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Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, TX. A salesman by day, he is an avid motorcyclist and aspiring chef out of the office.

Texas Drawn Hunt: First Timer Edition

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 1.38.08 PM

Whilst spending my Sunday morning fueling up on coffee and bacon, and making plans for an entire week of being on the road for my day job, I got another text from the parents to let me know that they saw the Axis herd I mentioned earlier this week again. And it’s times like these that I’m glad I have a support community in TTAG to share in my angst about how far hunting season is from today. I’ve got the itch to hit the great outdoors way worse than I have in previous years. Maybe its because I’ve been doing a bit more camping this year, or because my day job has had me way more stressed than last year, I’m not sure. Either way, I’m planning to spend a lot more time in the great outdoors this fall and winter, gun in hand, harvesting some wild game.

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Open Carry Texas Plans 5th Ward March…Then Cancels


Open Carry Texas has gotten mixed reviews at TTAG. I’m not opposed to open carry as a political statement per se, just OCing like a d!ckhead. That expectation of not dressing and acting like a D-bag extends to more than just gun rights. Generally, I feel like you should dress nicely, act politely, and do everything you can to put a kind face on whatever our cause might be. In the case of Open Carry Texas, I have mixed feelings. They’ve occasionally gotten it right, but they’ve occasionally gotten it wrong, too. We’re all fallible. Either way, they’re marching through the 5th Ward in Houston tomorrow. Or at least they were . . .

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Gear Review: Handgun Hanger


Gun storage is sometimes a real PITA, as it were. As the collection grows, you sometimes wonder, “Where am I supposed to put all this stuff?” And as a guy raised with the mantra of, “A place for everything, and everything in its place” putting pistols on a shelf in a haphazard fashion is no bueno. But then I found these Handgun Hangers from Gun Storage Solutions and now life is better and more organized . . .

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TSRA to Sponsor Full-Auto Two-Gun Match


Fresh to my inbox this morning was a presser from the Texas State Rifle Association announcing that they are planning their first annual Two-Gun Class 3 Match benefitting the TSRA-PAC. The TSRA has been one of the biggest voices in the state for firearms rights and has been instrumental in lobbying for various bits of firearms legislation over the years. They’re also responsible for organizing several competitions, get togethers, and educational events each year. Presser below . . .

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Predictable Outcomes in Ferguson, MO

Courtesy of St. Louis Biz Journal

Steve King – owner of Metro Shooting

I wrote earlier this week about how the ongoing riots in Ferguson, Missouri strengthen the position that gun control is dangerous. Again. Still. Forever. This is because it takes away the best tools for the job from people who are failed by those paid to protect them. That’s not an indictment of the police force in America, something that can be a hot topic here on TTAG. I’m just making a statement of fact. The police cannot be everywhere at once, especially in a situation where mob mentality, and the violence that often accompanies it, takes over. In any case, you are ultimately responsible for your safety. The residents of Ferguson, Missouri seem to be getting wise to that fact as well . . .

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Texts That Cause Me to Curse

Axis deer

I was at work, dialing into a conference bridge, gearing up to talk technology, whilst wearing khakis when my phone buzzed on my desk. I looked down to see a text from my dad that said, “Mom and I just saw 15 Axis by the back fence line.” I let out an audible four letter expletive right before my desk phone beeped to let me know that I was live on a conference bridge. A close call by any other name… Continue Reading


It Should Have Been a DGU: Christy Mack Edition

It is an oft repeated slogan on this site and in the gun community at large that God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal. The actual quote according to Colt’s own website is, “Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.” No matter who did the creating or the freeing, the fact is that a gun in hand is one of the best tools available for self defense, especially when the attacker is much larger, faster, and stronger than the defender. Unfortunately, a somewhat high profile case has popped up that gives us a stark example of just how true that can be. Please be warned that the photos after the jump are disturbing . . .

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The Argument Against Gun Control: Ferguson, MO

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.50.08 AM

I started following Dana Loesch a few months back when she appeared on The View to talk about why she became a conservative after years of being EXTRA liberal. So last night while I was getting my social media fix, I noticed that Dana was retweeting like crazy about the developing riots in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, a topic Farago covered this morning. One of Dana’s retweets is above, from local news source KSDK . . .

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Hunting: Working the Rut


I’d only seen him on the game camera twice. An absolute showstopper of a whitetail buck, the kind typical of low-fenced ranches in the Texas Hill Country. Long, lean from covering lots of ground looking for love, but full-bodied from the hormones coursing through his veins, he must have been pushing one hundred and sixty pounds on the hoof. An absolute monster by my standards. Looking at the size of his snout, and the subtle lightened shade around his lips, I knew this was his peak year. A mature 10-pointer with what looked to be a nearly twenty-inch inside spread, he was in all respects the perfect buck. And wiley as the coyote of the same name . . .

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That Time My Heart Rate Broke 200 BPM

Heart Rate

I’ve been working on my overall level of fitness in anticipation of a fall biathlon in West Texas. The idea of being out of shape, a few hundred miles from home, in one of the hotter places in Texas is not something I’m ready to entertain. As part of my training, I picked up a Wahoo Fitness Heart Rate Monitor which transmits data over Bluetooth to my iPhone while I run. Not to get too far into a review of it, but I can program the app to give me updates during the run on pacing and heart rate which is super helpful for making sure that my training is effective . . .

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Letting My Gun Flag Fly


Colion Noir wrote this fantastic article last week on NRA Sharp entitled “Don’t Hide Your Pride.” I highly recommend you give it a read. I happened upon it at a time that perfectly coincided with Nick, Dan, and Robert asking me to start generating more content for TTAG taking this blogging thing from “part time hobby” to nearly full time consumer of my mornings, evenings, and weekends . . .

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SilencerCo’s Marketing Mavens Make Their Mark

We’ve posted a bit of press over the last week about SilencerCo’s new shotgun silencer, the Salvo 12. For those not in the know, the Salvo 12 is a silencer made for your scattergun, and it is making waves, just not the auditory kind. But as the video above shows, SilencerCo isn’t a one-trick pony. They’re adept at making stunning marketing videos, with solid concepts, that appeal to a much broader audience than your “typical” gun owner. Or at least I thought.

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Gear Review: Tuff1 Gun Grip Covers

photo 4

I’ll leave it to RF and Dan to come up with any number of pithy jokes about a product that is stretchy, fits on different shaped objects and provides a better grip in adverse conditions. I look forward to the edits this short review will likely receive. But look beyond the jokes, dear reader. Tuff1 Gun Grips are a solid product that allow you to selectively add some grip where it might not normally be available. Here’s the rundown from Tuff1 . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Un-Named Chi Town Permit Holder


TTAG has belabored the fact that police officers are under no duty to protect you, and as an armed citizen, you need to take a long hard look at what circumstances will motivate you to clear leather. Part of that long hard look needs to involve careful study of the laws in your area surrounding the use of deadly force. An un-named Chicago resident seems to have forgotten pretty much everything a responsible gun owner is supposed to know by chasing a robber out of a cell phone store on Chicago’s south side over the weekend . . .

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