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Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, Texas. A cubicle-dwelling technology sales professional by day, he is an avid starter of projects, purchaser of speciality tools, and aspiring chef outside the office. He has been writing for The Truth About Guns for four years and specializes in hunting, the outdoors, gun, and gear reviews.

Rugged Suppressors Introduces Obsidian 45


At this year’s SHOT show, I was tasked with covering the various silencer manufacturers in attendance. I figured this would be a day long task, but it ended up taking the better part of three days to visit all the manufacturers I found, and I still missed some. It seemed like the majority of the companies I visited have started to get aggressive with their pistol cans, as most manufacturers are now offering something for your favorite 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP host. Rugged Suppressors was no different and had their brand new Obsidian 45  on display. . .

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Remembering the Man who Taught My Teacher How to Hunt


The image of a deer, still alive in the moment before I broke the shot, is only seared into my memory from two occasions.  One of those events being the first deer I ever killed. Until the day that I pass, I will never forget that old eight point, the way he stood perfectly broadside, right out in a clearing on a little sloped hill. In the moment before he died, he looked as calm and sure of himself as any buck I’ve ever seen before or since. I don’t remember the sight picture disappearing as the recoil of the shot took over, and I don’t remember the punch in the shoulder I must have taken. That was 2003, the boy sitting right behind me was Will, and the gun was a Ruger M77 MK1 chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum . . .

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Gear Review: Rifle Basix SAV-1 Trigger


I know what you’re thinking. The AccuTrigger is perfect. It’s the literal embodiment of American ingenuity and bootstrappy innovation. I’m not saying you’re wrong because I think the AccuTrigger is a really good trigger that has forced other companies (ahem Ruger) to fix the triggers in their bargain priced guns. And out of the box, the AccuTrigger’s a fine 3.5 to 6 pound bangswitch. However, when you attempt to tune it below a pound, like Savage did with the LRP model, it becomes a finicky little thing. Enter Rifle Basix and their SAV 1 . . .

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Hill & Mac Gunworks Introduces STG-N, P, and K


Sadly, I didn’t grow up poring over history books related to firearms. I was more of an aviation buff, so the significance of historical guns has been lost on me. I appreciate the mechanical function of older guns, but I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the world of old guns. Chances are that if you show me a cool old gun, I’ll subtly be Googling it on my phone while we talk. Given that, my apologies to the folks at Hill & Mac for looking distracted while you were speaking. I just had to familiarize myself with the StG 44 . . .

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Hands on with Rugged Suppressors’ Surge 7.62


In my efforts to keep my ear to the ground on things silencer-related at SHOT Show 2016, I enlisted the help of my friend Mark Kuczka at Accurate Ordnance. Mark is well versed in the happenings of the gun industry and served me well as my wilderness guide, helping me forge through the miles of aisles and booths. Our first stop was to see Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak at Rugged Suppressors to check out their Surge 7.62 . . .

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Hands on with Stiller’s 2500XR


Several years ago, Nick and I accepted an invite from a friend of the Kee family to check out his extensive gun collection. As two young pups, neither of us have amassed anything that could really be called a “collection.” Weirdly, of all the very interesting rifles he had in his collection, the one we were both drawn to was a very old Schuetzen rifle in .22 LR. Given Nick’s background shooting Olympic smallbore, it’s no surprise that he started to drool over a positional shooting rifle. Without a competition background to speak of, I just found it oddly overbuilt and heavy for a .22. It felt exactly like a big boy rifle, and that was part of the charm for me. I hadn’t thought about it for at least two years until I visited my fellow Texans at Stiller Precision during the 2016 SHOT show, and saw their very modern .22 LR action . . .

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ALG Introduces AK Recoil Spring


ALG Defense has been slowly adding more SKUs to their lineup in the last year with a special eye towards AK owners. Late in 2015, they debuted a low cost AK trigger replacement, and the 2016 SHOT show saw them bring several new springs to the market. One of those is a new recoil spring designed as a drop-in replacement for the one that came from the factory . . .

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Griffin Armament Introduces Their New AR-15


Griffin Armament has been on a tear lately releasing new silencers for 2016, and ramping up production to meet the demand generated by dealers. I’ve had the chance to shoot some of their cans and I found them to be well built, and very quiet. I’ve exchanged quite a few emails and texts with owners, and brothers, Evan and Austin Green over the last few months. They made sure to let me know they had some exciting new products at their booth at SHOT, and that they’d love for me to swing by. One of the new items was their new AR that will be released to the public sometime this year . . .

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War Sport Introduces GPR-CC


War Sport is a maker of high end (read: expensive) AR 15s designed to be just the gun you need out of the box with no further improvements necessary. I had the opportunity to shoot some of their rifles in 2015 and found them to work as advertised. For 2016, War Sport has cleaned up their lineup a bit to focus on their two models, the LVOA and the GPR, exclusively. As part of that release, they’ve put the GPR-CC on the market . . .

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ALG Updates 6-Second Mount to Accept RMR


The ALG 6-Second Mount has been on my bucket list for testing for quite some time. As a fan of optics on a handgun, I’ve always been interested in trying out a frame mounted red dot, but a lack of Aimpoint T1 or a Gen 3 GLOCK in my life has thwarted me. If you find yourself with a Gen 3 GLOCK, but without an Aimpoint T1, ALG has made it somewhat easier to mount a red dot with the introduction of their RMR compatible 6 Second Mount . . .

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Bergara Introduces Premier Series: LRP Elite in .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 6mm Creedmoor


Bergara Rifles was nice enough to chip in with several other manufacturers to buy me lunch during the 2016 SHOT show. As you no doubt know, there’s so such thing as a free lunch. In return for tasty vittles, I was forced, forced I tell you, to fondle Bergara’s new Premier Series of rifles and engage in some pleasant conversation with several members of the Bergara and Dead Air team. Of particular interest is their new Premier line . . .

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