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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

Gear Review: TRUGLO 30mm Triton Red Dot Sight


Usually, when you think of red dot rifle optics, it means one thing: big money. From Aimpoint’s wide selection to Trijicon’s RMR and even the Redfield line of Leupold red dots, small things don’t come cheap. TRUGLO has introduced a new 30mm red dot in the style of an Aimpoint PRO that they say offers the same functionality and usability at a fraction of the price. So the question today: do you really only get what you pay for? Or is there a better, cheaper option available in the TRUGLO?

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Shockwave Sued by SB Tactical Over Pistol Brace


Word comes that Alex Bosco over at SB Tactical is suing the guys behind the Shockwave pistol arm brace for patent infringement. Shockwave produces a rigid plastic “blade” that they claim improves accuracy when firing a pistol (in the non-ATF enraging “proper” manner), and does so with a single rigid vertical blade instead of the two floppy rubber-y affairs that SB Tactical’s brace uses. You might think that this distinction would be enough to make the design unique, but SB Tactical seems to think that Shockwave’s design is shockingly similar to their own patent. So much so, in fact, that they have filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Shockwave to get them to stop selling the thing.

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Ask Foghorn: SIG SAUER MPX Versus CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1


Reader Eric writes:

You guys have reviewed the new CZ Scorpion and the SIG MPX separately. Is there a chance you could do a direct comparison between the two? That would be awesome.

I reviewed both the SIG SAUER MPX and the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Pistol, and while I think I’m an impartial judge of the two guns I wanted to take that a step further. Following the release of these two guns, Jeremy S. purchased a Scorpion and I purchased my very own MPX. So I asked Jeremy to join me in a quick head-to-head review representing the Scorpion side of the argument, and I’ll be handling the MPX. Let’s get ready to rumble! . . .

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Gunshot Wound on the Range! What You Need to Do

This past weekend was the monthly 3-gun shoot at the Best of the West Shooting Sports near Austin, Texas. I’ve been trying to get back into fighting condition for competition shooting (using iron sights, as previously mentioned), and so I was looking forward to a fun day on the range challenging and honing my shooting skills. That’s what I was expecting…but what I experienced instead was a challenge for my emergency medical skills. I’d never treated a gunshot wound on a range before, and I’d like to go over what happened that morning, both as a way to give y’all a framework for dealing with these events and as a debrief for myself to see if there’s something I missed or could have done better . . .

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BREAKING: Court Issues Injunction Against Key Restriction of DC’s Concealed Carry Law

Washington, D.C. (C) Nick Leghorn

Those of you who live in eastern seabord states are probably very aware of the practice those states use requiring concealed carry license applicants to show a “good reason” why they need to carry a gun. That requirement has enabled law enforcement agencies to grant or deny carry licenses on a whim, often denying them to all except the rich and famous. Such a provision was enacted as part of Washington D.C.’s new court mandated concealed carry licensing law, but now a federal judge has ruled that the practice of requiring a “good reason” is unconstitutional and issued an injunction against that part of the law . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Seizes 3,000 Guns from Stag Arms

Stag Arms Model 9 9mm AR-15 (courtesy ammoland.com)

Stag Arms is a relatively well-known AR-15 manufacturer with a big presence in the 3-gun community. So it was a bit of a shock when word came that the ATF had seized 3,000 of their AR-15 rifle lower receivers over a legal compliance issue that’s usually covered in the first five minutes of any “Gun Industry 101″ class. The complaint from the ATF alleges that these thousands of lower receivers were just lying around the shop completely un-serialized, which is a huge mistake if true. Stag’s answer to the ATF on that allegation doesn’t fill me with confidence . . .

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Ares SCR Officially NYC Legal


As one might expect, the city, county, and state of New York aren’t very friendly to firearms. So when the Ares SCR was unleashed, the initial response was a resounding “nope.” Some people tried to register the firearm within the city of New York (which requires registration of all firearms) only to be told that the gun was actually an “evil assault weapon” because it can accept M16 magazines. Nevermind that nowhere in the law does it state anything whatsoever about that being a defining feature of an “assault rifle,” the cops were happy to make it up as they went along. That is, until a couple days ago when it appears that a legal dope-smack was applied and the cops started approving the applications . . .

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Gear Review: TAC-CON Raptor AK Replacement Trigger


The AK family of firearms was never built for comfort or accuracy, they were always designed to put a premium on rugged reliability and ease of manufacture. That’s great for American shooters who want a gun that goes bang every time, but it also means there are some issues. One of the chief complaints about the AK is that the trigger is fairly “meh”, and a lot of people believe that with a better trigger their AK could shoot better than it does. TAPCO makes a replacement trigger, but installation can be a pain. That’s where TAC-CON’s new trigger comes in: a drop-in cassette that makes an AK trigger job easy as pie . . .

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NJ Dems Introduce “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act”


Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) introduced a bill in the U.S. Congress on Tuesday that would require all ammunition purchases to involve an in-person photo ID check, and also create a registry of people who purchase more than 1,000 rounds in five days that will then be forwarded to law enforcement for “follow-up.” The full text of the bill has yet to post online, but Rep. Coleman (who has had two of her sons previously plead guilty to armed robbery) claims that her aim is to reduce mass shootings by limiting the ammunition available in the United States. However, the title of the bill — Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015 — seems to betray a larger goal for the legislation than simply “reducing gun violence.” From media reports, in her own words . . .

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BREAKING: Universal Background Checks for Gun Sales Become Law in Oregon

Image courtesy Wikipedia

Earlier today, Oregon became the latest state to enact “universal background check” legislation for firearms sales. SB941 was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown, a piece of legislation that requires every transfer of a firearm to include a background check on the intended buyer. This law is different from the Federal version that was introduced by Mrs. Toomey and Manchin in that it specifically excludes situations such as sharing guns on private property and creates ways for individuals to perform a background check independent of a gun dealer . . .

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An Afternoon Shooting with NBC’s Ronan Farrow


A couple days ago we put up a post asking for volunteers for a segment to air on NBC about “Gun Culture 2.0.” The idea was that we’d all meet up at the range, NBC’s Ronan Farrow would ask us some questions about young people and guns, then we’d all shoot some stuff. A number of our readers showed some understandable trepidation about volunteering for an NBC piece, especially given the mainstream media’s history of making gun owners look like crazed, bloodthirsty lunatics. But we were willing to take the chance, and I think things turned out better than we could have hoped . . .

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Gun Review: Armalite M-15 18″ 3-Gun Rifle


Things have been changing over at Armalite. There’s been an invasion of 3-gun shooters, and it has had a radical impact on the company’s products. They’ve gone from producing National Match style AR-15 rifles that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1990’s to offering what might be the slickest 3-gun rifle on the market in less than a year, and the man behind the push is Tommy Thacker, former 3-Gun Nation national champion and pro 3-gun shooter. The flagship product they are leading off this new charge with is their M-15 3-Gun Rifle, a gun designed to Tommy’s specifications, and it might just be the new go-to gold standard for 3-gunners.

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