DISCLOSE Act Goes Down In Flames. For Now.

You gotta love the Progressives. They never give up. Today, the DISCLOSE Act failed to pass. The Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act would effectively muzzle most political action groups, advocacy organizations, and issue groups (except for the NRA, the Unions, and the AARP, all of which were exempted from the […]

Is the NRA Relevant?

My recent stories for TTAG about the National Rifle Association’s PR problems have hit something of a nerve. More specifically, members are up in arms about the NRA’s flirtation with Democratic House leader Harry Reid (links here and here). The palaver over the NRA’s “carve out” on the campaign finance DISCLOSE Act has also done little to […]

NAGR Nags—But Doesn’t Beg

On the one hand, the DISCLOSE Act is really, really bad bill. Mandatory public disclosure of all campaign contributions above $600 and various other election ad-related provisions would have a chilling effect on said contributions and, thus, free speech. By the same token, the NRA’s “carve-out” is craven. On the other hand, the NRA’s exemption […]

NRA on the DISCLOSE ACT: Nobody Here But Us Chickens.

As a newly-minted Life Member of the NRA, I called the NRA-ILA to get some kind of explanation of their position on the DISCLOSE ACT. Their response was a mixed bag. Turns out the vaunted “exemption” everybody’s talking about is a proposal; nothing’s firmed up or in the bill. Yet. But the exemption seems carefully […]