, which is cheap when compared to the Under Armour. $80 for cold weather compression pants? $100 hoodies? GTFO of here with that nonsense.

      That said, Under Armour cutting ties because of some whiny SJW who probably wouldn’t know a piece of Under Armour gear even if it was found in her favorite vintage clothing store is ridiculous.

  17. avatar Shameless says:

    I spend a great deal of money on gear and equipment annually. I’ll never spend another dime on an U.A. product until they’ve atoned for this petulant pandering to the perpetually aggrieved of the world.

  18. avatar former water walker says:

    Killed with a spear. Major props. Ya’ know my own wife endorses stuff(decorating &painting). I’d hate to have some evil prick go after her from something her husband did…yeah boycott UA.

  19. avatar Crowbar says:

    I don’t understand this pathetic need for everyone to film and post every single thing they do. Hunting is a magical experience for me. To be in the woods, in my stand and see the sun come up and the woods come alive, makes me thank God I exist. To film the harvesting of an animal and then jump and scream like an ass goes against what I was taught about hunting. This is only my opinion of course.

    1. avatar Tommy Hobbes says:

      You make a fair point. Am pro Second and pro hunting, but can’t fathom why this exhibiionist , who clearly has a more than a touch of Narcissus, wants the world to know he threw a spear at a black bear. If he needed the meat he’d have an argument, but to simply have a videoed thrill kill in which the bear runs while bleeding out runs smack in the face of the ethics of hunting and a swift, humane kill.

      1. avatar Tommy Hobbes says:

        PS. I don’t drink chai or latte. and prefer Blue Ribbon to craft beer after a day in the field.

    2. avatar Wiregrass says:

      They do it because they get paid to do it or want to get paid to do it.

    3. avatar Steve Luke says:

      I guess I really find your comment unnecessary! To start, this was to promote a successful hunt, in Canada, where he legally hunted a bear with a spear!
      Secondly, it’s not a random U-Tube video some jerk posted for feedback!
      Last, the only thing I agree with your statement was your last sentence! It’s your opinion! It had nothing to do with the way UA treated one of the people who rely on sponsors.
      If UA was fast to act on this one complaint, from a non-hunter, Peta jumper and vegan, they’ll succumb to other trivial complaints from non-buyers of their products!
      So UA kind of speared themselves in the foot! I’m returning my based layered clothing I purchased this last week! I’ll let the Buisness know why I’m returning them and purchase another brand!

  20. avatar Anonymous says:

    If Under Armour is so dedicated to the hunting community, why then were they so quick to dump one of their sponsored hunters when her spouse hunted in compliance with all applicable laws, using hunting practices that ensured a responsible and safe harvest of the animal?

    “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

    At least, that is the argument of some open carry haters. Now we can take that same argument and apply it to other concepts. Just because you have some freedom in some area, you shouldn’t exercise it – because it might offend someone.

    1. avatar Medic hunter says:

      I guess the statement to argue that perspective would be, “just because you (they) can reproduce, doesn’t mean you (they) should.”

  21. avatar Tim says:

    Buddy bought some under armor boots. Nice looking. They fell apart in 3 months.
    I too will never buy under armor, anything at dicks sporting goods, cheaper than dirt, or REI. Another buddy bought a tent from REI. Broke in Alaska weather. When he called to have it replaced he told them he needed it fast as he had some clients coming in next week. They would not honor the warranty because they did not condone his business. Add under armor to the list.

    1. avatar Katy says:

      Are you sure it was because if the specific business? I can’t imagine they would extend their warranty to any sort of commercial use, as that’s a lot harder on equipment than personal/commercial use.

  22. avatar MouseGun says:

    I bought a pair of under armor sneakers on clearance. Best pair of sneakers I own. Not burning them. I will, however, avoid their products in the future.

  23. avatar Berry says:

    So let’s get this straight. For decades I have seen anti hunting people criticize hunters for using guns and modern bows and saying real hunters would do it like the old days when the prey had a chance of turning the tables.
    Now someone does.exactly that and takes a bear with a spear and the delicate flowers loose their minds.
    UA ought to see through this.

    1. avatar User-Name says:

      No kidding eh? Try living here in Canada with all the social justice warriors who are ragging on this poor couple. I live in rural Canada and catch flack constantly about hunting bears and moose. As soon as an aboriginal does it suddenly it’s the moral high ground to not criticize their hunt. These people are looking for anything to rally against hunting, hence the moving goalpost.

      1. avatar waffensammler98 says:

        “As soon as an aboriginal does it…”

        It’s less about being anti-hunting than it is about being anti-anything white people do ever, because cultural masochism is trendy.

      2. avatar 16V says:

        That wasn’t a hunt, it was a sick-f punk kid torturing a clueless animal, very accustomed to humans, in a park.

        I bet he can beat up first graders too.

        Shooting fish in a barrel, or deer in a pen isn’t hunting. Expecting not to be called out by those with some respect for the sport is either clueless or sociopathic.

        1. avatar Anonymous says:

          Shooting fish in a barrel, or deer in a pen isn’t hunting. Expecting not to be called out by those with some respect for the sport is either clueless or sociopathic.

          You mean the sport of spear hunting? Who, respectful, do we talk to around here for hunting bear with spears?

        2. avatar 16V says:

          This wasn’t a Depression-Era-get-some-food-or-the-kids-don’t-eat thing, this was a pathetic kill of a target so easy, it may have well been a cop killing a friendly dog.

          That wasn’t hunting, that was just a setup and kill. Theoretically if he got a tag, the Conservation Dept determined there were too many, and they needed to be culled. But trying to pretend that was a “hunt” – let alone videoing it – is sad and obscene.

        3. avatar notguiltfree says:

          Hey Piss-Ant, I’d love to see you go after a chipmunk with a flyswatter after you caught it filching seed from your bird feeder, you’d most likely shit your pants when it turned on you and bared its teeth. You would probably bow down and lick the sweat off it’s balls to keep it from attacking you. Ideological Numb Nut!!!

  24. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Whether or not someone can accurately throw a spear is certainly a question for debate. If your position is that a person cannot typically throw a spear accurately, then using a spear to hunt would be unethical.

    Whether or not that justifies pulling sponsorship from the hunter’s wife is a different question entirely.

  25. avatar Roy says:

    They tracked the bear down by following it’s trail of intestines hanging on low lying branches. I’m pretty sure it died quicker than a shot from a broad head. Not sure how it was unethical.

  26. avatar GaPharmD says:

    Spent thousand on there products….. No longer…… And I may just post me a little burn video too.

  27. avatar RetroG says:

    I haven’t hunted in years (and I used a gun then), and I only use UnderArmor products at the gym. But I’ve bought my last UA product if they don’t reverse themselves, and quickly.

  28. avatar IaMnOttHeHulk says:

    UA is all over the NFL brain-damaged athletes but they drop her for what her hubby did, W-T-F?
    Guys got cojones going up against a bear with a spear, nice kill and bear meat is delish. I guess if its not in the meat section its irresponsible, eh UA?. UA execs still eating beef and chicken I wonder..
    Makes note to not purchase UA.

  29. avatar John says:

    To me, it was not a smart move, but it’s not boycott worthy. If they backed out of all firearms-related sports and/or stopped selling tactical and hunting merchandise, that would be a different story.

    I used to got to Panera about everyday. Once they made their policy to not allow open or concealed carry in their store, I quit going entirely–and I don’t even carry! That was a business decision worthy of a boycott to me.

  30. avatar Hoplopfheil says:

    What’s that UnderArmor? You’re saying we should all go buy Cabela’s O2 Octane?

    Hey, you’re the boss.

  31. avatar Donavan Schrock says:

    There foot ware is junk anyway, boycotted!

  32. avatar Tom Zillig says:

    I will vote with my wallet, which will no longer open for their brand.

  33. avatar Anti-social justice Warrior says:

    Why don’t we start our own petition to Under Armor to sponsor Josh and Sarah Bowmar again.

  34. avatar Wiregrass says:

    What makes this boycott worthy is how fast they reacted in fear to whiny ass SJW’s. I wouldn’t hunt with a spear, it’s just not my thing, but I don’t have a problem with it if the hunter can make a quick and effective kill, same as for hunting with bows or firearms. I also don’t own any Underarmour, just never saw that it was a value over other base layer products. Now I won’t bother considering it in the future either.

  35. avatar Dave says:

    With only 4800 on the petition, they will lose a lot more customers than that with all the hunters out there, including me.

    Also boycott Muck Boots. They donated to the HSUS and got caught lying about it. Sam Wood on youtube has a video about it.

    1. avatar Sara says:

      Nooooo I love my muck boots! I guess they’ll have to last forever (its already been like 10 years).

      And also no more UA not that I’ve bought much. I’m more of a find it on clearance kind of gal.

  36. avatar LHW says:

    Don’t buy them anyway because they are expensive. Definitely won’t now.

  37. avatar Turd Ferguson says:

    Do the opposite, petition Cabelas to stop carrying UA crap and promote their own gear as “hunter friendly”. Hit the retards at UA where it hurts

  38. avatar AJ in CA says:

    What I just email underarmour:


    I will not be buying any more of your products after hearing what you did to one of your sponsored hunters. I’ll be donating the two shirts I own to a homeless charity. They’ll look good on the dude who’s so high on heroin he falls asleep riding his bike and crashes on the sidewalk.


  39. avatar John says:

    I just went to their website and left a respectful comment. Nothing stopping anyone else from doing likewise.

    If they’re trying to make a social comment by dropping a sponsorship, I can make a social comment by not buying from them.

  40. avatar Bob says:

    UA is no longer my consideration for purchase.

  41. avatar Sean says:

    Down with under armor hope they go bankrupt and boycott all there stuff sorry punks

  42. avatar Gunnar says:

    “Hunting enthusiasts Josh and Sarah Bowmar posted a video on their YouTube channel of Josh taking a bear with a spear. That’s right, Josh speared the bear, kind of like hunting was done for tens of thousands of years.”

    Isn’t this EXACTLY the sort of hunting that the SJW queers have been demanding that we do?

    1. avatar JoshFormerlyinGA says:

      Classic goal post moving. Actually “give the animal a sporting chance” and they cry and scream about how “unethical” and “inhumane” what they wanted to require all hunters to use. Just like anti-gunners, if they were honest about what they wanted (the abolishment of hunting entirely) they would get a lot more pushback, so they incrementally try to force their crap on us.

  43. avatar Rob from Ks. says:

    I’m actually in the market for some good sport/ hunting clothes right now. Glad I read this before I clicked any checkout buttons. Looks like under armours not getting any of my, or my families hard earned money after I send this link around.

  44. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but to confirm, this is the guy who attached a Go Pro camera to the javelin, right? My comments assume that’s the case.

    I saw the video, but wasn’t aware of the corporate sponsorship of his wife angle until now. Now that I know, good for Under Armour. Dump that chick and her sadistic, badass wannabe husband of hers.

    He did that and let the animal suffer to death. He did it for his own pleasure, not to utilize. Legal? Hmmm…maybe. I sidewalks and trashcans in the video. That looked like a public park, not out in the wild.

    That bear was just casually walking around, clearly inured to human contact. There’s no sport in any of that and nothing resembling thousands of years of tradition.

    He bragged about his javelin being oh so deadly, too. He just wanted to kill for the sake of killing something easy to kill. He has no respect for hunting, nature, or that animal’s spirit. What a pussy.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      +1. This jackass was just trolling for attention, and he got it. File this under “be careful what you wish for”.

      While it may be legal to do what he did, my idea of ethical hunting is to use the best tool for the job, that will give the quickest, most humane kill. Using that criteria, a pointy stick thrown by hand is pretty close to the bottom of the list.

    2. avatar 16V says:

      I would agree with you both completely – the guy is a complete and utter attention-seeking pussy.

      I would disagree that his wife should pay some price for his disgusting actions. This current nonsensical trend about what someone does outside of work, on their own time, that has no real impact on the company, yet still can get you fired is completely out of hand. I own your soul only while you’re on the clock – punch out, it’s none of my business what you do – as long as it’s legal. You have no control over your spouse (unless she was there, then by all means…)

      I wish he would have just gone ahead and lassoed the bear, at least he could have dispatched it with a well-placed head shot. He coulda gotten better camera angles, and more blood splatter. What an f-wit.

      1. avatar Mikial says:

        How do you figure? Maybe he just wanted to do something most people don;t do and have a record of it. What have you done lately besides sit behind a keyboard and pass judgement? Sounds to me like you’re exactly the kind of person who signed that petition.

        1. avatar 16V says:

          Mikail, Umm, I’ve actually killed things with a fighting chance. It’s called hunting. That was a baited animal, so familiar with humans that it paid him almost no attention, until that effen pantywaist threw his video stick at it, and terribly wounded it, allowing it to suffer far longer than any hunter with other means at his disposal would have.

          This isn’t survival and all he had, this is a cull, and it’s embarrassing (and more than a bit disturbing) that you think this is something to be proud of, let alone show to the world. That was as sporting as the summer I worked at a slaughterhouse, and stuck the cows in the head with a bolt-gun. Difference being, that was humane.

        2. avatar Anonymous says:

          Mikail, Umm, I’ve actually killed things with a fighting chance.

          Come on. That’s BS. If he had a fighting chance and got away everyone would be calling you an unethical hunter. The goal is for you to drop them immediately and humanely as possible. They never had a “fighting chance.”

        3. avatar The Other Birch Box says:

          That’s not hunting. That’s attention whoring. And I will not knee-jerk support the attention whore just because I own firearms and hunt.

      2. avatar Stinkeye says:

        I totally agree that Under Armour’s response was disproportionate (in addition to probably being a bad business move in the long run), and out of line. This strikes me as one of those cases where there really isn’t anyone here worth rooting for. You got halfwits on both sides making bad decisions all the way through. Sometimes there ain’t a good guy in the fight.

        1. avatar 16V says:

          Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right….

    3. avatar JoshFormerlyinGA says:

      I didnt see any sidewalks in the linked video above, and that “trashcan” appears to be a run of the mill baitstation. Is there a longer video out there or are you just making shit up?

      1. avatar Jay says:

        Don’t question Jon-Jon from Houston, he’s the smartest guy in the room. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

        1. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

          i was unaware that i was able to giggle.


          sent from my iphone while grocery shopping with mom on her rascal.

    4. avatar Anonymous says:

      That bear was just casually walking around, clearly inured to human contact. There’s no sport in any of that and nothing resembling thousands of years of tradition.

      So what you are saying is 10000 years ago a human wouldn’t have left out a bit of fish to bring a bear in for a spearing and everyone have a celebration afterward for the anticipated upcoming meal?

      You guys emotional whining about this kill is comical.

  45. avatar Agon says:

    I logged on to their website and let their customer service know l am voting with my dollars. I let them know I will not be buying any of their products if they are going to be that disloyal to their athletes.

  46. avatar Keith says:

    There stuff is overpriced an is designed now for the progressive yuppies, hippies millennial a and anybody else who is not military, first responder or a gun owner. Hope they get skunked!

  47. avatar JW says:

    No email address for under armor that I can find.

  48. avatar Raymond says:

    Dude killed a bear with a spear!! That was awesome!! I’m not an active hunter but what he did was the true essence of hunting. UA should be ridiculed. Boycotted.

  49. avatar BWP says:

    I don’t even hunt and think this is a load of crap. If their company is so weak as to cave into this kind of pressure, then clearly their product is inferior in that their focus is solely on their “image”. I’ll stop considering Under Armour.

  50. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

    I have hunted for 25 years and have taken lots of animals over the years. One thing that was taught to me by my elders was to be an ethical hunter and to put the animal down fast. Due to this old american hunting tradition I only use high power rifles or shotguns when pursuing game. An arrow or a spear can take any animal on earth but in doing so what are the chances you are going to wound the animal and as someone said earlier watch it bleed out over the next two hours. I have personally seen elk here in Colorado with arrows sticking out of them and no bow hunters anywhere in sight. Those elk are doomed to die a slow suffering death as winter sets in. You may be for it and that is fine but don’t tell me a spear or a bow is anything like a .300 win mag. Make the shot clean, put it down and take your meat and head. Lots of animals survive rifle shots at least for a time, why use something that is many times weaker? I don’t get it. If you want to prove your manliness, go down to the local boxing club and duke it out. If you want to prove your a good hunter, show me one shot, one kill.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      So… Opinions opinions. Now bow hunting and crossbow hunting is unethical, because you think they aren’t powerful enough. No thanks. The problem with you people is you are putting your noses where they don’t belong. Some people own guns and others don’t like it. Some people shoot bows and others don’t like it. Some people shoot with a 300 win mag and others don’t like it. Do what you like to do – and I’ll do what I like to do and we can all get along.

  51. avatar Mikial says:

    Went to their site. Not surprisingly they don’t have a “Contact us” link. I recall Iraq in 2004 when some of the guys on my team bought UnderArmor compression shirts to wear under their armor. I never thought I needed one, but each to his own. Now they are nothing but a bunch of Liberal rats soaking the Millennials and aging Yuppies for T-shirts and hats.

    Every time I see some fat guy in a Chinese buffet with an UnderArmor T I just laugh and shake my head. They’ve never gotten much from me, but they sure won;t now. And yes, i will be contacting every retailer i deal with and telling them to dump UnderArmor, and you should too. LA Police Gear, Sportsman’s Guide, CTD and so many more.

    1. avatar lasttoknow says:


      Scroll down to “Media Relations”, an email address is presented.

      Media Relations should be the ones interested in how their media efforts are fairing.

      1. avatar Mikial says:

        Thanks, that’s a good option so i hope everyone reads this.

  52. avatar neiowa says:

    Proves my long held opinion that UA is a bunch of metrosexual hipster punks. Forget them.

    There are probably at least fifty other equivalent overpriced brands that land pretty boy chicom teeshirts for $5ea and retail at $25. No actual manufacturing or WORK/getting hands dirty involved.

  53. avatar Post Humorless says:

    Looking at new gear for hunting season. Choices just got easier! Thanks, UA!

  54. avatar George says:

    Do they got 4000 snowflakes to sign this petition. Wonder if UA thought about how many of those petitioners actually wore US vs the people that they were about to piss off. Throwing out my UA stuff now and will actually recommend against them now.

  55. avatar David says:

    What’s that anti-hunting rant? “You want to be a man, kill it with a spear or stick.” The guy does just that and they still freak out. Nothing in this world will please those so adamant against ethical, legal hunting,nothing.

    As for UA, well hopefully they will learn a lesson for their stunt. Maybe they shouldn’t sell their wares in the likes of hunting supply stores and at the very least, be sure to stop the camo line of clothing altogether. They won’t see a dime of our money henceforth. Good riddance. Keith you make an excellent point. We need to stand tall besides each other, no matter the choice of tools used for the hunt.
    Those that assume what happened or might have happened post hunt are the worst. We hunt, we eat, or we donate so that others may consume. Period.

    1. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      “What’s that anti-hunting rant? “You want to be a man, kill it with a spear or stick.” The guy does just that and they still freak out. Nothing in this world will please those so adamant against ethical, legal hunting,nothing.”

      The issue is not the issue, the issue is the revolution. In this case, the revolution the animal rights crazies have in mind is the abolition of hunting.

  56. avatar PNG says:

    All my fellow airmen who used Under Armour shoes in basic training PT wore them out. I won’t touch that overpriced, poorly made garbage. All this article reminds me of is that we are way overdue for a revolution and it’s only a matter of time before these soft but loud SJWs poke the bear too hard—metaphorically speaking, of course.

    1. avatar The Other Birch Box says:

      Revolution. You’re amusing. There will be no revolution.

  57. avatar AnyMouse says:

    I just don’t get any of this. Why would someone have a protectant for auto interiors with them while they are hunting?

  58. avatar Sneaky White 13 says:

    I HUNT. I don’t kill game over bait, PERIOD.
    Only exception to kill over bait is in a true survival situation.

    I’m still good with boycotting Under Armour, though. BUT not for dropping the
    “huntress.” I try to avoid COMMIE and THIRD WORLD CRAPOLA HOLE PRODUCTS.
    Got to admit finding USA MADE Products is harder than killing over BAIT…

    1. avatar 16V says:

      Very, very true.

      1. avatar Jay says:

        Actually, not true at all. It’s just your opinion, and you know what they say about opinions, don’t you?

    2. avatar Anonymous says:

      I’d rather kill over bait than eat the garbage in the store. Maybe I didn’t get to stalk them over the 2000 acres I don’t own, but hey. The result is the same yea?

  59. avatar Tal says:

    You know whats funny (although I have no way to prove it) is I’m willing to bet the overwhelming majority of the people who signed that petition don’t buy UA products anyways.

  60. avatar J.R. says:

    Like some of you, I haven’t hunted in years and I miss it. Like many of you, I find UA clothing a bit to much for my taste or wallet. Blunders being what they are, I noticed someone advocating buying a “inhouse” brand of clothing from an outdoor sporting goods dealer. Caution: are these private label clothes being made by UA? We all might do well to do a bit of research before we buy. We’d look pretty foolish to spout off about not buying a certain brand name item, then end up buying it anyway as a inhouse brand.

  61. avatar Sad88 says:

    Her page is down. LOL

  62. avatar JD says:

    Spear or atlatl, doesn’t really matter to me. Putting a Go Pro camera to record the impact point for a stupid YouTube video makes hunters look like social media fools. This guy should know better.

  63. avatar Mike Cooper says:

    Need to get Cabelas, Dicks, Sportsemans warehouse to drop under armor!

  64. avatar Alan says:

    Darn, I just bought a UA tank top for the gym. I guess it’ll be my last piece of UA apparel unless they apologize and undo what they did.

    1. avatar The Other Birch Box says:

      Tank top????

  65. avatar Publius says:

    Under Armour is pretty SJW. After they bought MyFitnessPal, they started pushing fat acceptance bullshit on an app dedicated to helping people manage their weight! They’re a lost cause, like Target.

    1. avatar Wiregrass says:

      That’s because they want fat people to feel comfortable looking like they are stuffed in a sausage casing while wearing their products. I know because I’m an OFWG and thats how I’d look.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        There’s a reason I don’t wear spandex when I’m riding my bike. I consider the sensitive feelings of my fellow humans.

  66. avatar Sandy says:

    Bought a bunch of UA stuff at Cabella’s in Charlotte today. Taking it back tomorrow. Don’t need yellow bellied companies that are just out to make a fast buck on outdoors men and women but won’t support them when ignorance attacks. Done with them!

  67. avatar W says:

    “The bear was taken legally, ethically and morally. Of course for some, the only responsible and safe way to harvest an animal is to buy it at the grocery store, pre-sliced or ground.”

    How long did it take the bear to die? Was his suffering an effect of the hunter’s need to say “look at me, I killed a bear with a spear”? Would the hunt have been more humane with another method?

    Legal? I suppose so. Ethical and moral? The author of this piece makes an assertion but provides no supporting argumentation. Good PR for the hunting community? Probably not.

    One more comment. There can be a huge gulf between using an inefficient hunting method (really, how accurate is he with a spear?) and buying pre packaged food. Just because I don’t support show-off hunting which increases suffering and/or increases the likelihood of suffering doesn’t mean that I only go to supermarkets.

    1. avatar Adub says:

      You sound like you’d be okay with shooting prairie dogs, yes? Because when you hit one of those buggers with a rifle, death is instant. Like exploding with tannerite instant.

      Javelins take skill. Long range shooting takes skill. Hunting is fun.

      1. avatar W says:

        The point is not whether or not I javelin hunt (I don’t). The point is should all pro gunners and hunters rise up against Under Armour because we disagree on this one issue but agree on so many other issues? Do we want to drive Under Armour away, and perhaps into the anti-gunner ranks? Or could we understand that Under Armour does not want some Soros or PETA mob parked outside their office for days?

        Under Armour is very pro hunting now. Would we want to change that because of one disagreement about spear hunting?

    2. avatar David says:

      He was an accomplished NCAA javelin competitor. This wasn’t a weekend warrior tossing a sharp stick.

  68. avatar Larry Elmore says:

    I am getting ready for a hunting trip to Alaska. Was looking at UA apparel. Liked their equipment, but I’ll go with another company now. Companies that fold to pressure from weak kneed liberals don’t deserve and won’t get my support.

  69. avatar Indirect Action says:

    Scoundrels and anti-gun scumbags… just like Wounded Warrior Project.

    No more $ for Under Armour from this household.

  70. avatar John says:

    Same here. If UA can’t keep the moral judgments to themselves, I’ll just keep my my cash to myself. I’m not even a hunter, but the principle irks me to no end. Just sell clothing, and keep your mouth shut. This woman could have thrown a puppy off a cliff in UA gear and it is no way a reflection on the clothing brand. How can people be so stupid?!

  71. avatar Chad morehouse says:

    Wont buy Under Armour no more. Does suck cause they have a good product but if they cant support us hunters they dont deserve our money.

  72. avatar Austin Siler says:

    Please sign and share my petition to boycott UnderArmour regarding them dropping Sarah Bowmar. The anti hunters got over 4000 signatures before UnderArmour caved in. With your help we can show how strong the hunting community is and blow that out of the water!


  73. avatar KG says:

    Under Armour is a top brand in athletic apparel and is also a business. If they thought dropping sponsorship of this broad would affect their bottom line they wouldn’t have dropped her. Let’s be serious here, the rednecks on this thread claiming that they will no longer purchase under armour apparel because of this decision they made will have zero affect on the company.

    1. avatar Jay says:

      Maybe no affect, but will it have an effect? This particular redneck seems to have a better grasp on English grammar than you, pal.

    2. avatar oldpink says:

      KG is obviously an SJW P*#&y.

    3. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      If dropping these hunters has no effect on the bottom line of UnderArmour, then why did UnderArmour sponsor these hunters in the first place?

      1. avatar Early BIRD says:

        Bada bing, good catch. These companies are pretty focused with their advert. dollars.

  74. avatar Kenneth Patterson says:

    We are so worried about a guy killing a bear with a spear but are ancestors have done this hunting back in the day , and the tribes of many countries still hunt with Spears !! So my point is let attack a man for taking a animal with a spear , but let a criminal, murder, and liar run for president ! And one other thing shame on you Under Armor for your actions on this matter I use to stand by your clothes and have talked many people into buying them but no more !! You need to sit back and rethink your decision hunter are a big part of your business and you have shamed us all by your actions! !

  75. avatar Tom Carlson says:

    I have not bought any UA gear because of the price. Lot of similar or better gear for the money.

    When you are marketing you try to sell to the audience who will buy and use your gear. Instead they listen to someone who probably will not nor has ever bought nor endorsed their brand. If they had doubled down on support for Mr. Bowmar they probably would have increased sales rather than alienating their customers.

  76. avatar Lance M Soss says:

    You just can’t win. The PETA retards bitch about having an advantage with a firearm and it is unfair to the animals so if you are so big and bad, meet them on equal terms. No guns. So this guy does just that and meets them with a damn SPEAR and they still bitch. You can’t win against stupid.

  77. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Sister site The Truth About Knives has a post about the ethics of spear hunting up now: http://www.thetruthaboutknives.com/2016/08/bear-hunting-with-a-spear-an-ethical-kill/

    Cruise over there and give them some well-deserved pageviews, and do the social media thing with Facebook and Twitter and the like, too. The social media stuff really helps them out with getting access to media events to bring you new and exciting content.

    1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

      On it

  78. avatar Richard Schneider says:

    The whole idea of hunting a Bear legally is to control population, with that said isn’t selling hunting gear for the same purpose. Somebody needs to decide weather they want to support hunting or not but don’t sell hunting gear if you don’t support the reason you sell the clothing.

  79. avatar Chris says:

    Guys looking for great base layers checkout Banded products!!! They have way better quality clothing than underarmour shit!!!

  80. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    I am reading this rather late, work and what not. I am currently collecting my few pieces of Under Armour gear, for I suddenly have an urge for a late night bonfire. Shame is most of it is black, my favorite color. Thankfully, my neighbors won’t be bothered, as most are asleep…….. I am hoping for “purty” yellow and orange flames.

  81. avatar Ray says:

    If you decide to boycott Under Armour you need to do this for at least a year.

    There is a purchasing season for manufacturers who outsource their manufacturing.
    They have to place their orders a year in advance to lock in prices.

    If retail stores don’t reorder, UA has to reduce their future orders which then reduces their capability for increased profit for a whole year.

    Just sayin’

  82. avatar cisco kid says:

    All the other hunters (Shockey included) will look out for themselves and look at their next check and not stand up for what is right. Its called surviving in the world of business. Greed rules the world.

  83. avatar Ian says:

    After reading this will not be purchasing under armour produced. 5.11 will be the winner here

  84. avatar MouseGun says:

    I’m seeing a lot of “ermagerd, he used a spear!”, in this thread. I sincerely doubt this guy woke up and said to himself, “yup, ima throw a spear at a bear today”. He’s a professional hunter. He more than likely trained until he was proficient enough to take the bear.

  85. avatar EA says:

    Would I hunt like this? no, but for those of us who do hunt why would bash this guy for hunting the way that he wants to. It was done legally and ethnically, so maybe the bear ran I think it was 80 yd before it died. I have hunted haft my life and put great shots on deer to have them run over 80 yd. I just think for those of you that hunt u shouldn’t judge him it was a legal way of hunting. This will be the death of hunting because (a house deviated will not stand). I will not by ua

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      Saying a spear hunt was done “ethnically” is a hilariously unfortunate typo…

  86. avatar Frank P says:

    Instead of shaming the remaining sponsored hunters, encourage them to get as many freebies and samples as possible and cost UA even more money. We don’t have to buy UA to appreciate Eva Shockley wearing it.

  87. avatar Bob392 says:

    So, 4800 crunchies, who will never buy Under Armor products, convinced the company’s executives to alienate a large portion of their customer base to appease a flash-in-the-pan political ideology. What complete idiocy. Another company with an expiration date.

  88. avatar Daniel says:

    I don’t hunt anymore. I did with my dad as a boy, and sometimes regret not taking the time to pass hunting on to my kids. We still fish and do all kinds of different sports…sports that we buy UA gear for. With 4 kids (spoiled I must add) we spend well into the thousands per year on UA gear. Guess that will change now.

  89. avatar Yancy Green says:

    Never buy or wear this product again ! Under Armour made a big mistake picking sides!

  90. avatar Rob wood says:

    Well my family was pissed when they got home and found I had returned the Under Armour clothing I had bought for them. $537.53 worth of merchandise and replaced it with Nike gear. After explaining why they got on there cumputer s to research the story themselves. Now there calling all there friends and planning a burning party to post on Facebook and youtube.

  91. avatar Tater says:

    There are plenty of people who have never hunted on this sight for sure maybe he just wanted a challenge so he decided to use a spear he killed the bear quickly might I add it’s not that big of a deal except to people who have to real world experience. I would love to have the time and money to be able to take a bear with a spear sounds fun. It would probably be dangerous but it sounds like he gets paid to make videos of hunts so that’s probably who he filmed it. Just a thought

  92. avatar Mike Mosher says:

    Well I’m very glad I saw this before I went out and bought my hunting gear in the next few weeks! Wow! I spend alot every year on hunting clothes and I can’t morally spend another dime on U.A. I guess thats the thanks we get for backing a company by buying their stuff! Not anymore!

  93. avatar Steve Day says:

    You’ve got to be truly delusional to believe that death by impalement by slow moving object is more ethical or equally as humane as a high-velocity heavy projectile instantly stopping the heart or switching off the brain.

    How can people defend such barbarism in this day and age? What’s next – promoting the use of leg snares and traps that either slowly starve the animal to death or force it to chew off it’s own leg to escape??!

    1. avatar oldpink says:

      Oh, okay, let’s just ban bow hunting while were at it, too, all because you get the vapors?
      You’re a sorry excuse.

      1. avatar W says:

        Under Armour has likely seen the fascism and bullying of the Left. As a business, they did not want this aimed at them. It would be more productive for everyone to aim their ire at the left and not at Under Armour.

        NOTE: Under Armour DOES support hunting and fishing, just not this one kind. As Ronald Reagan said, if we agree on 80% of things, you are not my 20% enemy.

        1. avatar B says:

          No. F them forever. There are plenty of companies that haven’t thrown one of our own under the bus for the SJW crowd.

  94. avatar Neil says:

    I was going to buy a pair of there tactical boots not now

  95. avatar Wayne James says:

    My boy and I stopped in at Bass Pro Shops yesterday. Checking out some new camo rubber hunting boots and hats. I saw a UA hat and another company hat I liked. Thought about picking them up next time in. BUT NOT NOW after reading this article. I’ll will NOT be buying the UA hat. Seeing they don’t support hunting in legal ways. Plus any other of they’re line of products. Bye bye.

  96. avatar Golden says:

    I am very disappointed. As someone who has been a loyal customer long before the company became a household name. I have been using their products for military, hunting to everyday clothes even with the steady climb in prices. I now will have rethink all that and look for an other company to support.

  97. avatar Shane says:

    My son likes to wear the under armor hunting apparel because it was the cool logo and popular clothing line right now. And it was comfy. I myself have a few under armor garments. They will go in the trash and WE WILL NOT BUY under armor ANYTHING anymore. I have two sons and we all three hunt and fish. I run a hunting club and each member will see this video. I will make sure that every hunter and fisherman I know hears of this and spread this like kudzu!! Goodbye under armor

  98. avatar Rod Smalt says:

    All of my Under Armour running gear is now in the sh!tcan.

  99. avatar Davis f says:

    Under armour didnt like the way this bear was dispatched. So they dropped 1 hunter. You guys sound like a bunch of libs telling someone how they should spend their own money….. And to the hunter, use a fucking gun!

    1. avatar oldpink says:

      Bowhunters, use a f-ing gun!
      Shotgun hunters, use a f-ing rifle!

    2. avatar B says:

      I don’t like the way she was dispatched by Under Armor. So down 1 company. Easy day.

  100. avatar Tom in PA says:

    If you are anti-hunting, and currently wear any leather, or purchase any prepared meat at the grocery store killed by hired corporate assassins, your actions do not match your expressed convictions, which is hypocritical. For most of human history, we killed and ate the animals (they were organic, by the way!) around us to sustain our lives, and the lives of our families – which is why utopian liberals living in their fabricated reality don’t understand this. They are so detached from any authentic version of the cycle of life and natural selection that this is incomprehensible to them. To them, food comes from a lab somewhere packaged in plastic. If you don’t have the testicular fortitude to kill, dress and cook an animal to eat and survive, irrespective of its necessity or not, you have zero standing to bitch about hunting. Go get a low fat soy latte and retreat to your “safe space”.

    1. avatar Ragnar says:

      Thank you for the link, Kimberwarrior45. I used that link to send the following message:

      “As a share holder from day 1 after your IPO, I feel I need to express my disappointment in your marketing failure to drop Sarah Bowmar. I am not a hunter, but I am a military veteran and believe in freedoms. You may have the freedom to discharge a sponsored partner, but your reason and submitting to social media bullies is completely opposed to the UA that I have openly and financially supported.

      I ask that you reconsider this inappropriate decision and show the world that UA still supports all athletes and outdoor sports enthusiast. Stand up for what you believe in.

      Raganr (pseudonym)”

      Probably won’t mean a thing, but I said what I needed to say.

  101. avatar Ragnar says:

    In 2005, while in Iraq on one of my many OIF deployments, I noticed a considerable amount of military personnel were wearing Under Armour gear. Back then, it was mostly their brown Heat-Gear shirts. They obviously made a product that was superior to any issued underwear or anything that other third-party vendors made. The military personnel clearly supported UA as much as UA supported the military.

    I was so taken with how good their product was and their providing a product that was needed by those deployed in Eastern sandboxes, I bought a large quantity of UA shares, the day after the IPO. I made a good return on investment on those shares.

    Today, I am ashamed of Under Armour. However, that shame is no greater than the shame I feel for a great many people in our country in general.

  102. avatar Marshall says:

    I found some stuff for my wife that’s just as high quality as Under Armor but owned by hunters and manufactured in America. Check out camomecouture.com for something new.

  103. avatar W says:


    Under Armour does support hunting and fishing, just not this one type. If anyone wants to drive them away with boycotts, that’s their choice. However, they are a hunting supporter now. My position: I would rather have this large company most of the way on our side than driven away from us.


    1. avatar Sam says:

      Really? So because it’s not “your” type of hunting you are ok with this? It might not be your type today, but someday it could be. The only thing that makes sense with your comment then posting their link is you are tying to do damage control for them. Too late

  104. avatar Lee says:

    I think the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander fame are sponsored by these guys, too. They are no stranger to controversy. I’ll be interested in how this shakes out and if the clothier changes its course.

  105. avatar William Sutherland says:

    Politically correct trumps common sense every time. Anyone with the stones to kill a bear with a spear is a real hunter in my book.
    Whoever made this decision obviously is not a hunter. Someone needs to be fired at under armor, and an apology to those of us who do spend a lot of time in the woods need to be made before I will buy any of their products. Maybe they should actually hire a hunter to replace him.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      If this guy was out in the woods by himself with just his pointy stick, I’d applaud his “stones”, too. But I’d bet everything in my gun safe that someone off-camera had a suitably big gun in case the bear objected to the plan.

  106. avatar Vinny gorden says:

    Anything that I own that is UA,,, will be destroyed immedetly and will encourage all friends and family to BOYCOTT ALL PRODUCTS,,,,,

  107. avatar JC Daniel says:

    You can’t fix stupid….Let them do what they wish, Others make quality clothing we can buy……We can watch them die a slow death of customer loss……..

  108. avatar Ky says:

    “The bear was taken legally, ethically and morally.”

    Didn’t get past this line. You’re fucked up if you honestly think that.

    1. Did you see how quickly the bear expired? I’ve helped track bears that were shot with both bows and guns that were lost due to a bad shot. Who are you to decide what is moral and ethical? You are the one who is FLAME DELETED

  109. avatar kap says:

    Under Armor is in it for the Bucks, let the anti-American crowd make up the difference, as of now they are no longer have viable selling products for Me and Family! Belly up here they come (maybe Bloomberg will keep them afloat}
    clothing is a tuff racket even if their products come form the Asian shops! RIP

  110. avatar Rob says:

    I don’t understand how UA,who is a United States based company, can legally do this for a legalized hunt in a totally different country, that clearly have different hunting tactics then here. It’s UA refusing apparel sales also to Canada ,for they’re apparent supposed inhuman hunting tactics ? This reminds me of our government bowing down to other insane insights within our own country. Sad day for those ppl sponsored by UA. I’d be hunting myself a new sponsor.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      What do you mean, “legally”? UA can spend their money however they want. If they want to stop sponsoring someone because they eat cheese on Tuesdays, or because they drive a blue car, or just about any other reason, they can do it. It doesn’t matter what country this incident took place in, or whether or not it was legal, UA gets to decide who they want to associate their brand with.

  111. avatar Sam says:

    Disappointed to see that a few individuals that probably don’t use UA products much were able to pressure them into a decision that will cost them millions. This has already caught fire on social media. Ignorant on their part, animal was taken legally. Don’t mess with hunters when it comes down to it they stick together

  112. avatar T-lee says:

    If Under Armour does not reconsider their statements and actions and issue a public apology to the bowmar family…i hope all of their sponsored outdoor pros jump ship on them as well as ALL outdoorsman also really hope Sarah sues them for slander for the implication that the did something illegal or unethical.

  113. avatar SSkellington says:





  114. avatar K Maiden says:

    Under Armour,
    Cowards, simple as that. Go F yourself. My family and friends will take our business elsewhere. Just in time, as we gear up for hunting season. And yes, we are vets.

  115. avatar Mallory says:

    Instead of burning UA gear, send it to Louisiana to victims of the flood. Those folks could sure use it.

  116. avatar Jamie says:

    Three generations in my family of hunters have been buying UA products since they were first stocked at gander mountain years ago. I’ve shown this to my family and none of us will be buying anything UA again.

  117. I will just add Under Armour to the list of companies I can no longer support because of their ridiculous practices. This man did not spear the bear in the manner of a matedor. He skillfully and successfully took down this bear. Really Under Armour??? You lost business from tens of thousands or even hundred of thousands of people because of a 4,000 signature petition. What are you going to do if the members of the NRA decide to boycott. Yup, you shot or speared yourself in the proverbial foot. Nice.

  118. avatar rogerw says:

    Let’s not all get sidetracked.

    Personally, I used to go to Panera on occasion. Since they took their anti-gun, anti-2A stance I have never gone back. There’s plenty of other places to go to spend my money.

    Same thing now with UA. I have spent money on UA goods on occasion but will no longer. I will get rid of any UA gear I currently have and replace it with other, more supportive brands. I will not buy any UA gear any longer – there’s plenty of competition to choose from. And I will be happy to sign any change.org or other petition stating so. I hope others will as well.

    I am not even a hunter but I support hunters, the Bowmars, and the second amendment. I carry and I vote. I vote not only once every few years at the ballot box but every day when I decide what businesses I want to support and what businesses I will not. I hope every one who reads this will as well.

    I am sure we second amendment, Bowmar, and hunter supporters number more than the 4351 signatures on the anti-Bowmar petition. Let’s not be invisible.

    Remember that we vote with our wallets every day.

  119. avatar Kevin says:

    It thrills me to see the backlash UA is getting from their actions. I personally do not buy UA because it is overpriced. For them to drop their sponsorship so fast and to say the bear hunt was not ethical is ridiculous. No different than using a bow. Anyway, I will forward this and any information and get the word out there. I have been hunting for over 40 years and like the speaker said, all this controversy comes about due to the Anti’s. Hunt on, Hunt safe, Hunt smart

  120. avatar Charles goodson says:

    I will not purchase under armor gear because they caved to not the liberal BS.

  121. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

    why own clothes that exclaim who the clothing manufacturer is? sure, a hypercolor t- shirt says hypercolor, but wearing ua product is akin to sporting a fruit of the loom hat. actually, that would be kind of cool.
    i want you to know what kind of underwear i use!
    (silk or flannelette boxers, if anything).

  122. avatar Bo Mathews says:

    We should start a petition on Change.org for our own social justice. We should call on Real Tree Camouflage to end their licensing agreement with Under Armour. Real Tree could show the world they support hunters and Under Armour would lose even more business.
    I for one will NEVER buy Under Armour, even if they change their minds on this wimp move.

  123. avatar David music says:

    Well said Me and my hunt camp done with under armor

  124. avatar Hurricane says:

    No more Under Armor for this Family…we’re Out

  125. avatar Michael says:

    Well Under Armour can kiss my ass.. All their products have been removed from my house.. Did not know it looked so shitty when yall cut it in to pieces..

  126. avatar JB says:

    Thanks for showing your true colors UA. My family and I will not be wasting any more money on your product.

  127. avatar Spiritual Ronin says:

    Didn’t they leave the bear to die for about 20 hours instead of putting it out of its misery? This is NOT responsible hunting.

  128. avatar Justin catlett says:

    Why with a spear ??? No arrows or bulletts, not much of a humane Hunter to me,, just out to prove something, Macho man, no place for u in the Woods,,

  129. avatar Rob Davidson says:

    I’m hoping that someone from one of the big corporate companies like Gander Mountain , Cabela’s or such sees this and decides to take Under Armor out of their stores. Hit em in the pocketbook. I know I’m done with their clothing line

  130. avatar Ron Hayward says:

    I’m wondering where the boycott petition is so that I can sign it…

  131. avatar jwm says:

    Do not burn or shitcan your UA gear. Donate it to homeless shelters. The trendy hipster types see homeless folks in UA and they will drop the brand like a bad habit. UA will be bankrupt in 6 months.

  132. avatar Nick says:

    I will be researching this further. If true I will be burning my UA and asking others to boycott.

  133. avatar Charles Gallo says:

    I support all hunters ! Trophy and eating etc ! I will no longer buy and will get rid of all my Under Armour products ! Brother n sister hunters unite! Paws 4 the cause !

  134. avatar Mike Johnson says:

    I have used a lot of under armour products in past….running shoes,camo clothing,and everyday apparell..After this Lil episode with anti hunting groups I think it has come time to move on to different line of clothing.. I will not support companies that practice this kinda crap….

  135. avatar Jimmy Teaster says:

    I will not buy any under Armour it’s over priced anyway.Columbia here I come

  136. avatar Josh says:

    My Name is Josh. I am from Maryland and i am an electrician i do a lot of electrical work in Baltimore. One of the places i worked on was Under Armor. Not only did i work there but i also ran all the conduit in the Owner’s office and installed all the lights. I am a hunter!!! I dont just hunt with a gun. I also use a bow. I trap, bird and bow fish. My whole family loves under armor products. The owner of under armor should really think about what he did by choosing not to sponsor her anymore. Just because a few thousand people dont agree with the way the animal was taken. Me personally i commend him for that it take some serious ball to take a bear in such away. So what i am getting to here is that 1. Kevin Plank should realize that the construction workers that do the work on his buildings like hunting and may not agree with his decision. Not say that anyone will sabotage anything. But may they will decide not to do the work. 2. Hunters boycotting his product can put a major damper on his business. Not only that the hunting community spends millions evey year on hunting apparel. And hopefully women hunter will drcide to buy there products from other companies.

    1. avatar Lizz says:

      Josh’ hunt was not ethically nor morally conducted. He baited the bear. He allowed the bear to suffer for many, many hours instead of tracking it down to end it’s suffering. How about he go into the kitchen, grab a butcher knife, stab himself in the side wait about 4 or 5 hours or longer then go to the ER for treatment. Then he’ll get a good idea of how the bear feels. He is a adrenaline junky. No reason to use a spear as a hunting tool/weapon. Stick to bows and guns. I don’t hunt but I’ll be buying this company’s products as will all of my hunter family and friends if they do not already buy it. I think the company did the right thing. So someone on this website commented the hunt was illegal. I’ll do a search to see if that is true.

  137. avatar Hugh Mannity says:

    I have started a petition and request you to sign as well as spread to as many as possible.

  138. avatar Gray says:

    The bear was hunted illegally in Alberta Canada. Alberta’s bear season doesnt start until September.

    They had no permits, So what he is, is a poacher and that is illegal here in Alberta. UA Dumped the name because they do not support poaching or any illegal activity

  139. avatar Dan says:

    Closets full of UA wont be buying anymoy

  140. avatar Denai says:

    UA, You made a fatal mistake with backing that petition and dismissing Sarah Bowmar.
    All over Mr. Bowmar using a traditional method of hunting?
    Did UA stop for any length of time to think about their actions or just contact their lawyers to see how fast they could dismiss Mrs. Bowmar?

  141. avatar Dave Knight says:

    Never bought any U A products and never will. But I will tell all my hunting friends about this B S and I’m sure all of them will drop this facist company and their anti hunting decisions rather quickly

  142. avatar Jordan Smith says:

    Under armour just lost my familys business.
    Boycott under armour

  143. avatar Lizz says:

    Did my research and in Canada, bear season does not start until Sept 1. They do have a spring season but Josh’s bear was not killed during that time frame. Bear season if you are using a bow is between August 25 through August 31. So how can his hunt be considered legal?


    1. avatar Mike says:

      He’s American. He doesn’t need to honour the rules and regulations of other countries. Come on…it’s just Canada…eh?

  144. avatar Mike says:

    He baited it in. As a hunter that’s slaughter, not hunting. I’m glad for UA’s decision. Officials went out to get the carcus didn’t use it for food. Listen to native Americans and respect the animal! Hope he pays a serious price. He went to far with a camera on the Spear. Really!!!

  145. avatar EB says:

    This made me proud to own a pair of UA shoes! Thanks for not supporting an unnecessary and primitive practice ❤

  146. avatar Rose Parker says:

    How about taking the link off the page to the petition against hunting!!! People are signing it thinking it is AGAINST UA, it is but it’s an ANTI HUNTING petition ! Or at least have your own petition that we as hunters can sign !

  147. avatar Martyn Mueller says:

    Well,Looks like you people step in it . Don’t think you be able to wash that out of your clothes. But don’t believe you’ll have to.Doesn’t look like you will be selling much and for sure not to me.

  148. avatar Ralph Cranston says:

    So If all of you stop buying UA’s products,then that might mean that their products might be able to be purchased for a lesser price,which I hope will happen then maybe I’ll be able to finally purchase some of their products.

  149. avatar Pat says:

    I was buying Under Armour for my grandson’s birthdays and every Christmas. NO MORE. You want to kiss up to the bunny huggers go right ahead.

  150. avatar Brent Stevenson says:

    Go to everyone’s website and/or Facebook page; ie, Cabelas, Sportsmans Guide, Natchez, etc. and ask them to drop Under Armour Products – Do the same directly to Under Armour.
    And actually if Under Armour does bring back the sponsorship, I say it’s to late!! They should have thought this out a little better!

  151. avatar CM says:

    I live in an area where hunting is extremely popular, and in some ways, a necessity. I will be informing everyone that I know, who wears, or is thinking of buying any under armour products about this. I can guarantee that they will take this very seriously, and dispose of everything under armour related.

    1. avatar Sexy Vegan says:

      Well, that is dumb. What a waste of money! I congratulate Under Armour on taking a stand, though I have to say it is rather lukewarm. Apparently they still support hunters , at least ethical ones. Isn’t that the same as being Two Faced to keep everyone satisfied so sales keep rolling in? “Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!” Under Armour, that way there is no GREY area.

  152. avatar John Oates says:

    Well Armour it was nice wearing your product, I won’t burn mine BUT I will not be buying anything from you in the Future. I am a Hunter, I own Guns, no spears but I hunt. I’m from Baltimore and was very proud of wha tyou did and what you accomplished but now I Have to go back to Nike and whatever. Thanks for the wonderful clothes but you should keep to you rCompany and leave Politics out of it. Good bye

  153. avatar Sexy Vegan says:

    Why stop there? Why not dump the entire hunting community? What is so great about hunting for sport? You are still killing an animal whether it is done ethically or not. Vegans do not buy their meat at the grocery store. They are much more civilized – the do not buy meat at all! Organic fruits and veggies are the way to go! Meat, sugar, GMO and gluten consumption is passe. Our planet needs to do better!

  154. avatar Gregory Adams says:

    Danielle Cavalli Daly is a animal rights activist that used to work for ABC/Disney. I say you go direct to Under Armor’s front door and demand it be reviewed as she is biased and possibly had communications with that group previously.

  155. avatar Jamie Moore says:

    I have bought several pieces of UA products. I thought that they were good products, but will completely reconsider UA products going forward. I will not be donating them as that would still be promoting your products. They will be disposed of properly, BURNT!!! I CANNOT believe that a company of your size would give in to a small group of idiots, that more than likely doesn’t even own ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS. UA you should also look at you upper management, as you decided not that long ago to also NOT SUPPORT the fishing industry. And look at how that worked out? Thank You, now we have HUK Products. I for one look forward to seeing your company in bankruptcy in the very near future. Unless the 4800 IDIOTS that got this started support your products.

    Just my thoughts,

    Have a NON PROFITABLE rest of 2016!!!

  156. avatar Mark says:

    How long before liberals tell UA to stop supporting the military bc soldiers hunt evil humans? Everyone gives in to the library’s these days. That’s going to be a big hit in the purse of UA on that day bc tons of service members blown tons of money on UA. I don’t care if they go out of business. Their product is stupidly overpriced and is made famous bc of hunters. I don’t hunt but a lot of my family does. I don’t support the killing of bears but I definitely don’t support a company taking political sides. That’s why I don’t buy coke anymore, or shop at target. UA better pull their heads out of their butts.

  157. avatar Gabe says:

    I think he’s King Douche for spearing a bear essentially for the “lulz” but I dislike whiny hipster Hillary-voting bathroom gender confused SJWs more and companies that placate them more. The fact that Under Armour discontinued the undershirts I liked from them only serves to make it easier to drop the brand.

  158. avatar Evan Spicer says:

    So done with any UA products. Also going to make sure everyone I know understand how fast they are willing to throw one of there sponsors under the bus along with the whole hunting community and strongly suggest they stop not only buying UA products but also stop wearing them as well. No more free advertising.

  159. avatar Richard says:

    Since when did hunting become a fashion statement? Never bought their crap anyway! But here’s the deal, only support dedicated sports enthusiast companies, UA obviously could care less about the majority, just the status quo minority that typically doesn’t buy their crap either!

  160. avatar Daniel says:

    This is unbelievable! America has gone way too soft! You can’t do anything anymore without someone getting offended!
    Click Here!

  161. avatar Nathan Pinnock says:

    I say that we give under armor the “fainting goat” award for buckling so quickly under the brainless ranting of a stupid politically correct lady and her group of milktoast whiners. For all of the people who were previous fans of under armor clothing, this is not quite the strong image we want a brand to have that says that they support all the sports and “strength”. They stand for whimpiness now. Let’s see if we can talk “Trixin” brand or another great brand into filling the hole under armor has left

  162. avatar NEVER ENOUGH OUTFITTERS says:

    My husband has a ton of your gear in his wishlist he ownes Never Enough Outfitters in Florida and based on your decision to back liberals as opposed to supporting the people that support you is a statement that we do not matter… we will be looking elsewhere for our gear and no longer recomending your product to our customers. God Bless and Good Luck

    1. avatar Karen Hicks says:

      I think we should pressure them to rethink their decision and make it known…also their gear is primarily for hunters…how dumb is it to not support a hunter, you sure take the money from them. I say all those stores who carry UA should be told that you will not purchase UA because they do not support hunters.

  163. avatar Chris Brown says:

    Avid hunter, and have thousands in Under Armor apparel. I’m done with you Under Armor. Not just with your camo, your fishing clothing, casual clothing and our company polo shirts as well. Hunting is hunting, spear, knife, gun, bow, rock, stick, trap or snare. We can and will harvest animals as we choose within the state laws as has been done since the begining of mankind.

  164. avatar Shane says:

    I am an avid hunter. I wear under armor everything or should I say “use to wear under armor.” No more. Time to lose all of my UA gear and start over.

  165. avatar Rick says:

    So, shese anti hunter folks say using a firearm is not sporting. So, going back to primitive tools like using a spear at close range is wrong as well? I can not believe the utter stupidity of Under Armor. Guess what… my little league teams are wearing NIKE gear now. My football teams are wearing NIKE now. If a player can not afford NIKE, we will subsidize it.

  166. avatar Kelly Liddell says:

    Hmmm guess UA should ban Muslims…. Ever watch how they “harvest” their animals for halal??

  167. avatar Denise Smith says:

    I’m a SASS competition shooter and I used Under Armour for my winter clothing to keep warm at the range, we have over 100,000 members (shooters), I will be posting this on our forum to let our shooters know to boycott Under Armour. What’s amazing is that Under Armour is willing to cut the hand off that feeds them to the people who started this petition, whiny social justice warriors that doesn’t even WEAR YOUR CLOTHING…. just WOW…Bad call all the way …..

  168. avatar Daniel says:

    I have no problem with hunters or hunting and I do understand the contribution that hunters makes to conservation and the preservation of wildlife habitats, etc. This however was not a ‘hunt’. He lured the bear in with bait, hid behind a tree and speared the bear with spear that had a GoPro camera on it. Once he speared the bear.. he prances around for the camera, ignoring the bear, celebrating his ‘kill’ like a child that won a prize rather than someone who just took a life. In order to live something must die. I get that. It’s part of the ‘circle of life’ and its a sacred, or should be a sacred event. This was a trophy killing that was more about him, his need to be seen, and his need to show as many people he could by posting a youtube video of the event. Not only that.. the GoPro camera on the spear? Gruesome. What in God’s name is the need for that? That’s not about hunting, it’s about attention. How many times do you need to rewatch the snuffing out of life? He disrespects hunters and the beautiful life that he took purely for self pleasure and attention. Kahlil Gibran, in his book The Prophet, says it best and I’d recommend it to all of us who have taken the life of sacred animal so that we might live: “But since you must kill to eat, and rob the newly born of its mother’s milk to quench your thirst, let it then be an act of worship. And let your board stand an altar on which the pure and the innocent of forest and plain are sacrificed for that which is purer and still more innocent in man. When you kill a beast say to him in your heart,”By the same power that slays you, I too am slain; and I too shall be consumed. For the law that delivered you into my hand shall deliver me into a mightier hand. Your blood and my blood is naught but the sap that feeds the tree of heaven.” This was not an act of worship.. it was an act of ego and self gratification. http://www.katsandogz.com/oneating.html

  169. avatar Justin Gelband says:


    Kelsey Brickl goes by Kelsey Maurine (Robertson) on Facebook

  170. avatar Chris says:

    I’m not a hunter and yet I still find myself appalled that a company would turn its back on its bread and butter over a social extremist push. Pathetic and weak. I said I’m not a hunter, but I do fish. And I am definately sharing this with my fishing friends who frequent Bass Pro and Cabelas buying base layers for the fall and winter season. Great products from other companies too.

  171. avatar John La Voie says:

    It’s a shame that UA caved so easily to such a small minority. Granted, in the grand scheme of things, the hunting community in the US is the largest lobby in the country, accoridng to the Fish & Wildlife Service National Hunting License Report there were ONLY 35,850,931 licenses issued in 2015 (http://wsfrprograms.fws.gov/…/HuntingLicCertHistory2004…). That leaves UA corporate HQs ASSUMING that those 4,000 people that signed the petition being a better representation of the demographics of people in the US that buy out-door gear and equipment. Sounds like a perfectly logically decision on their part. Scratch another one off the list – time to replace everything I have from UA, good thing it is only a couple of thousdand worth of gear and clothing.

  172. avatar Drew says:

    My favorite hoodie and favorite hunting gloves are from UA, they now have been destroyed!!

    Will not be buying any thing else from this company again!!

  173. avatar Scott Ellett says:

    i will no longer support under armor apparel of any kind. To cave into the anti’s, because they did no research into the laws before jumping the gun, is just a poor business decision. I will no longer wear anything that supports that brand, which means fishing, hunting and all athletic wear. There are many other brands to choose from, and they will not even get a second look. DONE WITH UNDER ARMOR.

  174. avatar Bea says:

    I am not a hunter and would never kill an animal for any reason. I have been Vegetarian since the age of 13 because eating dead animals is so bad for your health not to mention the environment but I am going to buy some clothes from Under Armour and ask my animal rights groups to do the same. What that guy did was totally cruel and not ethical in the least. If you think otherwise you have the mentality of a neanderthal. I prefer hunting for food to mass production of animals for slaughter but this is too much for anyone with a heart to see.

    1. avatar Richard Dahl says:

      Bea. I am a member of P.E.T.A. But not the one you are thinking of. My group is “People Eating Tasty Animals”. You, are a retard. We Native Americans have been using spear as well as bow and arrow to hunt for millennia. It is both moral and ethical. If you think otherwise, you aren’t even up to the mentality of a neanderthal. More like a rock.

  175. avatar Immanol Fitzherbert says:

    It takes a special kind of neanderthalic untermenschen to kill animals for sport. You are all what is wrong with humanity.

  176. avatar Earl K. Mallory says:

    Each item of Under Armor clothing that I has now been destroyed.

  177. avatar rob shan says:

    well under armor you just lost me needed new clothes this year for my grandson and myself will only buy browning hells canyon thanks for making it easy for me

  178. avatar Dick Goezinya says:

    Why does anyone give a fuck about who under armor endorses? I kill 3 deer a year and a freezer full of fish. If UA doesn’t want to endorse someone for whatever reason, I don’t give a fuck – you can still have your own opinion in America. If UA has the best product for the best price, I buy it. Quit whining

  179. avatar Darby says:

    If you’d like to let Under Armour know how you feel, here’s an address for that: [email protected]

  180. avatar Scogman27 says:

    Bye bye UA, not only myself, but the other 5 ppl in my family! You’ll never get another penny out of us!

  181. avatar Todd Smith says:

    Listen, I understand that UA is probably to top selling sports market ( besides Nike). Everyone loves the clothes and decks their kids out in UA. I was one of those. But my argument is, that you are a well known outdoors company. Clothes, boots, hats. Everyone was buying UA hunting clothes and appereal. So, you either need to stand up for the people making your company as popular as it has become, or take your UA hunting appereal out stores. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. That’s just common sense. UA should be a shame.

  182. avatar Chris says:

    He lured the bear with a barrel of bait, which is wrong, illegal, and immoral by todays standards in MOST places. I was watching North Woods Law on tv the other day, and a man was fined and his bear meat confiscated by Maine Conservation Dept., for baiting and harvesting a bear the same way this guy baited his. Also, spearing a bear is an innacurate hunting method that does not have good odds of a proper shot placement, meaning its a good way to injure an animal without killing it. And to have a camera attached to the spear? We talk about how spear hunting is going back to our roots, yet we stick cameras all over everything and post it online? If were going to use technology, lets use it properly. I love to hunt, but I was raised to respect the land, take from it only what I need and fairly.

  183. avatar Gene says:

    No. The amount of animals in the natural world are limited. Unless all the idiot hunters have bear farms where they are replenishing the population it’s just a blood lust.

    The adrenaline flow of killing a living thing.

    They can’t move past it.

    Hunters are the low level of evolution.

    Go sky diving.

    Juggle chainsaws.

    Killing animals to feed your family?

    Those animals belong to everyone.

    It was legal? Oh you paid some other humans to kill a bear?

    Hey hunters on average you’re all just in need of hugs from your parents who didn’t give you enough attention.

    I bet you they are Trump supporters too.

    This planet is in so much trouble.

    But Karma is a bitch.

  184. avatar Kari M Kinzle says:

    I see a petition to bring her back to UA – that’s fine, but they don’t deserve her (ofc I signed it anyway) – however, I agree that we also need one going out to Gander, Bass Pro, Cabellas, Canadian tire and other outdoor retailers to remove their product as they don’t “condone” this type of sportsmanship – apparently they wanted it done illegally? Maybe UA will sponsor Rebecca Francis………….o.O

  185. avatar KANON says:

    PnumaOutdoors (dot) com Check it out! Half the price of Sitka, but twice the quality with a Lifetime Guarantee. I’ve had the personal privilege of being apart of this awesome new brand.

  186. avatar Larry says:

    Just posted this on Under Amour’s FB Hunt page…..

    I will no longer purchase any Under Armour product since they caved to the pressure from the anti-hunting masses. This animal suffered no more than one that was shot with a high ballistic caliber rifle or pistol, or and arrow from a bow. There are soooo many other brands that are of the same caliber or better that is being sold on the market for hunters and sportsman alike. Until Under Armour changes their policy of trying to take hunters money but talk down the way we LEGALLY hunt… I won’t spend another penny on their product.

  187. avatar Kyle says:

    Spear hunting is what humans were anatomically designed to do. We are the only ape capable of an overhand throw, evolved because our more primitive ancestors discovered that throwing a pointy stick is quite an effective way to hunt animals. That said, spear hunting IMO should only be done if the person is skilled, i.e., they can hit the animal precisely so that it is a clean kill, not some yokel with a spear who just throws it and hits the animal haphazardly. The spear hunter should also know where to hit the animal and make sure they have an appropriate spear for doing so.

    1. avatar Lying Bastard says:

      Er, you mean like in every other form of hunting?

  188. avatar William A. Yarbrough says:

    Videos will eventually lead to the end of hunting.

  189. avatar edward says:

    Too much co.petition for this….bye ua…you are a loser in my book…good luck with this. Survival is and has always been our goal…

  190. avatar Michael hawk says:

    I will no longer EVER EVER have anything UA brand in it. I as of right now will be getting rid of hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of hunting gear. They want to drop fellow hunters for being traditional. They wanna back up the tree humpers that’s fine. I’m done with them. My UA equipment and gear will be ashes by morning. Glad I haven’t signed with them yet. And I NEVER WILL

  191. avatar HB says:

    This is not the stone age anymore. Humans need to be more humane with hunting. Props to you Under Armour. I will be wearing your appreal with pride knowing your looking out for the humane treatment of hunting kills.

  192. avatar chris r says:

    funny how this article is clearly written by some gun hugging killer, hence their obvious bias. The fact that it’s on a site called, “the truth about guns” tells me the site managers believe there must be so many lies about guns??? I don’t have a gripe with hunters in general, hunt it, kill it (or harvest it as some losers call it) and eat it, I get it, I’ve hunted… but the couple in question did so in my opinion without ethics as the author somehow tries to convince us, and that’s the problem. It’s not simply him and his partner out hunting, they duck taped a camera on the spear, and then once dead, jumped up and down like a schoolgirl.. there in lies the “ethical” dilemma, in my opinion. One would think he simply is thankful that he has a fridge full of meat, something tells me he has a new carpet and that’s why he should have been dumped.

  193. avatar zara kaufmann says:

    Well done !! Nothing wrong with hunting, but do it with respect and don’t inflict unnecessary harm to your prey.

  194. avatar sophia says:

    Despicable, mentally retarded, moronic god damn fucking hunters. There is no reason to take a life that is not your own. EgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgooEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgoEgo

    Go take your own. Do good in the world. Brutally spear yourselves to death, suffer agonizing pain and terror. Better yet, let’s use you for animal experimentation. EVEN ANIMALS DON’T TAKE LIVES WHEN IT IS UNWARRANTED. So that makes you less than the animals, all of them.

    Eat shit and die fuckers.

  195. avatar tcinla says:

    Too bad we don’t kill all you worthless scum. Slowly, while you scream to your fundamentalist god like the piggies you are.

  196. avatar Dave T says:

    Hunt all you want, Just do it in your own country.
    What nothing left because you killed it all? Well too bad, big tough guy killed a black bear with a spear, I have seen an eighty year old great grandmother chase one off with an umbrella. They are just pests, kick it up a notch and try that stunt in Alaska with a Grizzly slightly different outcome,perhaps?
    You are not welcome in Canada, despite whatever laws there are we can barely tolerate you as it is, you can tell this is actually written by a Canadian as I can spell and I am familiar with grammar, now go vote for Trump and whine when the “populist” Billionaire loses, keep your guns loaded as you are all a pack of cowards afraid of each other, yes I lived six years in your pathetic country. Home of the brave , my ass.

    1. avatar The Original JohnO says:

      Know grammar and spelling? Not evident in your rant. Also, you may want to work on punctuation and capitalization.

  197. avatar Nikki says:

    Is the author bias much? This article is beyond contradicting. You call people who created the petition “pitchfork mafia” and speak of “anti-hunting radicals,” yet here is your kind creating videos of burning products. At least the “anti-hunting radicals” took forth a peaceful protest. Under Armor clearly stated they do not condone the method in which he killed the bear, they never said they do not support hunting. In fact, they said the exact opposite. How about you all read and process the facts instead of reading a radical headline and forming someone else opinion.

  198. avatar Ian says:

    meh… gear is gear – if you want to sell your stuff because some candy ass dickwad made a corporate marketing decision that you don’t agree with – I am all for it – it makes it cheaper for me…
    The sad problem is that all this shit is made in China wand whether it is branded UA or some other brand, it is still coming out of sweat shops that are destroying the USA economy…

    If you are really concerned about preserving your rights and way of life – BUY STUFF THAT IS MADE IN THE U.S. of A…. otherwise one day we will all wake up and there will be no US…

  199. avatar Jefferson Voltaire says:

    I don’t give a dam about UA one way or the other, never been a company who’s products I’ve used or wanted to. But in regards to throwing a hissy fit about there position on the bear killing, they have a right to their opinion and honestly, I support it. For the record, I am a die hard 2nd amendment supporter and hunter. Why this fool felt the need to kill, not hunt, kill, a bear with a spear, I can’t imagine. I’m sure it was for the “look at me” bragging rights. It is totally inhumane. Legal? I guess so. Moral? Not even close. Hunting over bait, spearing an animal in gut while it’s eating… that is a hard way to go down. Just the fact that he took so much trouble to videotape the whole thing shows you why he was there. Nothing to do with sport at all. I wouldn’t want to be associated with him either.

  200. avatar Joe Mitchell says:

    “The bear was taken legally, ethically and morally”

    Is that a joke? There’s no right way to do something wrong.

    1. avatar Ted says:

      Joe: we get it, you are opposed to ALL hunting. That has ALWAYS what this has been about, not the method of this hunt but a bunch of people like yourself, who eat meat from animals killed in factories, but somehow thing that hunting is bad.

      1. avatar Joe Mitchell says:

        I don’t eat any animals, because there is no right way to do something wrong.

  201. avatar Jersey jim says:

    Since UA caved to these 4800 people and won’t support legal hunting I won’t be supporting them anymore. Also any businesses that sell it will be hearing my complaint and if possible will shop at places that respect the tradition. As far as wounded Warrior goes check out Nine Line if you want to support our wounded troops. We can’t let these AH’s think they can keep doing this with no repercussions.

  202. avatar Angelo says:

    I will never buy there stuff again.
    Stand together hunters, we spend a lot of money.
    More than the people that buy yoga pants.

  203. avatar meateater1 says:

    The first reason we should boycott UA is that they’ve shown that they didn’t actually care for hunters or hunting beyond the profit it represented. The second reason is that they’ve given power to weak-minded socialist helpers who would also see your Second Amendment rights disappear. If we don’t hold the line on the little things there eventually won’t be a line left to hold onto the big things.

    Personally I can’t relate to people who do sensationalist things purely for the attention of it. That said, just because I see it one way doesn’t mean that’s the right way for you. Case in point, I had been hunting hard for several days with no luck when I asked my guide, a local First Nations’ person, where they hid all the moose. He pointed up the road and told me he had shot one there just a few weeks before, from the cab of his truck. “That’s not very sporting.” I replied. To which he asked me, “When you go to the grocery store, do you go to the one closest to your home or furthest?” That’s when I realized that hunting is a personal thing and all of my personal rules about sportsmanship were exactly that, personal. After that I quit feeling morally superior to my friends who shoot prairie dogs by the dozens or bait bears.

  204. Dear under armour,
    I am a aved Hunter from a wheelchair and would love to have you support the2 hunts I’m in and the one is a cross bow hunt and the other is a rifle hunt!!!

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