New 10/22 Takedown Stock From Tapco – Suppressor Not Included

We spotted the Ruger 10/.22 Takedown at the SHOT show two years ago, and Bill Ruger’s stepchild has certainly thrived since then. While the scarce little rimfire is certainly not lacking in awesomeness, there’s something to be said for an adjustable-length buttstock. Especially on a rifle that’s so ideally suited to younger, smaller shooters. Don’t […]

Naked 1911.

A buddy of mine in Baton Rouge told me a story about his son, Nathan. When Nathan was six, his folks gave him a Fisher-Price cassette recorder. One day his dad, Norman, came home from work, and fell onto the couch, exhausted. Nathan came toddling in and said “Daddy…you know that tape recorder sure has […]