Gun Review: CMMG Banshee Mk17 9mm Pistol

The CMMG Banshee Mk17 is a brand new entry into the Banshee pistol caliber carbine series, and no, it doesn’t take GLOCK magazines. It takes SIG P320 magazines. The P320 has firmly cemented its place into the gun world by winning the Army’s MHS competition. It’s also being adopted across the country by police forces […]

Gear Review: SAFESHOOT Shooter Safety System

Firearms safety is always a primary concern (or should be), and while the big four firearms rules always apply, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve. The SAFESHOOT safety system is one such way. This system is designed and developed to increase firearms safety and awareness particularly in situations where you may not be […]

Gun Review: Taurus G3c 9mm Pistol

The Taurus G3c is the latest subcompact handgun from Taurus. It’s both the compact variant of the Taurus G3 and the successor to the Taurus G2c. The G3c is primarily a facelift to the popular, budget-friendly G2c. Most of the design stays the same and incorporates many features that made the G2c appealing, including the […]

Gun Review: Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced in 9mm

The Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced has me perplexed. Seriously, this weird thing has me left wondering how to consider a weapon’s reliability? You see, this gun was one I horse-traded for in rather odd circumstances. A fella I know had it and had soured on it. It never ran right for him until Remington relented […]

Obscure Object of Desire: SIG SAUER 556R Rifle

The SIG 556 rifles didn’t have a great run in the United States. They lasted around ten years and came in various calibers and configurations over that time. They died an uneventful death in 2017. Throughout their lives, they were plagued with issues. Early guns had accuracy and reliability issues and weren’t well regarded, especially […]

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson SW99c

One gun I chased for a long time was the Walther P99c AS. I love the P99 design, the DA/SA striker-fired system is brilliant, and the trigger has always been outstanding. The P99c is the compact variant with the same Anti Stress trigger system. The P99c is also as rare as hen’s teeth. Do you […]

Gear Review: Streamlight TLR RM 2 Weapon Light

When it comes to weapon lights, I’m a big Streamlight fan. They present features, functions, and designs that fulfill the roles I need while not breaking the bank. To me, they are the perfect mix and compromise between what I need a weapon light to do and their price point. The new Streamlight TLR RM […]

Gear Review: Swampfox Trihawk 3X Prism Sight

I’ve been a big fan of fixed power prism sights since my time behind an ACOG. I’ve also appreciated their simplicity, their compact and lightweight design along with a hair of magnification. Following on their Blade 1X Prism optic, I received the Swampfox Trihawk, a 3X fixed power prism sight that’s due to begin shipping […]

Gun Review: Mossberg 590 Retrograde Shotgun

Just a short while back, I reviewed the pump action Mossberg 500 Retrograde and found it to be a fun, lightweight, easy-shooting gun. It was as simple as shotguns get. But the 500 is not the only Retrograde model, Mossberg also introduced two 590 Retrograde models. I got my hands on the manlier version of […]