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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), aspiring pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

MasterPiece Arms Releases New DMG Series Handguns


I’m not a fan of the MAC-10 style handgun. It’s not my speed, and with the improvements that have come in the nearly 50 years since it was first developed, the design has become decidedly outdated. Nevertheless, the guys at MasterPiece Arms say the guns keep flying off the shelves, and there’s something to be said for the modular nature of their product. Building off of that modularity, MPA is releasing a new line of firearms specifically designed to easily swap from one caliber to another. And it looks like they may have finally introduced an improved grip style as well. Presser after the jump . . .

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The Truth About Kids & Guns


It seems like every couple months, another report surfaces that tries to make the argument that the existence of a firearm in a home endangers the lives of children. The first one I debunked was a report from the New York Times published almost two years ago, and while the name of the organization publishing this “shocking report” may be different, the facts of the matter remain the same. This time the Brady Campaign has published a report titled “The Truth About Kids & Guns” that tries to make the same old arguments. While the numbers presented might be enough to shock low information voters into following the rallying cry for gun control the report basically debunks itself. Shall we begin? . . .

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Hunting with Silencers Now Legal in Florida

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For the last two years I have been hunting with suppressed rifles in the state of Texas, and in my experience silencers just make everything better. For starters, it removes the need for hearing protection so you can hear your surroundings much better and often hear animals before they approach. The real reason they rock, though, is plain common courtesy. Guns are loud, and especially in an area densely packed with hunting blinds, one or two big loud guns can scare the game away for everyone else. Plus, the barking of the guns ruins the early morning calm for non-hunters looking to just enjoy the beauty of the day. According to the American Suppressor Association, it looks like those in Florida can now enjoy this same awesome experience effective immediately . . .

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BREAKING: On-Campus Shooting at Florida State University Leaves Three Wounded, One Dead

Shortly after midnight on the Florida State University campus, a person walked into the campus library and started shooting. The library was packed with students trying to finish their studies and cram for final exams ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, but thanks to a quick response by the local law enforcement (AKA good guys with guns) the shooter was stopped almost immediately. Three people are injured — two critical — and the shooter is confirmed dead following a shootout with the aforementioned good guys with guns. From CNN . . .

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BREAKING: Jay Leno Cancels SHOT Show Appearance After Being Bullied by Moms Demand Action


All day Wednesday, Jay Leno had been bullied by the gun control lobby. For simply appearing at the NSSF’s annual SHOT Show industry trade show, Shannon Watts (paid representative of Michael Bloomberg) used every dirty trick in the book to make it seem like Leno is personally responsible for slaughtering children. Nevermind that the NSSF actually supported some gun control measures or that they have an extensive program that’s all about gun safety. All Shannon needed was to imply that the former Tonight Show host was being paid by the big bad “gun lobby” and her minions did the rest. Twitchy followed the Twitter-based bullying closely, and it looks like their anti-gun bullying worked . . .

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Second Opinion: Tac-Con 241 Trigger


It’s no secret that I didn’t like the Tac-Con 3MR trigger. It isn’t necessarily that it’s a bad egg — the thing functions as advertised — it just seems overpriced for what you get. They were asking $500 for a trigger that doesn’t do anything all that new, and came with no training materials or instructions on how to use it. Their PR guy’s response to the article wasn’t all that pleasant, but after a few conversations with the Tac-Con guys themselves, they invited me out to try out their latest creation. Tyler liked it. As for me . . .

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Study: More Guns Means More Crime. Or Not.


It’s the holy grail of gun control activists: proof that more guns equals more crime. Quantitative evidence that the mere existence of firearms increases crime, therefore justifying the disarmament of Americans. A study claiming to have reached just that conclusion came out last week, and naturally all of the usual suspects are jumping all over it. The study, produced by Stanford University, may make some interesting claims but even the press release touting it notes that it just might all be a wild-ass guess . . .

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SIG SAUER Announces Massive Giveaway Contest – Win an MCX, MPX, P320, and More!


I have been lusting after an MCX since the day I first saw it. The gun is fantastic, both to look at and to shoot. Kevin Brittingham has been dangling one of these in front of me like a carrot in front of a mule for months, but it looks like one of you readers might get an MCX of your very own before I ever will. And an MPX. And a P320. And a P226. And a Mk25. And a free trip to Las Vegas for the SHOT Show. How? Well, SIG SAUER is running a little competition . . .

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Colt Teetering On the Brink of Bankrupcy


When’s the last time a Colt firearm was on your wish list? Colt Competition has done some pretty cool stuff recently, but Colt’s Manufacturing Co. hasn’t really come out with anything “new” in quite a while. The lone exception is their line of rifles based on the Colt 901, which is a cool design concept that didn’t seem to be well executed at all. It seems like the only thing keeping Colt alive has been the massive industry-wide surge in sales over the last couple years, but now that’s over and Colt is struggling to pay its bills . . .

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Ammunition Review: Eagle Eye Precision Match .308 Win


It isn’t often that a new ammunition manufacturer comes onto the market, and even more rare is one that makes claims as big as Eagle Eye. They don’t simply claim to be “match grade” and then leave you gessing as to what that means, they print their guarantee right on the box: 1/2 MoA groups from every box of ammunition. It’s a bold claim, and they sent me home with a couple boxes of ammunition confident that the product will speak for itself. I put it through the standard ammunition testing that we do here, and the results are pretty cool.

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US Optics and Eagle Eye Ammo Partner Up


In the post-post-Sandy Hook environment, it seems like the only way to stay competitive is to get a bunch of companies together and team up — pooling resources, offering package deals, and generally supporting one another. Freedom Group was one of the first to hoover up large quantities of gun companies. There’s the ATK agglomeration, and McMillian and Armalite fell in with AWC, and now US Optics and Eagle Eye Ammunition are partnering up to make some magic happen as well. If they can get a rifle manufacturer in the mix as well some interesting things could happen, like perhaps offering a rifle and scope already zeroed from the factory, with the elevation knob pre-calibrated to exactly correspond to the ammunition it is shooting? That I’d like to see, and probably costs a ton less than a TrackingPoint gun. Presser after the jump.

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Ask Foghorn: What Barrel Length for a 300 AAC Blackout Rifle?


I get a lot of questions like this and figured that rather than responding to one specific email I should put it out there for other people as well. Reader Pete writes:

Hi Nick, I live in Amarillo and really enjoyed your article on your 300 BLK build. Appreciate so much your sharing of experience so that I don’t have to go through all the same trial and error. I have 2 Colt M-16s that I’m going to convert to 300 Blackout. Had a few questions for you if you’d be so kind as to give me a bit of advice . . .

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