NSSF, Sierra, ATK Not Worried By Lead Smelter Closure

The closure of the last primary lead smelting plant in the United States in Herculaneum, Missouri will not have any noticeable effect on ammunition supplies or prices, NSSF and ammunition manufacturers say. Why are they pulling a Clark Gable-like “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn?” Because the U.S. ammunition industry has reached a recycling […]

Apocalypse How: What’s Next?

According to the raving loons over in mikeb302000’s slice o’ heaven, we gun owners are all knuckle-dragging homophobes, just a-waitin’ for an excuse to go all Mediaeval on someone. Not so much. But all this Liberal finger-pointing got my mind wandering today…never a good thing when I’m driving, but turns up some interesting grist for ye olde […]

Get the Lead Out?

Lead. It’s a heavy subject nowadays. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.) Seriously though, lead is the primary ingredient in ammo. Has been since ammo was invented. But lead poisoning is not just a euphemism for getting shot. It’s also a real, verifiable risk when putting lead out into the environment. So should we Do Something About This, or is it all […]

Get the Lead Out for Earth Day?

Speaking of Earth Day (if we must), did you hear the one about the environmentalist who wants to ban lead in bullets? (Wait…you mean that’s not a joke?) Nope. It’s not. Environmentalists really wanna ban lead. And the funny part is, the lead they want to ban isn’t the lead that is the real environmental […]