5.56 Prices Start to Dip Below $300/K. Finally

We’ve been waiting a loooong time for 5.56 ammo prices to fall back down to pre-Newtown levels, but it looks like we’re finally getting close. Case in point: steel-cased 5.56 plinking ammo can now be found at less than $300 per thousand before shipping. AIM Surplus currently has scads of steel-cased Wolf on hand for $.29 a […]

Good News/Bad News About Ammo Prices. First The Good News…

Economics is supposed to make such clean, perfect sense. Heaven knows I spent enough time believing that back in college, studying how purely hypothetical ‘demand’ lines cross with purely speculative ‘supply’ lines to determine a perfect market price for any commodity. After keeping my eye on ammo prices for the last several years, however, I’m pretty […]