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Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, TX. A salesman by day, he is an avid motorcyclist and aspiring chef out of the office.

More On Teaching New Shooters


Sara’s post about instructing women could not have been more timely as I’d returned home the day prior from teaching a woman how to shoot. I read through it, and like most things in life, found a couple points I liked, and some stuff I didn’t really agree with. But then I watched with a sort of morbid fascination as the comments section turned on Sara for her views that women don’t learn as fast and aren’t as rugged in their emotional hardiness. Or something. With all due respect, I’d like to offer an addendum to her post . . .

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Gear Review: Mag-Pod


Have you ever tried to use the magazine of your AR 15 as a monopod? If you have, you know that it doesn’t do a very good job of supporting your rifle. It’ll work in a pinch, but there’s some lateral movement, and generally speaking, there’s usually a better and more stable way to shoot your rifle. But if you’re hellbent on using your magazine as a shooting aid, Mag-Pod has a solution for those who seek near-monopod stability from their magazines . . .

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Pecos Run n Gun: The Eagles Have Landed


Several hundred miles, one Red Bull, thirty two gallons of gas, and fourteen bags of ice later, your intrepid shooters have finally arrived in Pecos, Texas for the 2015 Pecos Run ‘n Gun. We elected to get a hotel for the first night so we could sleep in a soft bed and take a hot shower before spending the next three days camped out in the desert. The trip here has been relatively low key, though we have already had a couple hiccups . . .

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Preview: Pecos Run n Gun

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I drove the nearly six hours to Pecos, Texas, ran power walked seven miles, shot some stuff, and got stranded in the desert. Regular readers will remember that last year’s event was a cluster of medium-sized proportions. Everyone got out with their lives, and most people had fun doing it, but it was the first year that they cancelled the main event. And now, I’m headed back . . .

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Gear Review: Bravo Concealment ACER DG2 Holster


I’ve spent the last three years carrying a couple of different sized pistols in a variety of places on my body. I’ve finally settled on a full-size M&P 9 and the appendix carry position, but holster selection has been hit or miss. The fine folks at Bravo Concealment reached out and asked if I’d like to try out one of their offerings, and because – like all gun owners – I always wonder if the ballistic grass is greener over there, somewhere. I enthusiastically said yes . . .

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Gear Review: TacShield Tactical Rigger Belt


Here’s the thing about a belt. You don’t really need one if your pants fit well and you don’t tuck your shirt in. But if you carry a handgun (nearly) every day, you need a good belt. And good belts are sometimes a touch expensive. The fine folks at TacShield don’t think a gun belt should break the bank, and have created the Tactical Rigger Belt as an affordable answer to your needs . . .

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Gun Review: Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

Ruger’s new Precision Rifle created quite the buzz when it was announced. As a tech guy by day, I shudder every time I hear phrases like “paradigm shift”, but to look at Ruger’s newest rifle, you’d be hard pressed to find a different phrase to describe what they’ve done. On paper, you have a very modular platform chambered in three very competent, long range, short action cases that makes great use of an already thriving aftermarket for the AR-15. The RPR, no matter the flavor, is adjustable, modular, and functional. And let’s not dance around the subject…it’s affordable, too. So when I got the nod to have one shipped to me, I knew I was either going to be very happy or very disappointed . . .

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Gear Review: Counter Strike Coffees


By Wes D. AKA Tex300BLK

Jon Wayne Taylor’s Cabot article struck a particular chord with me when he said, “I’ve killed a lot of men, but never with a coffee cup in my hand.” I’ve never met Jon, but I am fairly confident that while I’ve never killed a man, the probability of it happening diminishes significantly with a hot cup of coffee in my mitts. As a combat veteran-owned company, Counter Strike Coffee understands the business of killing men and the importance of good coffee . . .

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Gear Review: AMSEC Gravity Spinning Bullseye


Years ago, Nick bought me a 10″ x 10″ steel target as a thank-you for introducing him to Texas. It was a big moment in my shooting life as I’d never actually shot at steel targets before. I was floored. Before I found out about the joys of steel, I’d bore holes in paper targets for hours with little or no feedback. In a post steel world, I got an immediate report on whether and where I’d hit or missed. After a dozen or so rounds, though, my feedback was reduced to binary hit or miss due to paint flecking off the steel. AMSEC’s Gravity Spinning Bullseye target changed my usage of steel in a major and very positive way . . .

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Gear Review: KCT Kydex MOLLE-Link Holster


I’m a big Kydex holster fan. Yes, I’ve used some great leather holsters and I’ll concede that for EDC, leather is the most comfortable. But for range days, hiking around, and general “beat it up” duty, Kydex is king. In my preparation for Run n Gun this year, and my a great stroke of luck at a competition prize table, I picked up a TYR Tactical Sniper Harness. It uses MOLLE webbing as the attachment platform along the belt. Fine for things like mag pouches and various other items, but I’ve never found a MOLLE compatible holster that I liked until now . . .

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