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Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, TX. A salesman by day, he is an avid motorcyclist and aspiring chef out of the office.

Gun Review: Benelli Super Black Eagle II


I’m not a wealthy man, but I have a weakness for expensive firearms. Especially the kind of guns that our Armed Intelligentsia insist aren’t worth the premium. So let’s get this out of the way. The review gun is a 28″ barrel Benelli Super Black Eagle II in Realtree Max 5 Camo. It comes complete with a sturdy case that holds everything you need in perfect safety and comfort. Chokes? You’ve got five. Barrels? Crio System treated for accuracy and longevity. All yours for . . .

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Factory Tour: Accurate Ordnance


Recently, Nick and I went to northern Georgia to hang out with a mutual friend for the weekend. Said friend had some guns to show us and Nick and I rarely need much of an excuse to go shoot stuff. But our buddy got waylaid by delayed flights and various other engagements, so we found ourselves with a few hours to burn in the Atlanta area. After visiting Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles, we texted our buddy Richard King for some advice on gun stuff we should see while we waited around . . .

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Hunting: The Morning After Thanksgiving


Back in December, I regaled you with the story of getting busted by a doe and watching as one of the best whitetail bucks I’d ever seen ran off at full tilt. Looking back through the archives, I realized that I’d never gotten around to telling the story of the morning after that hunt. Still unsuccessful, but just as fulfilling for a whole different set of reasons.

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On Hunting…The Killing Part


Any time I need a creative way to cook a creature from the wild, I turn to Hank Shaw’s website honest-food.net for inspiration. He’s a hell of a chef and an excellent photographer, but believe it or not, he’s an even better writer. Reading through some of his recipes, you can tell that the entirety of his soul is wrapped up in hunting, foraging, cooking, and enjoying nature. As I poked around his website the other day looking for some inspiration, I found two articles he’d written that absolutely floored me. One from 2011 titled “On Killing” and one from 2013 called “The Hunter’s Paradox: Loving What You Kill.” Before you read any further, follow those links and go read both. Take your time. My incoherent ramblings will still be here . . .

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A Texan Considers Open Carry

Supporters Of Michigan Open Carry Law Hold March And Rally

Texas has itself in a bit of a pickle. Here we are with a reputation as a “free state” where everything’s bigger, the cattle graze on endless plains, and the jobs are plentiful. I still remember telling Farago about the process I went through to acquire my CHL and him replying, “I thought you lived in Texas.” Ya see pardner, it’s a big open secret that our processes and procedures for legally carrying a handgun are a bit onerous. First, there’s the training and testing. Then the money. And finally . . .

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Hunter’s Recipe: Wild Duck Pastrami


I went on a duck hunt for the first time back in December and got hopelessly, completely, thoroughly addicted to it. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it, and you’re looking for a new gun-related hole to throw money into, I highly recommend it. Like any outdoor endeavor, if you’re a good shot, you might actually harvest some game. And on the chance that you do, careful preparation of your kill is of supreme importance. Several people told me that wild duck wasn’t worth the effort. They were so wrong. So so wrong . . .

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Gear Review: K Rounds OWB Holster


A few days back, Dan asked how many holsters we have. Our man DZ reckons he’s got about 30 or so, and looking through my drawers, I’m certain I’m gaining ground on him. Most of that can be chalked up to my position at TTAG as the de facto holster tester. I’ve got buckets o’ holsters from all over, but occasionally, I need one for a specific gun, and for a specific purpose. After much heartbreak, frustration, and anger, I’ve realized that when I need an OWB holster, no matter the gun, I turn to K Rounds . . .

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A Message to Gun Owners: Be An Ambassador

If you’ve been checking in on TTAG over the last few days, you know that I spent last weekend at the Bushnell Brawl. It was my first precision rifle match, and I had an absolute blast doing it, though I think the time and financial commitments to be successful will keep me from doing it seriously. My first exposure to the community at large was Thursday night at the shooter prep meeting. I stood in this huge barn surrounded by 119 white men, 1 African American guy, 1 guy who was a quasi Pacific Islander, and a sum total of 8 women, 3 competing and 5 there to support their partners. Looking around the room . . .

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Competition Recap: Bushnell Brawl 2015


The 2015 Bushnell Brawl has come to an end, and with it, my anxiety about my first “big” shooting match. The Brawl, for those who aren’t familiar, is a multi-stage rifle and pistol match held over two days in Kingsville, Texas. Kingsville is home to Rifles Only, a premier training facility catering to civilian, military, and LEO shooters. There’s a lot more I’d like to say about Rifles Only, but I think that’s best for a separate article once I’ve had the opportunity to spend some more time out there. Suffice it to say, it’s a top notch facility run by an excellent group of individuals. And they put on on hell of a competition. Stage 1 started bright and early shortly after 8:00 AM. But first…checking zero. And my first problem of the day . . .

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Competition Update: Bushnell Brawl – Day 2


The second and final day of the Bushnell Brawl is over and I’m in a truck headed northbound on I-35 back to a hot shower and a soft bed. Today was a much more sedate pace than yesterday’s frantic 8:00a – 5:00p grinder. We started bright and early at 8:00 with a briefing to let us know that we were going to be wrapping up shooting by 2:00 PM . . .

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Wheels Down: Bushnell Brawl

photo (4)

Our group just returned from the shooter’s briefing out at Rifles Only, followed by a grocery store trip, followed by a stop for feeding. We’re now back in the hotel room, readying our gear and going through the course of fire documents to start building dope cards. And oh boy what a course of fire . . .

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