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My fingers froze almost numb. I watched a factory rep stand too close to a propane heater and start to melt his jacket. Farago borrowed my fleece hat to keep his noggin warm and still had to be medevac’d back to the hotel with hypothermia. And the free bottled water was all frozen solid . . .

Image: Chris Dumm

But we still nailed it, I think.

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  1. Perhaps hell has frozen over?

    And whatever happened to global warming? Unprecedented cold does not equate to warming.

    • Yep. You lose at least 75% of your body heat while outdoors, standing up and dry, from your shoulder blades on up. That’s standard survival training, BTW.

      Add in evaporation off your skin in the dry wind of Nevada and you’re going to get mighty cool, right quick.

  2. Why the heck is Farago getting cold. He lives in the northeast, ffs.

    The frozen bottled water is pretty funny, though.

    • Because easterners don’t know much about living and working in the high deserts of the western US. They think “Oh, a desert is just where it doesn’t rain.”

      Yes, that’s true. It’s also a very small part of the overall issue. Things get much colder when you factor in evaporation and wind.

      Here’s a great example:

      When I’d be out scouting for hunting in late August in central NV, I never had to carry ice or a cooler for my water. All I’d do is wrap some burlap around an old gallon glass wine jug, wet down the burlap and leave it sit on the pickup tailgate in the breeze. Presto: nice, cold water on a 95F degree day. Betcha can’t do that on the east coast – anywhere on the east coast.

      • I have walked on the Ohio river when it froze. The coldest I’ve been where i had an accurate reading of the temperature was 60 below zero.

        But on that rare occasion when I go to San Francisco i usually freeze my ass off. Go figure. And that desert in Nevada. I’ve been there. An alien place that isn’t meant for humans.

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