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Every popular brand has cheap knock-offs floating around trying to capitalize on someone else’s popularity, be it fake Coach bags or imitation Victronox knives. Gun makers too. Glock is trying to deal with one such case right now: the Zoraki M197 blank-firing starter gun. Clearly, it looks like a Glock. Key differences: the Maxsell Corp gun has a marked slide, different magazines and grip (with grip safety). Lawyers for the Austrian based company have filed suit . . .

The legal case is based on “trade dress infringement,” which makes it a crime to create a competing product or service whose appearance mimics an existing successful version. Like KFC and Kennedy Fried Chicken. Or GSG and H&K. Or Apple and Samsung. The idea is to keep someone from being able to copy the outward appearance of your product or service in the hopes of confusing the consumer.

Maxsell Corp owner Vico Confino has put up a site claiming that Gaston’s guys won’t play ball and threatened to “destroy” him. He also asserts that the legal tussle has damaged his physical and mental health. “I cannot eat, I cannot sleep or eat a decent meal. I am on medication for depression and cannot enjoy my family life.”

TTAG is emailing Glock for comment. Suffice it to say, Glock didn’t get where they are today by allowing imitators to piggyback on its perfection. Nor do they want to allow the appearance of piggybacking on perfection. [h/t TFB]

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  1. I used to sell airsoft guns on ebay. One of them was a Glock copy. A very intentional Glock copy. They must have people scouring ebay, because they saw my listings. They contacted ebay to tell them to close my auctions and contacted me and said not to put the work “Glock” in my title.

  2. Got to admit, if I hadn’t read the article or the video title, I wouldn’t know it wasn’t a glock. That being said, there aware too many lawyers with too much spare time on their hands.

      • And a rail. Are you going to mount a light/laser to your starter pistol?

        I wonder if you can drop in a real Glock barrel/magazine?

    • Not really sure why they labeled it as a starting pistol, but it could be useful for low budget movies or for filming in locations that using live fire blank converted weapons are difficult to get permission for. I don’t understand why Glock would sue them, if they are going to sue them then shouldn’t Beretta sue Kimar, Bruni or Reck for making an near exact copy of the 92FS but they also only fire 8mm blanks.

        • Did a little research, they appear to have a licence. Probably should have researched that thoroughly before saying anything. An interesting thing I noticed is that both Bruni and Kimar classify the blank firing pistols as starter pistols.

  3. Starter pistols are popular in Europe because it is so difficult to legally own a real handgun there.

    I bet this is a product that is meant for that market.

  4. That looks like an excellent piece of hardware to carry if you’re looking to get blown away by the Po-po…..or a gangster….or CCW person. Take your pick.

  5. The trigger guard, grip and slide are obviously different to me – the grip wildly different. But maybe I see guns differently.


  6. The legal case is based on “trade dress infringement

    Now I’ve heard it all. This is the first time that any gun maker has claimed a patent on ugly.

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