You Shouldn’t Be Surprised That the Government Fights as Hard as it Does Against Checks on its Power

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This has been a frustrating week or so for the gun rights side. The Supreme Court quashed a lower court injunction last week allowing ATF to enforce its Frame and Receiver redefinition of firearms (“ghost gun” regulation) until the case can be decided in court.

Now the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — doing everything it possibly can to avoid the embarrassment of pro-gun decisions — has asked for supplemental briefing regarding whether a challenge to California’s open carry ban should be heard en banc. They did that despite the fact that the state hasn’t filed a petition asking for an en banc hearing of the case.

That’s what prompted the tweet above. But think for a minute what’s really happening here and what’s behind it. We probably shouldn’t be surprised when government employees try to undermine a constitutional amendment that exists as a check on the power of, yes, the government.

The idea that the people can revoke the government’s monopoly on violence when it breaks our founding contract is, I believe, unique to our constitution. The Founders remain revolutionary even today, nearly 250 years later. And that scares the hell out of the bureaucracy.

It terrifies them so much, in fact, that they’ve spent most of the 20th century trying to gaslight the country into thinking the Second Amendment is really a “state militia right.” And if it can somehow be considered an individual right, it’s only really about hunting.

The Second Amendment recognizes and protects Americans’ individual and communal right of self defense. To the extent the Second Amendment refers to the government, it’s only in how it’s necessary to the security of a free state.

If the government is no longer free, that’s as much a threat to a “free state” as any foreign invader might be.

Think about that the next time you realize how hard politicians and government bureaucrats continue to struggle to keep the limits they’ve put on gun rights in place everywhere they possibly can, for as long as they can.

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  1. “And if it can somehow be considered an individual right, it’s only really about hunting.”

    That was always a stupid argument. The logic they used was so mind blowing imaginary and made up it defies belief.

    Yeah, that’s what those guys did a long time ago. After throwing off the yoke of tyranny, fighting a war to do it. But yes, then writing volumes of papers saying how every person individually had an absolute unalienable natural inherent right to have firearms for defense of self and home and life and liberty and using and specifically in writing intending that as the basis for the amendment they all got together one day and decided “Hey, lets put in an amendment that means people can only have a gun for hunting and then only if the government says so.”

    That’s the anti-gun logic flow behind that stupid argument.

    • I always wondered if they really believed it was about hunting then why isn’t anyone fighting against hunting licenses, bag limits, season limits, land restrictions, etc…

      If there’s a constitutional right to hunt then all these restrictions are violations of that right, right? Yet nobody seriously goes after those things. Any hunting relation action they take is to levy further restrictions and limitations. Almost like they don’t believe their own bullshit.

    • “straight jagoffs.”

      ‘Closet queens’, more likely than straight…;)

  2. All rights belong to the individual. Not the group.

    We need reparations for all the civil rights violations committed under the color of authority by the fascist left. They fought a war to keep slavery. They did murder to stop the civil rights movement. And the rights of all Americans are being trampled daily by the fascist left.

    • They fought a war to keep slavery.

      dead wrng there,. That was was over state sovereignty and the economic warfare waged upon the COnfederacy by the Union though the enactment of unconstitutional tariffs and trade restrictions. t no point was slavery a root issue.
      Funny thing, too, how we today overlook and rush away the issue of the slave conditions in the large textile mills in the North, where young children (12 to 16 or so) were forcibly made to work in dangerous and horrible conditions for pennies for the fiscal gain of the large mill owners. Meanwhile the orth had imposed tariffs on textiles impprted from Europe into the South.

        • No, the Emancipation Proclamation did not free slaves in the Confederacy, they had seceded from the Union and were no longer obligated by any law or proclamation issued by the Union. The Emancipation Proclamation only affected the few slaves in the border states that Lincoln was desperately trying to keep in the Union.

      • Then why didn’t the confederacy take the moral high ground and free their slaves before firing on Sumpter?

        • ALL the southern states had pro slavery state constitution’s. The south started the Civil War to keep perpetual chattel slavery. They had no moral “high ground” jwm.

        • Because George wanted to kill the Injuns.
          Oh no silly me, that was a different war, you know the one, the one where the ‘good guys’ tried to wipe out the jews, oh dang it , there I go again,wrong war, wrong guy, same idea, ones a hero and ones a villain.
          This history stuff is hard.

        • ” Moral high ground? To Hell with that Benteen, We are taking the greasy grass.”
          And befitting Our government, that land is now a Crow reservation.
          Think about it.

      • State sovereignty was the scam the wealthy southerners used to get the poor to go to war for them in order to protect their bottom line.

  3. And now we need to be careful about the government using Israel/Palestine to grab more power. There will be more terrorism, so more calls for bullshit like enhancements to the PATRIOT act. Don’t let them do it. Regardless of how much you want to feel safe from the baddy that they are spoon feeding you hate about. They will lie cheat and steal to make sure we the people are under their boot.

    Don’t forget 9/11. Don’t forget what the government did to our rights. Remember what flying, shooting, and other recreation was like before (if you’re old enough).

    • Yep.
      Big Brother is Watching You ain’t no shit.
      I can look at my old fishing trail leading from my house out in the middle of nowhere, all secluded and sht, ,,I thought. It’s there on Google Earth, imagine what .giv can see, hear, investigate.
      One of these days this credit/debit card money is going to be a real downer.
      “They’ll” know everything you bought and when you got it(I think they already do).

  4. “It terrifies them so much, in fact, that they’ve spent most of the 20th century trying to gaslight the country into thinking the Second Amendment is really a “state militia right.” And if it can somehow be considered an individual right, it’s only really about hunting.”

    About 20-odd years back, the US Army had a recruitment campaign known as an “Army of One”.

    That one individual soldier is capable of an entire Army of combat effectiveness.

    That; right, *there*, proves their “State Militia” argument is bullshit :

  5. for you folks behind enemy lines in Washington state… Did Gator’s Guns Just Trap the Attorney General’s Office?

  6. BREAKING: Huckabee Sanders Signs Order Banning ‘Woke’ Terms Like ‘Pregnant People’ From State Govt.

    • It would be so awesome if she were to run for president one day, in the not-distant future.

      The Leftist Scum ™ would *lose their fucking minds*… 😉

    • Not fair, if a female wants to be changed into a male and the male turns Transformer and gets pregnant by the Transformer female then those should be called “Pregnant People”

  7. “What if this were a 1A issue?”

    What do you think happened during Covid? No freedom to assemble or worship. No one was free to speak their mind for fear that it might be seen as dis(mis)information by the powers that be. Americans had a collective gag order placed on us by certain so called doctors and high ranking Democrats that all saw themselves as above the law and beyond reproach.

    What did SCOTUS do with this? Musk might have changed the rules somewhat by buying Twitter but Facebook is still doing it (at the behest of the Democrat party). Or does it dimply need legs to stand on for standing?

  8. It is, and always has been and always will be about power, who has it, who gets to wield it. this is the fundamental truth of all organized societies under all forms of governance–except ours. The Constitution was written as the States and the People having he power to create and limit the poser of the Federal Government. And ever since the Civil War, the Federal Government has been seeking to assert its supremacy over the People. the current time is the first time I can remember where the Court has sought to turn back the tide, reduce the power of the Administrative State, and return power to the people. Now if we could only gt our elected representatives get with the program, we might get our freedoms back.

    • The judge says. Blah blah.
      That ain’t the way its supposed to work.
      So ,Its come down to courts, judges, and lawyers protecting our freedom.
      “Braddock,,,You lose.”
      and Chuck dies, The End.

  9. “If Congress enacted a ban on demonstrations in parks in the morning…”

    I’m old enough to remember when state executives banned being in parks for any reason. Then our Health experts said it’s only okay to be out in crowds if you were supporting BLM because follow the science. Remember that insanity? That actually happened.

  10. The ATF ILLEGALLY Goes After Gun Owner in intentional violation of injunction. tries to coerce compliance with their demands and threatens to visit home and get search warrant.

    • conversation like that, I’d be putting some pointed questions back to them. OK so you claim to have evidence I bought one of those whatchamacallits back, when was it? I don’t remember…. (they give a date). And so you claim that my purchase way back then is proof I have one now? I’ve bought and sold cars, bcycles, tools, fryng pans…. wha PROOF do you have that I now own one of those things? You said you will bring a warrant. You think you can name the thing you want to seize, but can you name the place where it is to be found? The particular place? What PROOF will you supply the magistrate whom you are asking for the warrant as to where it is? HOW do you know that? You can’t just get a blanket wartant to come play Mar a Lago here. You will also have to present the informtion you have and its source to support your claim I possess the item you want AND its location, and that source must be credible. Then I would end the call and make certain that “item” they are wanting so badly they are getting personal about it all is no longer ON my premises.
      Then let them come. Plant video cameras all over to document their rage and destruction, then sue the eedjits when they can;t find it. Or maybe they’ll “just happen to have onewith them”and plant it somewhere, caught on video feed.

      • They fckin dont need proof.
        The Right to Privacy flew out the door with the War On Drugs.
        They can do whatever they want, LEO, Judges, rubber stamp warrants, filled in later. What you going to do in handcuffs? then you’ve got this, the President is 100% behind whatever his Batfeces does. And he said it himself, ” Nobody fcks with a Biden.”

      • “conversation like that, I’d be putting some pointed questions back to them.

        No, that’s a job for your lawyer. Anything you say, they will twist and use against you to claim you are hiding something and that gives them ‘probable cause’ in their eyes.

        This guy almost said too much. If It had been me I would have told them “I didn’t know criminals called their intended victims first to threaten them. Good bye.” and hung up.

        Simply because you might have purchased something in the past is not proof that you posses that something now. The ATF thug on the phone had nothing and that’s why they call or visit (without warrant), they need to do that to get you to say something they can turn into ‘probable cause’ or a ‘reasonable suspicion’. To get a warrant for something like this they need to be able to have probable cause that what ever that something is that you possess it “now” and not that you may have possessed it in the past or purchased it in the past.

    • ATF on phone: “We are at your door now.”

      Me on phone: “You have a warrant?”

      ATF on phone: “No, but lets talk about this FRT you bought and let us verify that you don’t have it and you just sign this document and we will go away.”

      Me on phone: “OK, here’s the talk – You will go away now, I am not opening the door nor am I signing any documents, leave my property now. I have 911 on another phone and everything you say is being recorded by me and on the 911 call. You don’t have a warrant yet are accusing me of having something you claim is illegal and you want me to open the door and thus I do not believe you are law enforcement because you are not acting like law enforcement would if I had actually committed a crime for which you had probable cause to justify and I believe you are armed and I believe you would commit a criminal act of aggression or threat. I fear for the lives of my family and myself, I am prepared to defend the lives of my family and myself and defend my home if you persist in remaining at my door or on my property. Talk over.” (and then I hang up on them)

      I don’t have any FRT’s, not interested in them as something I would use. But if I did buy one in the past it is not proof that I have it now and I do not need to justify to government, nor am I required to justify to government, by any law or constitutionally that I do or do not have something I may have purchased legally in the past.

      there is going to come the time very soon where that defense of home against these government bully thugs is going to be needed. History and modern day fact tells us that government bully thugs don’t stop because you give them what they want or you ask or a court says stop.

      • I’m prepared to defend my life and the lives of my family.
        Batfeces translation.
        They just threatened us with bodily harm. Burn it.

  11. The reason the government fights so hard to kneecap the 2nd Amendment is because the widespread ownership of guns gives ordinary people the ability to challenge the government’s monopoly on power.

    We’ve devolved from a Constitutional Republic with a government of defined, limited powers to a country ruled over by a government with almost unlimited power, backed by a permanent bureaucracy, a politicized judiciary, and a corrupt class of political elites.

    They despise ordinary people and will do everything in their power to keep us under their thumb.

    • And about half of the population, mostly city dwellers, are okay with government control of their lives.

  12. American citizens like to imagine they have freedom.
    Court rooms lawyers and judges, that’s not freedom.

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