The Hunt is Over: Tom Finds His Double Rifle

Some of you may recall, I went to the Safari Club International convention back in February. I was looking for a good rifle to take on safari. I have been wanting a dedicated rifle for these trips that can take any game. I went back to Africa again in April/May and had a fantastic time with […]

My Name Is Tom And I’m A Hunter

I am a hunter. I don’t apologize for that. I eat meat. I love to eat meat. And I love to hunt. I also love to shoot guns. So I found a sport that allows me to shoot my own food. That said, I hunt for food in various ways. From picking chanterelle and morel […]

Gear Review: GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster

During a recent hunting expedition, my friend Dave had a really neat chest harness holster for his GLOCK brand GLOCK. I became intrigued and started looking around.  What I didn’t care for with Dave’s rig was the leather strap retention. I used to compete while wearing my duty gear and always preferred the thumb snap […]

Africa Hunt: The Distant Waterbuck

It’s day six of hunting African plains game Superior Safaris. The sunrise is beautiful as usual but the medium breeze is likely not going to ebb. So we jump in the truck and head off to some neighboring tribal land where Eli has permission to hunt, as long as the meat goes to the locals. We […]

Back to Africa: My Last Hunt

It has been a fantastic 15 days. Superior Safaris has been amazing. Eli’s concession is about as wild as it gets and the amount of game we saw was incredible. What we didn’t see is easier to list than what we did: elephant, leopard, And cheetah. We came well armed and with a wish list of […]

Back to Africa: Man-Eater of the Cahora Bassa

After some fantastic plains game hunting in South Africa and the incredible wild game meals that followed, it’s off to Mozambique, to the second largest man-made reservoir in Africa. the Cahora Bassa. This involves quite a trek. Packing everything we may need, driving four hours south to Johannesburg, a two hour flight to Tete, then a […]

Back to Africa, Where the Animals are Tough

Here I am, in an extremely large, un-fenced concession in South Africa. My friend Eli van Der Walt has started his own hunting business, Superior Safaris. His concept is to open things up and make them more like the old times. Spot and stalk, drive till you find fresh tracks, or just start walking into […]

The New Trials of International Travel (With Guns)

“The rifle is a noble weapon. It brings us pleasures that no scatter-gunner can ever know. A shotgun takes you into cultivated fields, or into those narrow wastes within sight and sound of civilization. But the rifle entices its bearer into primeval forests, into mountains and deserts untenanted by man. To him in whom the […]

Hunting: Back to Africa

I have roeen longing for the smell of the ironwood campfires, the endless mopane and acacia trees that look as if the countryside has been given a buzz cut. The sight of giraffe roaming among them with neck and head four feet higher than almost all of the trees. The feel of the red sandy soil […]

Finding an Affordable Double Rifle: The Hunt Continues

While roaming the aisles of the Safari Club International convention, One of my goals was to find affordable classic double rifles. It’s not an easy task and I was trying to find something under $10,000. The Blaser was nice. But the hooded barrels were a turn off and looked to be an impediment to reloading.  After […]

Working Out the Big Horn Armory .500 S&W Lever Gun

Having received an offer from Robert to take his lever gun hunting, I couldn’t possibly to say no. Having a weekend of sunshine in the middle of February in Oregon and a stunningly beautiful big bore lever gun along with free ammo courtesy of ceasefire Oregon: priceless. My first reaction when pulling this brushed stainless piece […]