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One of my friends down here in San Antonio is an immigrant from Great Britain. Before he came to Texas he hadn’t so much as held, let alone fired one and fully drank the anti-gun Kool Aid prevalent in his native country. But when he realized that a local range down here rents MGs at a fairly reasonable price (lower than Las Vegas, at least) he begged me to take him. I think I made a pretty good choice with the menu for his first full auto foray — starting with an MP5-SD, and then straight to the Norinco AK-47. It brought back memories of my own first time going full auto, and confirmed my belief that the giggle switch is aptly named. Some believe that civilians shouldn’t own machine guns, but I firmly believe that after just one magazine through one, they’ll be converted too. Even if they used to live in London.

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  1. Three-round bursts with an M-16A2, back in 1998. Good fun. First actual full-auto was an M-249. May it die a horrible death and never be resurrected. The M-60, while a bit heavier, was a dream in comparison.

  2. anyoneIt took sooo much ammo to hone my FA skills, I’m glad I did not pay for it. Now that I am not a drain on taxpayers wallets I rarely get the chance to brush-up on those hard earned hand-eye gigitys

  3. First full auto was an M16A1 in 1982..followed by M60, M2HB and then my favorite, the GAU2B..yeah, I like shooting the stuff I own now, but puttin a few rounds down range with a 10/22 or a .30-30 sure was a letdown..for awhile anyway. Probably cuz with the exception of the M16 all the others were fired from a moving helicopter!

    • Oh Yea!!! First time was an M16 in 1981 in Ft Benning!! Ma Duece .50
      M60. M16a2(meh). RPK. AK47. Many others over a 15 yr period. Love my M60 and Ma Duece.
      From a Huey and a Blackhawk I love both the .50 and the M60 and M60A2!!!
      What’s not to love??!!

  4. i’ve only ever gotten to shoot 8 rounds full auto from a colt carbine, but it’s still something i have wet dreams about 😀

  5. Never a true machine gun but my first FA experience couldn’t have been with a firearm more to my liking – an M3A1 grease gun. That slow pop pop pop is awesome. The other was a MAC-11 which was a total hoot but didn’t tickle me like the Greaser.

  6. My first experience in full auto fun was with the M2 machine gun in Basic Training. It was the first weapon station I was sent to and by far the most fun. The M240B gets honorable mention as #2.

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