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Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, TX. A salesman by day, he is an avid motorcyclist and aspiring chef out of the office.

Gear Review: Karsten Kydex Adjustable Cheek Pieces


Anybody who has read a rifle review that I’ve written has probably noticed that I complain about stock comb height quite a bit. For some unknown reason, rifle manufacturers seem perfectly content to ship bolt action rifles with stock comb heights that are perfect for iron sights, but far too low to use with optics. This problem is especially frustrating on rifles that ship without irons, were they are clearly destined to wear glass. Replacement stocks can be expensive, time consuming, and labor intensive. But if your only fitment issue with your rifle is comb height, there’s another (cheaper) way to fix the problem thanks to Karsten Kydex . . .

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Silencers are Neighborly


When I need to do some shooting (and boy do I), I have two options. I can head forty five minutes north to Best of the West or two hours to the west to my family ranch. Best of the West is certainly nice, and for times when I have just one thing that needs testing, I’ll head that way. But I do my best thinking behind the windshield, I have a boss who is supportive of me taking a random Wednesday off, and my parents are working on trying out retirement. More often than not, a trip to the ranch seems to be winning the tossup. Long story short, I’ve been shooting a lot more over the last eight months, and a lot of that lead has been hitting a berm I didn’t have to pay an hourly rate for. But that shooting isn’t without a price . . .

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Gear Review: Target Factory Complete Target Frame


Here when I thought I was just the holsters and hand guards testing guy, our editorial staff throws me for a loop. I’m now responsible for targets as well, and today’s entry is the Target Factory Complete Target Frame. The CTF is the A-frame you see above and includes six of the small plastic bottles seen hanging below. The Target Factory folks were nice enough to send along some of their large bowling pins along with an extra six pack of small bottles. I had to supply my own clays. Frustration and destruction soon followed the unboxing . . .

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Gear Review: Odin Works 16.1″ Intermediate Barrel


Last year I tested out a KeyMod hand guard from ODIN Works that I really enjoyed. While perusing their website, I noticed that ODIN sells barrels of their own creation as well. I filed that away in the memory bank until I was sitting around discussing barrels with some fellow writers at an event. One of the them raved about how good his ODIN barrel was. That stepped up my interest to “intrigued”. . .

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Testing: A New Standard for Handgun Testing

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.19.22 PM

Creating objective reviews of handguns is harder than I thought it would be. I feel I’ve done my level best to standardize testing, but at some point, a sandbag accuracy test doesn’t tell the whole story of how a gun runs. The starkest  example I can think of is the SD9VE I tested in late 2012. That gun could be made accurate off a bag, but start to speed up and group sizes got big quickly thanks to the craptastic trigger the gun ships with. I knew I needed a standard that covered a variety of shooting situations to convey a coherent review…

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Gun Review: Chiappa X-Caliber


When the X-Caliber arrived, I was excited about shooting something so bizarre and definitively ugly. I compared the X-Caliber to the weird kid in class: the one who’s fun to hang out with but tanks your popularity. I found the opposite to be true. Everywhere I took the X-Caliber, people wanted to shoot it. With each shot, I wanted to hang out with it less and less…

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Gear Review: Liberal Penetrator Solvent & Liberal Tears Gun Oil


As any astute reader of TTAG knows, the issue of gun rights issue tends to be a black and white one. Republicans = good on guns. Democrats = bad on guns. Every conservative everywhere agrees that everyone, everywhere should have guns. And those stinky, no good, liberal hippies won’t be satisfied until we’re all disarmed so every gay pot farmer can marry their box turtle. As such, any victory for the gun rights side results in a copious river of tears that God fearing conservatives can use to lubricate their firearms. Luckily, some enterprising Americans went to the trouble of bottling all those liberal tears for your lubrication pleasure . . .

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Gear Review: Tactical Shit ‘Bang Switch’ Trigger


There are many connections that a human being has to their rifle. Barring the emotional and psychological to focus strictly on the physical connections, there’s the support hand, the shoulder, the cheek, and the strong hand which houses the most important part, the trigger finger. Yes indeed, I reckon that the trigger is the lifeline to the rifle, and a bad one can ruin your day along with your accuracy. Luckily for us gun guys and gals, the aftermarket world is filled with companies willing to give you a premier experience as long as you’re willing to part with some of your hard earned dollars. For $200 + S&H, Tactical Shit will happily send you their Bang Switch Trigger to cure what ails you . . .

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Gear Review: BCM Forend Grips


For years, I fought the urge to put a foregrip of any type on my AR. I’d only seen vertical grips on the guns of dudes with beards who killed terrorists daily and mall ninjas who wanted to emulate bearded dudes who killed terrorists daily. But then, while nobody was looking, I tried one out. And sure enough, once properly positioned, I found myself with better control over my gun. The fine folks at Bravo Company Manufacturing were nice enough to send over a grab bag of grips for me to try out to see which one tickled me most . . .

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Gun Review: Springfield Armory XD(m) 4.5


In a market dominated by tiny handguns, there’s a certain bravado that comes with not only owning, but carrying a pistol that weighs over two pounds loaded, and packs twenty rounds at the ready. It takes some getting used to at first. You stare at your friends salivating over the GLOCK 43 and ask why they’d want to carry a third(ish) the ammo you do. They stare back, hollow eyed.  You grow even more concerned with their desire to try to get a good grip with but a few fingers when they could easily maintain a two-handed kung fu grip with the gun you carry. It’s a weird world out there once you start carrying the XD(m) 4.5 chambered in 9mm…Read More


Gear Review: Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR 3.5-21X – 50mm


A wise man once told me that I’d be best served by spending my hard earned shekels buying an expensive optic and putting it on a cheap gun versus buying a cheap optic and putting it on an expensive firearm. I’ve certainly been burned before slapping cheap glass on good guns. But good glass, not just the optics, but also the functionality of the package as a whole, can mean laying out a big chunk of change. The Bushnell DMR 3.5-21 x 50mm is admittedly an expensive scope, but it sure seems worth it when you’re looking downrange . . .

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