Game Review: Contract Killer Zombies

Worried about infestations of Zombie hordes? ‘Round my digs, it’s easy to mistake roving bands of 13-year-old girls for zombies – they eat everything in sight (well…so far my brain is intact), moan loudly (although I suspect that’s their music, probably some banshee they refer to as “Lady GooGoo” or something) and go through clothing […]

AAA Sniper Range 3D for the iPod/iPhone

Pop quiz, hot-shot. You’ve got a gun. You need skills. Theres a hundred iPhone apps for that. What do you do?What do you do? If you’re like me, you head to the iTunes store and snag a copy of AAA Sniper Range 3D, and give it a shot. Well, shooting fans, lemme save you the […]