A Quick Note on TTAG’s Copyrighted Materials Usage Policy


Last night I got into it with some photographers over the use of copyrighted materials on this website. I made the claim that we used their images legally under the “fair use” provision of U.S. Copyright law, a claim that was based on my misunderstanding of the laws involved. I now acknowledge that we were wrong in using their images without their permission and the images in question have been removed. So, if you’ll give me a minute, I wanted to discuss our policy on the use of copyrighted materials and the process for rights holders to get their wrongfully posted material taken down . . .

This site is written by a number of different contributors who all have the ability to create and publish content without any direct intervention from me (the editor) or anyone else. This makes it a lot easier to post content faster and get you guys updates on what is going on, but it also means that each writer is responsible for getting and publishing their content.

Some of the writers (even I am guilty of this) have appropriated content from other places without permission and publishing it on this site, something they did not for malicious reasons but simply because they didn’t understand the way the law works. It’s a problem that we will try to fix going forward by educating the writers on the basics of copyright law and by streamlining the “takedown” process for those whose content has appeared on the site without their permission.

If you see something posted on this site without permission that you created, send an email to thetruthaboutguns@gmail.com and include the following items:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A brief paragraph about what happened and why you are writing
  • A link to the offending content on our website
  • Some proof that you are the original content creator (a link to the source or your own website is perfect)

Anyone who provides us with this information will have their content pulled from our systems within 48 hours. We screwed up. We’re fixing it. We’re sorry. Now on with the news . . .