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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

NPR On The Best Way to Spin News Stories To Promote Gun Control


When bad things happen with firearms, there’s usually an immediate emotional response. People demand that “something must be done” to “protect the children” from the “epidemic of gun violence.” Needless to say (A) what we’re doing now seems to be working pretty well, (B) it’s usually the “children” doing the shooting, and (C) there is no “epidemic.” Nevertheless, the usual gun control activist media outlets never pass up the chance to push the civilian disarmament agenda on the heels of a prominent gun-related news story, and NPR is giving it both barrels (so to speak). Yesterday they were talking up a “study” that claimed gun owners are racists and more likely to shoot black people than white people. Today they are mulling the best way to present mass shooting news in order to make people think more gun control is the solution . . .

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Forbes Twists the Numbers to Make Guns Evil


Normally Forbes does an okay job of presenting the facts, but when it comes to guns it seems they’ll let anyone with two brain cells to rub together publish an article. According to their latest gun control article, the fact that guns are killing more “young Americans” than cars, something must be done!. There’s just one problem: by focusing on “young Americans” they’ve skewed the numbers conveniently in their favor . . .

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Study: Criminals Don’t Use the “Gun Show Loophole” to Get Their Guns


Gun control activists are quick to demand that the “gun show loophole” be closed in order to reduce the number of firearms related fatalities and guns in the hands of criminals. Their thought process is fairly logical, but very closed minded: criminals have to get their guns somewhere, and since private party sales aren’t subject to a background check then obviously that must be the point of entry for illegal guns! If only we could force everyone to get a background check to buy a gun the problem would be solved! There’s just one issue with that line of thinking: it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the reality “on the street.” Criminals aren’t buying their guns from gun shows or legal sources, at least according to a study released a couple days ago.

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Bankrupt Colt Manufacturing is… Hiring?

Colt 1903 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

As we have been chronicling, Colt Manufacturing is bankrupt and going down the tubes. Top executives are grabbing for their golden parachutes while trying to weasel out of expensive contracts they made with their workers. No matter how the judge rules, chances are this won’t end well. In all likelihood, the brand will be sold off cheap with very little left behind save the storied name. Remington’s so deep in debt over their various and sundry failures and lawsuits that even the formerly rapacious artist formerly known as The Freedom Group can’t ride to the rescue. In fact, there isn’t so much as a peep about a potential buyer for the bargain-priced manufacturer. With things looking so glum, it was a surprise that we stumbled across . . .

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Gun Review: CZ Bren 805 PS1 Pistol


The firearm for this review was provided by the Kentucky Gun Company.

CZ-USA has introduced a couple new firearms this year, which I’m really digging. It definitely makes my job easier — I’d much rather review a completely brand new firearm than the latest variation on a theme from the GLOCK or H&K factory. Earlier in the year the “hot new thing” from CZ was the Scorpion EVO 3 pistol, a pistol caliber firearm designed to compete with the SIG SAUER MPX and others coming on the market. Today we’re looking at their newest offering, a pistol sized semi-auto rifle designed to compete with the other various and sundry modern semi-auto rifles. But in an already crowded space, is there room for the foreign import?

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Study Claims People More Likely to Shoot Black Targets Than White

Neighborhood Watch Death

Let me just say this from the beginning: this “study” is complete BS. And I don’t say that from an ideological point of view, I say that as someone who respects things like truth and logic. NPR is touting this recent “study” (published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology) as proof that people are racist and more willing to shoot a black person than a white person, but there are a few major issues.

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Germany Officially Ditches G36 for… HK417?


The long saga of the German Army and their continual disappointment in the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle may finally be at an end. After months of reports about the astoundingly bad accuracy of the G36 when it gets hot (which is any time except for the five minutes around midnight in Afghanistan, it seems) the German army has made the decision to stop fielding the G36 rifle and replace it with something better. This much we already knew. Our suspicion was that the replacement would be the HK 416, a rifle in the same caliber as the G36. but more in line with the Stoner derivatives in use by every other modern nation. According to one report, though, the German army has apparently gone with…the HK417? . . .

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White House Admits “Common Sense” Laws Wouldn’t Have Stopped VA Shooter, Wants Them Anyway


The common refrain from the Obama Administration is that if we had simply implemented “common sense” gun laws then some of these “gun violence tragedies” would not have occurred. That’s the same logic they are using to present their latest demand for increased restrictions on the civil liberties of law abiding Americans, pointing to the on-air shooting of two reporters as proof positive that we need to “do something” to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. There’s just one small problem: the proposed laws would have done exactly nothing to stop that shooting. And on Friday, the Obama Administration admitted it.

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ATF May Soon Reclassify Some Machine Guns as “Post Sample” and Non-Transferrable


When the Hughes Amendment to the National Firearms Act came out, all hell broke loose. May 19th 1986 would be the very last day that anyone could legally register a machine gun, and after that date no individual would be allowed to manufacture a new one.In response the manufacturers put the coals to their production lines, cranking out every last serialized part they could muster and trying to get them registered before the arbitrary cut-off date. According to sources within the ATF it looks like some of those legally registered machine guns may soon be re-classified from their current perfectly legal and transferable status to a “post sample” status where individuals may no longer posses or transfer them. Here’s the crux of the issue . . .

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Colt to Bankruptcy Court: Guarantee Execs’ Bonuses, Terminate Employees’ Salaries


Colt is dying a slow and very public death. Once a major firearms manufacturer, the storied gunamker lost their government manufacturing contracts to FN and others, gradually ran out of cash and filed for Chapter 11 protection in June. Now the end is near, and the very same people responsible for the terrible decisions that drove Colt to bankruptcy are asking a judge to secure their multi-million dollar golden parachutes. At the same time they are trying to weasel out of a provision that would keep them paying their union employees until the end of their contract. From The Courant . . .

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Study Claims Hawaii’s Gun Control Laws Work…Until You Look Closely

Royal Hawaiian Shoting Club

You know, for all the protestation from the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex that the ban on federal funds is stifling gun-related research there sure are a ton of gun control studies being published. The latest is from the American Journal of Public Health, and might just be the laziest, most dishonest piece of “science” I’ve seen in a long time. The purported take-away: Hawaii’s strict gun control laws are working, and the proof is that they have the lowest number of non-fatal gun injuries among the states studied. There’s just one small problem: they cherrypicked the states they wanted to investigate . . .

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BREAKING: SAF, NSSF, NRA Team Up in Lawsuit Against Seattle’s Firearms Tax

Image: Wikipedia

The City of Seattle recently enacted a tax on all firearms and ammunition. There was no point to this tax other than to inconvenience lawful gun owners by making them pay more money to enjoy a constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (and driving lawful retail businesses from the city. That’s something CNN would be screaming bloody murder over if the same tax was levied against, say, abortions. Needless to say the pols of Seattle saw no problem with arbitrarily and capriciously punishing gun owners for their supposedly evil wicked hobby, but the NRA, the SAF, and the NSSF have teamed up to show them the error of their ways. A lawsuit filed today aims to strike down this blatant punishment of law abiding citizens by those who think their practices are socially unacceptable, and would seem to have a damned good chance of success . . .

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