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Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, TX. A salesman by day, he is an avid motorcyclist and aspiring chef out of the office.

When Crazy Speaks Violence

The other evening, the idiot box aired a program about Maksim Gelman, also known as Mad Maks or the Butcher of Brighton Beach. Gelman, besides being nuttier than a squirrel turd, gained fame by going on a stabbing spree over two days in February of 2011. The interesting thing about this particular show was that they had interviews with both Maksim as well as his victims. It’s rare that you get to hear from a truly unhinged person, and boy did he love to do some talking . . .

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Hunting: “You can get meat in the store!”


As much as I write and talk about hunting, here and elsewhere, you might think I’ve been doing it all my life, but the truth of the matter is that I didn’t pick up a gun and shoot a deer until I was 17 years old. My buddy Will thought it was a travesty that I lived on 40 acres of land, and I hadn’t yet hunted it. I didn’t own a rifle, or camo, or doe urine to spray on my boots, or anything else that I’d seen on hunting shows on television. Will told me not to worry, that he’d take care of everything, spent the night at my house, and woke me up early on opening morning to take me out.

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In Case You Missed It: Domestic Abuse Edition

Last month, I wrote about former MMA fighter War Machine nearly killing his girlfriend, Christy Mack. Not much in the way of detail about the night in question has surfaced since then. The MMA fighter formerly known as Jonathan Koppenhaver (yes, War Machine is now his legal name) maintains that he walked in on Ms. Mack nude with another man. Mack says they were fully clothed and making nice. In either scenario, the proper response wasn’t overwhelming violence, the path that War Machine took . . .

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Hunting: The Axis are Real!


My wife and I took a vacation over the long Labor Day weekend and headed up to Incline Village, Nevada for some R&R with her side of the family. A grand time was had by all, and by all rights I should have been ready to go back to work Wednesday morning. But I wasn’t. And I knew I wouldn’t be, because I’ve learned that the best course of action is to take a day off after you take a week off. So I packed up some guns that needed shooting and headed out to my ranch. But I kept my eyes peeled . . .

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Gear Review: Strike Industries Mega Fins Key-Mod Handguard

Free floated Key-Mod handguards seem to be all the rage. A bunch of companies make them. I’ve had the pleasure to try out a few, and over the last few months I’ve started to form an opinion of them as a whole. Mostly, I like them. As a guy with small hands, I can certainly appreciate the slimmer profile provided by not having Picatinny rail sprouting from every surface, and I generally enjoy a lighter gun whenever possible. Strike Industries has a Key-Mod handguard that features a cut out for an A2 sight that claims to be lightweight, durable, and endlessly modular thanks to Key-Mod as part of their Mega Fins line of handguards. I got the opportunity to try it out, and I’m mostly a fan . . .

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Gear Review: Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro


Shortly after my wife and I moved into our new home, I was in the shower around 10:00 PM on a weeknight when my wife came in to tell me that somebody was banging on our front door. I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair, dried off, put on pants, grabbed my FNS 9 and Streamlight TLR-1 from the bedside table and headed downstairs to see what the commotion was about. Fortunately, the doorknocker had left, but I realized that I needed a better lighting situation as the TLR-1 that I have is the GameSpotter edition which is a bit large, and hard to mount to a pistol. I mentioned it to Nick and the next time we saw each other he tossed me a Rail Master Pro to try out…

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Gear Review: Strike Industries Cobra Tactical Fore Grip



Strike Industries makes a lot of cool gear. Most of it, small odds and ends that subtly make your gun just a bit better. I got my first introduction to Strike with their Ambush Sling Loop, a now permanent fixture on my go to AR. I shot them a note after that review posted asking if they had any other knicknacks that needed reviewing, and they enthusiastically sent me their Cobra Tactical Fore Grip.

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First Time Duck Hunter: How I got a Duck Hunt and a Super Black Eagle II


It seems that the Axis deer herd my parents texted me about is here to stay as I’ve been getting nearly daily updates from the home front that the herd is seen every morning when they head out to work. Obviously, this is not helping alleviate the hunting itch. That’s why hunting buddies exist. So I texted my pal Will who lives down in Corpus Christi. Will and I grew up together, he’s the guy that introduced me to hunting, and has been present for basically every big hunting moment of my life. So I shot him a message to let him know that the Axis were back in force . . .

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Gun Review: PWS Modern Musket DI Upper



At some point, everyone looks back on their achievements and says, “Why not do more?” Primary Weapons Systems is known for their piston driven wonderguns and TTAG has had the pleasure of testing their MK 114 rifle and MK 107 Pistol in the last few months. Short story, we’re impressed with what they’re putting out. But back in early May, PWS announced that they’d also be releasing a direct impingement (DI) upper for the masses. It still uses the same high quality parts and manufacturing processes Nick and I raved about in our reviews, but in a simple, more cost effective package. When you make one of the best piston guns out there, making a good DI gun shouldn’t be too hard, right? . . .

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Gear Review: PWS CQB Muzzle Device


One of my notes during my testing of the PWS MK 107 was how loud the muzzle blast was. Specifically, I called it a downright religious experience to spectate while someone shot the MK 107 in and around your area. That blast is unavoidable when running a projectile with that much unburned powder behind it out of such a short barrel. And while the factory-installed Triad muzzle device did an admirable job of dealing with muzzle rise, it didn’t do a thing to baffle the boom. Enter the CQB Muzzle Device . . .

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Sunday Book Review: The Dog Stars

Aside from the gun nut thing, and much like our boy Leghorn, my other interests outside of work include aviation. According to my parents, my first full sentence was, “I see it!” while pointing to the sky at a passing plane. Like the gun thing, it is an open secret at work that I’ve got a soft spot for airplanes. Knowing this, one of my coworkers recommended that I read The Dog Stars because, “Its about a pilot and a gun nut living at an airport in a post apocalyptic world near Denver. Right up your alley.” He wasn’t wrong about my enjoyment of The Dog Stars, but not for the reasons he assumed . . .

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Texas Drawn Hunt: First Timer Edition

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 1.38.08 PM

Whilst spending my Sunday morning fueling up on coffee and bacon, and making plans for an entire week of being on the road for my day job, I got another text from the parents to let me know that they saw the Axis herd I mentioned earlier this week again. And it’s times like these that I’m glad I have a support community in TTAG to share in my angst about how far hunting season is from today. I’ve got the itch to hit the great outdoors way worse than I have in previous years. Maybe its because I’ve been doing a bit more camping this year, or because my day job has had me way more stressed than last year, I’m not sure. Either way, I’m planning to spend a lot more time in the great outdoors this fall and winter, gun in hand, harvesting some wild game.

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