South African Airways: No-Go for Guns

Flying through the UK to Africa to hunt, I had a minor hiccup at Heathrow. In case you didn’t know, The Land of Hope and Glory does NOT like firearms. That may account for South African Airways’ inability to fly Americans’ firearms through London into the Dark Continent. Here’s the latest news from a Safari […]

Gun Review: Bug-A-Salt 2.0

As Memorial Day weekend approached, I thought I’d pick up a new B-B-Q gun. Not wanting another Colt Python or Smith & Wesson wheel gun, I wanted unique. I wanted an assault rifle. Something not in my current inventory. Perusing the inventory of my local Cabela’s, I found it. [reviewadinsert] Finally! Something that uses readily acquired components to […]

Fall Hunting: Chasing Elk to Hell and Back

This year, my lifelong hunting buddy and I decided to make a change and quit trying to find the elk in the thick forests of the Oregon coast. We put in for “spike-only” tags in the breaks of the Snake River Wilderness. This is an area that has some wide open grassland prairies. Spike-only means that […]

My Father’s Rifle: Keeping the Tradition Alive

Two months ago, I lost a friend, mentor, and hunting partner. He taught me the fundamentals of shooting starting at around age six. He also taught me many other things that would make my life easier. He was my dad and he passed away August 10th. We didn’t get to hunt together as often as either […]

Weekend Project: DIY Steel Target Hangers

Recently, Joe Grine posted a story featuring the above Rogue Shooting Targets t-post target hangars. While they’re a great idea, I thought the price seemed a bit high. I tend to be a “do it myself” kind of guy, so with a shooting date coming up with Joe and a few other guys, I thought I’d […]

Hunting the Elusive Wanderer

While recovering from shoulder surgery, I was getting pretty grumpy sitting at home with a hunting license, deer and elk tags yearning to be filled. I had drawn a deer tag for a very coveted area here. It’s 98% private land. Fortunately though, I have permission from many of the farmers around Grass Valley, Oregon to […]

The Hunt is Over: Tom Finds His Double Rifle

Some of you may recall, I went to the Safari Club International convention back in February. I was looking for a good rifle to take on safari. I have been wanting a dedicated rifle for these trips that can take any game. I went back to Africa again in April/May and had a fantastic time with […]

My Name Is Tom And I’m A Hunter

I am a hunter. I don’t apologize for that. I eat meat. I love to eat meat. And I love to hunt. I also love to shoot guns. So I found a sport that allows me to shoot my own food. That said, I hunt for food in various ways. From picking chanterelle and morel […]