Game Review: High Noon STARS & STRIPES for iPhone

Listen up, buckaroo…if yer the kinda desperado that has a hankerin’ to drill some other sidewinder fulla lead, you gotta call ’em out for a shoot-out. But this is 2010. Unless you’re a Crip or a Blood, callin’ somebody out in the middle of town for a little gunplay’s gonna get the attention of the […]

Heroes of the Hollywood West: Walter Brennan

Full disclosure: I do a pretty good Walter Brennan impression. I liked ol’ Walter from his days on The Real McCoys (whu…whu…whu…whur’s lil’ Luke, ye knotheads?) to the Guns of Will Sonnet (No brag . . . jes fact). But Walter Brennan was more than just some old guy character actor with a distinctive voice. […]

Saturday Evening Post: Branded

I grew up on Westerns. Wuh, wuh, wuh…you yunguns think you got it tough, do yeh? Wuh, when we wuz kids, all we had wuz THREE TV stations – IN BLACK AND WHITE! Yup. ‘N when we wuz watchin’ TV on Sateedy, most o’ the time, all we could get wuz reruns o’ old Westerns. […]

BangBang Cinema: Aces ‘n Eights

Is there anything more American than a Western? The open expanse of untamed, lawless country. Self-reliant men [reluctantly] standing up for what’s right. A gun on every hip. And a story line so predictable it makes Little Red Riding Hood seem like a Harold Pinter play. The latest addition to the genre: Aces ‘N Eights. The […]