Gear Review: MGM Switchview Scope Throw Lever

The rise of the rugged, reliable zero-to-low power variable rifle scope in the last decade has been a fantastic development. Scopes like the Burris MTAC, Leupold VX-R Patrol and Bushnell SMRS can meet your aiming needs from sitting-room distances out to 300 yards and beyond. From CQB to DMR to hog and coyote hunting, they […]

New From Switchview/MGM: Eagle Eye Universal Scope Throw Lever

  And this isn’t it. Switchview already makes extended throw levers for variable-magnification scopes. Variable scopes like my Leupold VX-R Patrol are awesome tools for shooting anywhere from CQB to 500 yards, but their magnification adjustment rings are often stiff and slow to turn. Switchview’s throw levers fit their designated scopes like machined aluminum gloves, but […]