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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

Gear Review: Safety Harbor KES (Kompact Entry Stock) for AR-15 Rifles


I love the fact that the AR-15 platform is as stripped down as possible. That also might be its biggest weakness. Eugene Stoner did a great job by using the buffer tube on the rear of the receiver as the attachment point for the stock, but with the recent craze of making rifles as short as possible, that buffer tube is becoming the “long pole in the tent.” Shrinking it down isn’t easy. Safety Harbor Firearms thinks that they’ve come up with a solution: the Kompact Entry Stock (KES).

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Barrett Introduces “Fieldcraft” Bolt Action Hunting Rifle


When you think of the name “Barrett” what usually pops to mind is a firearm that is closer to field artillery than your grandfather’s hunting gun. Barrett is looking to change that this year, launching a line of fine sporting shotguns at SHOT Show. Now at NRA they’re showing a lightweight bolt action hunting rifle specifically designed for the civilian sporting market dubbed the “Fieldcraft” line . . .

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Mossberg Suing Drop-In Trigger Makers for Patent Infringement

Mossberg MVP Predator courtesy Joe Grine

The market for drop-in replacement triggers is big and growing. From the garden variety AR-15 to the venerable Remington 700, there are more replacement trigger manufacturers out there than there were Trump supporters at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville. The original patent on the drop-in trigger surprisingly wasn’t filed until 2007 when Michael McCormick filed patent #7,293,385, and ever since the market has continued to flourish and expand. Some trigger companies made the effort to get a license from McCormick, but others went ahead and made their products without paying a licensing fee. Recently, however, Mossberg purchased that patent from McCormick, and apparently they have started what I’m calling the triggerpocalypse by suing unlicensed manufacturer Elftmann Tactical and possibly a dozen others . . .

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New from BLACKHAWK: Silencers? Really?



The folks over at BLACKHAWK! have been manufacturing holsters, tactical clothing and gear for quite some time now. Good stuff, too. Their SERPA holsters — love ’em or hate ’em — are ubiquitous. Plastic and cloth have been the tools of their trade, but the latest items in BLACKHAWK!’s catalogue are made from something significantly more durable. Rolling out for 2016 is a full line of silencers including both pistol and rifle rated cans from .22LR up through .338 Lapua Magnum. My only question: Why? . . .

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Magpul Pivots Towards New Identity as Lifestyle Brand


Magpul roared onto the firearms scene in 1999, helping to usher in the era of tactical chic. Their magazines were the gold standard for AR-15 rifles; their accessories style became as universal as suspenders on hipsters. Over the last couple years we’ve watched as their thunderous expansion (at least in firearms accessories) has slowed to a dull roar, tentatively creeping into other platforms like the Remington 870 and Ruger 10/22, but not appearing to commit the same level of effort as their AR-15 line. Now it appears that Magpul is preparing to make their biggest transition as they move from a company that dresses rifles to a company that dresses shooters . . .

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Now Shipping: 9″ 300 BLK Barrels, 11″ 5.56 Barrels from SIG SAUER


The folks over at SIG SAUER have been busy. Following the introduction of their flagship MCX rifle line they haven’t been able to keep up with demand. Naturally this has had a bit of a negative impact on accessories that were promised to be “on the way,” including the 9″ replacement 300 AAC Blackout barrels. Word comes from the horse’s mouth that those barrels are officially 30 days from shipping to distributors, and the 11″ 5.56 barrels are available right now.



Tikka Introduces Budget Priced T3X Line of Rifles


The folks over at Tikka have been making amazing bolt action rifles for over a century now. Their manufacturing prowess has only improved over the years, but their price tag has generally remained out of the reach of the average shooter. Launching this year Tikka is producing a line of rifles called the T3X to address that specific issue, improving on their existing line while reducing the overall cost of the gun. That’s a one-two punch that should give the likes of Weatherby and Remington a run for their money, especially at an MSRP of roughly $600 . . .

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H&K Dishes Details on SP5K (U.S. Civilian MP5K)


Word broke late last night that H&K would be importing a civilian legal version of their MP5K platform for the first time in roughly 30 years. Included in that announcement was some interesting language stating that the gun being imported wasn’t actually the venerable MP5K but a handgun that “matches the look and feel” of the gun which is banned by name from importation into the United States. That’s an important legal distinction that the company needs to make to get around the ban, but it left many people (myself included) wondering what exactly the differences will be between the old MP5K and the new SP5K?

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ATF Approves SB Tactical Collapsible Pistol Arm Brace

SB Tactical new adjustable arm brace

SB Tactical‘s pistol arm brace concept has had a profound impact on the firearms market; it single-handedly (pun intended) saved the AR-15 pistol from obscurity. Up to now, the pistol arm brace has been a one-size-fits-all (or not) accessory. A letter from the ATF [click here to view]] changes that, A-OK’ing an adjustable versions of the brace. The new SB braces not only work better — for multiple shooters — but also look dead sexy. SB Tactical’s pre-NRA Con press release [after the jump] was short and sweet, but the pictures tell the tale . . .

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H&K to Finally Import a Civilian Version of the MP5K (SP5K)


Heckler & Koch haven’t always been the most responsive when it comes to servicing the demands of the American civilian firearms market. Just like Colt and FN, the folks at H&K had been relying primarily on military contracts for their cash flow and largely ignoring the civilian market. Also just like Colt this strategy has nearly run them into the ground financially. New at NRA this year H&K is releasing a civilian version of their MP5K submachine gun, finally starting to fill a demand that has existed since time immemorial . . .

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Gun Review: Honor Defense Honor Guard HG9SC


The subcompact semi-auto handgun market has become considerably more crowded over the last few years. These days every gun manufacturer under the sun has filled out their product lines with small pistols perfect for concealed carry. Despite this crowded marketplace, a new company named Honor Defense thinks their Honor Guard pistol is a sales-winning concealed carry semi-auto 9mm handgun — and they’ve priced it to move. At first blush, the Honor Guard looks like just about any other polymer framed compact 9mm handgun. But there are some distinct differences . . .

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