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Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, TX. A salesman by day, he is an avid motorcyclist and aspiring chef out of the office.

Self Defense Tip: Picadillo and Pocket Tables

Those of you who don’t live in south Texas or the southwest in general are really missing out on some good Mexican food. More specifically, good Tex-Mex. There’s nothing quite like breakfast tacos on an early Saturday morning. My favorite being barbacoa with an icy cold Big Red. And yes, this is a going to be about guns. I’m getting there . . .

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P-51 Collector Installs Authentic Machine Guns

Twilight Tear

Nick and I are the resident TTAG aviation geeks. Nick’s actually doing something about it by getting his pilot’s license, while I stare longingly at the skies, reading every aviation publication I can find. I regularly check out Foxtrot Alpha as part of that search which is how I happened along the story of Twilight Tear, a P-51 Mustang with six real-life, functional machine guns mounted in the wings . . .

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Tools You Need to Own: Left Hand Drill Bits


Last year, I had a bulb that burned out in my right rear tail light. I found that out when I got pulled over by the Johnson City PD. When I made it out to the ranch, I discovered that the head of one of the Phillips screws holding the lens in place was completely stripped. If you do any work at all on your guns, you’ve surely had a similar issue. Usually it’s some infinitesimally small Allen head screw. You strip it, curse loudly, and then try to figure out a way to get it out . . .

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Hunting: What To Do With a ‘Coon


A few weeks ago, I wrote a little bit about hunting, and hunting for meat, and how much of a spiritual experience hunting has become for me. There were quite a few comments on that article about our readers’ desire for recipes for wild game, something I’m very excited about putting together. The really interesting thing I saw was a few comments in reference to a casual comment I made about eating what I kill save for the occasional raccoon. There were a couple jokes about, “Why not raccoons too?” Which got me thinking . . .

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Why Texas’s 30.06 Signs are Deadly


For you non-Texans out there, let me open by saying that carrying a gun here in the Lone Star State is fraught with obstacles. First, you have to get your permit, and unlike Arizona to our left or Florida to our right, the process is time consuming and expensive. Second, having a permit doesn’t guarantee that you can actually carry your gun everywhere you’d like. There are the obvious federal properties where you’re statutorily disarmed (schools, post offices, etc.) but in addition to those, your forward progress can also be halted by three signs . . .

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First Time Duck Hunter: Five Steps to Successful Duck Hunting

After Benelli sent me a Super Black Eagle II to test out in anticipation of my first duck hunt, I’ve been trying to consume everything I can about the process of seeing a duck flying through the air and transforming it into confit. Thankfully, my hunting buddy Will does a bunch of duck hunting so I’m leaning on him pretty hard to show me the ropes. But I realize that the average TTAG reader may not be as lucky to have a “guy” in the know . . .

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Gear Review: Bushnell SMRS 1-8.5x 24mm


Spend enough time reading about optics on the internet and you might get the feeling that the perfect optic scales from a true 1X up to \inftyX, weighs less than a feather, and can give you a clear, crisp picture in the dark. It should also cost less than $100, be able to withstand a free fall from space, and have a reticle that reads the wind. Okay, that last part might be a bit much, but I don’t think I’m far off the mark. In the world of running and gunning — 2-gunning, 3-gunning, or otherwise — there are always sacrifices to be made. Sometimes, quality means added weight. Other times, shedding ounces means shedding features. The SMRS from Bushnell certainly provides amazing optical clarity and the ability to jump from a nearly perfect 1X to 8.5X. But it does all that by sacrificing light weight on the altar of compromise . . .

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Hunting: Game Cam Photos


After I reviewed the StealthCam P12, Stealth Cam was nice enough to send a G30 for me to test in anticipation of the upcoming whitetail season. The G30 is a bit nicer with a few more features. I parked both under a tree out at the family ranch for a few weeks to see what I could capture. I didn’t put any bait out or try to entice any animals in any way. I just parked two cameras, one atop the other, to see what would show up over the course of three weeks. As you can see above, one of our horses wanted to check things out . . .

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Run n Gun 2014: Course of Fire


A few weeks back, I ran the 2014 Pecos Run n Gun. Unfortunately, due to the freakish amount of rain the area received, the main event, planned for Saturday, was cancelled. However, because I’d volunteered to be a Range Officer for the Saturday event, I got to run the course on Friday between rain storms. It was everything I expected and a bit more. When I posted the preview article several people remarked on how fun the course of fire looked so I wanted to break off a separate post to deal just with the course of fire, issues/successes I had, and a few photos. Many thanks to my buddy Thomas for being my official photographer . . .

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Pecos Run n Gun 2014: Embrace the Suck


As I sat in the middle of the desert at 10:00 PM in my truck preparing to spend the night in some sort of contorted position and wondering if my vehicle would tolerate idling all night to run the heater, I thought back to the main page of the Run n’ Gun website which states, “The range is far and away from civilization and the logistics are a stretch. Good attitudes are required. If a minor hitch in plans will ruin your whole day, this event is not for you.” I laughed a bit more when I remembered that a short 15 hours earlier, I had told Smokey, the event organizer, “This is going to be fun” as we slogged through the mud getting to the base camp, and he replied…

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Gear Review: More Handgun Hangers



After my review of the Original Handgun Hanger, the nice folks at Gun Storage Solutions sent me a few more of their handgun hanging solutions. Included in the goody bag were the Back-Under, the Back-Over, and the Over-Under. The Back-Under and Back-Over are both designed for the back side of a shelf in a safe while the Over-Under is designed for the front side. All three work very well and help take advantage of unused storage space . . .

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