Will You #GUNVOTE? (Plus WA Ballot Initiative 594)

With midterm elections only a couple weeks away… actually, scratch that, more than a million Americans have already cast their midterm ballots. In fact, I received my Washington State absentee ballot in the mail yesterday (Oct 16th). For fellow Washingtonians, I’d like to express my concerns with I-594 as well as mention its most glaring […]

Microsoft’s Gates and Ballmer Bankroll Crooked Signature Gatherers For WA ‘Expanded Background Check’ Initiative

There are two competing gun-related citizens’ initiatives working their way through the Washington State election system. The first is the pro-gun I-591, which would vaguely ban government entities from confiscating firearms without ‘due process of law.’ It would also ban state-required background checks unless required by federal law. But it’s not alone…