Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 23. Ish.

Now over three weeks (as the crow flies) into my own little conceal carry odyssey, I’ve realized something. The whole concept of conceal carry has gotten into my head. It’s kind of like back when I was in college. I had a roommate. We were both impoverished college students at the time, and neither one […]

Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Holiday Wrapup

It’s been a weird holiday. First one without my dad around, which has affected me more deeply and profoundly than I ever would have expected. First one with my life in this much chaos. And first one that I’ve been resolutely carrying concealed as much and as often as possible. And the mechanics, strategies, and […]

Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 19

I’ll admit it. I love musical theatre. And I’m NOT a metrosexual. I grew up in a musical household (I’m a 5th generation professional), and musical comedy was a part of my life from birth. I’ve played bunches of musicals from the pit, and I’ve trod the boards as well. Hi, I’m Brad Kozak…you might […]

Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 11

Whilst out and about for the first time in a couple of days (thanks, sinuses!), I spent some time at a bookstore. (See yesterday’s scintillating read) And something else occurred to me. Something that I hadn’t thought of as far as the concealed carry thing goes. In fact, I started this post right after I finished the […]

Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 9

Sick Day. I hate ’em. And as someone who’s self-employed, there’s no such thing as “paid leave.” Nope. When you’re sick, you’re effectively out of work. So it was with an extra heapin’ helpin’ of angst that approached the prospect of sick day(s) for moi. But I’ve tried (as best I can) to put them […]

Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 6

Road Trip. Yep. Those immortal words, famously uttered in Animal House bring up all sorts of interesting challenges when applied to situations including guns. This weekend, my daughter comes in for a visit. That’s a Major Big Deal around the Kozak hacienda. I love my kid, and treasure the time I get to spend with […]

Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 3

Went to the range today. If you’d like to read my in-depth review of the gun I’m carrying for the 30-day project, click on over. I’ll wait. Back? Good. Okay, so I was having a discussion with Fearless Leader the other day, and RF casually mentioned that he and his significant other keep a gat […]