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“Assault rifles are the weapons of choice when someone wants to kill as many people as possible,” noted Michael R. Weisser, a gun store owner, author, N.R.A. member and self-described “gun nut” who has also sponsored a petition to ban assault rifles. “Since 2012 there have been 10 mass shootings resulting in 30 or more dead or wounded victims. Every single one of these shootings was accomplished with an AR or an AK.”

I’m sympathetic to the aim, but also wary. I’m not sure it’s possible to get any gun legislation through Congress right now, and certainly not a ban on assault weapons. It’s also true that while liberals loved the assault weapons ban for the 10 years it was in effect, there is no strong evidence that it saved lives — but it did turn the AR-15 into a conservative icon, so that today there appear to be more AR and AK rifles in private hands than in the United States military. And most crime and deaths involve handguns, not rifles.

— Nicholas Kristof in How Do We Stop the Parade of Gun Deaths?

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  1. ““Assault rifles are the weapons of choice when someone wants to kill as many people as possible,” noted Michael R. Weisser, a gun store owner, author, N.R.A. member and self-described “gun nut” who has also sponsored a petition to ban assault rifles. “Since 2012 there have been 10 mass shootings resulting in 30 or more dead or wounded victims. Every single one of these shootings was accomplished with an AR or an AK.””

    – A gun nut who is not even aware that no “assault rifle” was used in a single shooting in that time.

    • While the lack of understanding is cringey to those who know better, definitions change as totalitarianism continues to try and curtail rights. It is the same with “law abiding”…you are only law abiding until the law is changed and you fail to submit. Assault rifle used to mean something…but lies were repeated often enough, and now the dictionary definition has been corrupted.

      If we get stuck in the weeds we will miss the important things. The fight is about freedom, not a particular weapon or definitions. Not machine guns, not knives, not single barrel shotguns, nor any made up descriptor attributed to those implements.

      Guns are arms, we have the right to keep and bear them, period. Anything that inhibits those exercises is an affront to our founding as a Country.

      • DY, unfortunately upvoting is not possible with this software, so all I can do is write “atta boy” (or girl) and state I agree 100%. Gun control is not about guns as much as it is about freedom and the God given right of self defense embraced by our nation’s founders.

      • D Y , we need to continue to fight their sophistry. It doesn’t matter that “they” changed the meaning of a word or phrase. We must continue to counter their efforts.

        “Assault” is an action and does not define the function of an object. I will never miss an opportunity to correct someone that misuses the word. If they insist, I will inform them of using “assault language” and “assault words” to attack my Constitutionally protected Civil Rights.

      • DY, excellent point on the efficacy of ‘Law abiding’ status. The reference I’m always shaking my head at is the hypocrisy of when it is used as a qualifying distinction to ‘allowable’ gun possession and ownership. Like ‘Only law-abiding people’ should be ‘allowed’ to have guns. But is that ALL law-abiding persons or just cherry-picked for the old Posse Hanging tree or are some persons more or less law-abiding than others, depending upon who is in control of the viewpoint, or making the laws? And certainly active criminals and Felons and can’t be allowed to have guns. Right? Then why do they always get them anytime they want them?

        And here’s a counterintuitive situation with a long time nefarious secret agenda now rearing its ugly monstrous head in direct relationship to this now exploding totalitarian agenda.

        How about Ex-felons who have paid their debt to society in punitive incarceration, were deemed rehabilitated and stable enough to be released back into society, obeyed and completed their parole, and now have shown for considerable time afterward under highly discriminating social adversity in hiring and other disadvantages to be completely and fully ‘law-abiding’?

        Considering studies have been made that most citizens with any kind of active business or lifestyle commit at least a felony a month and several misdemeanors, not counting traffic violations due to the inordinate super volume of mostly useless laws on the books. But simply aren’t caught yet and likely never will.

        Yet ex Felons,who are currently law-abiding, are considered to be a stand alone category of simply ‘a felon’ because at some time in their past life they commited a crime. Like a Scarlet Letter they are always in a category of suspicious and restriction. And they are now forever ‘Prohibited’ from owning a firearm? Ever again! Eternal damnation of what many consider your most important inalienable naturally birth guraranteed right. And often the felony doesn’t even amount to anything of any serious violent or harmful behavior.

        If one studies the true history of the origins of this idea of mandatory eternal permanent criminal prohibitions (in addition to just killing them), even if they have no pragmatic social value and only serve, if anything, as a catalyst to create a stressed out dysfunctional sub-culture of inferior and constantly challanged citizenry. (which is why they had to ban voting for ex-felons, as well) it not only goes against the essence of egalitarian liberty and individual justice, it begins to rival the evil which the government justice system pretends to be superior to. And too often the organized religionist communities are the most egregious supporters of this overweighted balance of one sided justice

        My favorite smack down is to the intolerable ‘holier-than-thou’ crowd who never resist the urge to play god themselves in passing down ‘deserved’ justice and behavior mandates upon those they believe need superior judgment from higher up.

        ‘There are too many out there who should never have a gun, period’
        ‘.Yeah? You one of them?’
        ‘No, I mean felons…’
        ‘How do you know you’re not one?’
        (blank stare)
        ‘You’re a Christian so you should be aware of Jesus saying that ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone…’ Jesus didn’t do half-assed forgivenesses by leaving slivers of his cross up people’s asses to keep them in pain the rest of their earthly life, did he?’
        ‘Well, uh, no…”
        ‘That’s right. When he forgave ALL people of ALL sins in order to begin a new higher ascension into life he didn’t put them on Parole, or restrict their movements or BAN THEIR SWORDS FOREVER AFTER? So if you support what the government and criminal justice system is doing by permanantly prohibiting so-called ‘Felons’ from ever having a gun which is their innate birth right, then you are either a moron at best, or a disingenuous fake Christian who psychopathically hates people instead of loving them as you would love yourself, as Jesus taught.’ And you wind up becoming nothing but an ignort hipocrite.

        By now a growing number of us are undestanding the true reason for all these numerous illegal target focused laws. It was well veiled history but thanks to the expanded info-age of the Internet, you can find out all you need or want to know without relying on some Leftist college teacher to obfuscate the truth for you.

        The Marxist totalitarianism effort shifted gears in the 30’s and then in 1968 with the ’68GCA took its first major Law Manipulation move to facilitate the basic premis of disarming all potential physical resistance and dissent during a large political ideology conflict. Like the one emerging now.

        What easier way to disarm a well armed nation, than by first using America’s own elections system to get in their own anti-status quo enablers to usurp its Constitutionally guaranteed Libertarian Free Enterprise government and creating enough laws that virtually everyone will violate that will eventually make any and all gun owners in violation of these laws, a felon. Which would then subject them to volunteer forfeiture, or direct law enforcement gun confiscations.

        These quasi-Swat teams are already in force, by the way, (Hank Strange podcast) in the form of “Threat Assessment Teams”. So don’t ever think they can’t disarm virtually everyone–like they DID confiscate almost Everyone’s gold in ’33-34. Almost everybody was so terrified of spending many years in prison on top of bankrupting fines that they mostly complied.

        So this new Gun Prohibiting regime will start with that methodolgy. Quick chance to volunteer paid turn in, or face automatic felony warrants and huge fines and prison not to mention lawyers’ fees. That is after they make guns and ammo too expensive and privacy invading to even own and maybe even succeed at putting gun manufacters out of business, and banning imported ammos, powders or other insidious sanctions.

        So All of the pieces of the great Communist Tyranny puzzle picture have come together.

        Can we beat ’em?

        Yes, and No. First we must get serious about Owning our own government again. We must make them give it back. It’s done by overwhelming concentration of PPP People’s Political ProAction

        But not by stupid ‘Moutholution’, like some of these Molon Labayer’s. Because that’s what the G absolutely will do. They will have no reservations about slaughtering anybody who will be identified when required as ‘Domestic Terrorists’ and soon they will have most of the standing military ‘vetted’ for being too ‘Constitutionally’ protective. And not more blindly ‘obedient’ to orders…ANY orders from Command to shoot down the ‘enemy’. Which they’ll imediately use to further their agenda by using them as a dead example of your new government at work purging the danger or armed domestic terrorists for the safety of the slaves.

        So we have to beat them by good old fashioned dynamic Political Action error by every single one of us in mass coordination of one purpose. To rid a Free Country of a danerous tyrannical entitity with an agenda of complete Constitutional destruction and enslavement of the populace…for their own ‘good’!

        At the same time we try to beat them in the legislation and at the polls, we must keep pounding our reps to get some counter communist laws passed. Like Repealing the ’68 GCA which they will use agressvely to disarm us after they make more laws to make us felons.

        With the repeal of just this travesty of crime and punishment justice, they can make all the suck ass gun control laws them want But they would NEVER have permanant prohibitions against keeping our citizenry completely armed, in case ‘They’ started to get a little too anxiously frustranted or out-of-control tyrannical down the rocky road to Freedom again.

        Sorry for the expansive content, but one last thing. We all need to get less defensive in reality, and more offensive in legal reaction. We need to start Enforcing (translataion: Findand support some honest legisislators who will take on the super corrupted criminal justice system) and start enforcing a couple esoteric Federal Laws like USCC 18: 241-242.

        Amazingly, 241-242 MANDATES that ANY time these Commie Tyrannists enact a law or even try to creat a law that deprives us of any of our civil and Constitutional rights, then THEY are in commission of a Felony and can be arrested, charged, and imprisoned, and they THEY become the Felons!!!

        Time to bust that one wide open, y’all think so???

        • Agreed…mostly. But that post qualifies easily as a screed.

          Still, go there Brother!

    • And a gun store “owner” advocating (FOR?) a ban on what is most likely 50/60% of his annual sales revenue? Unless, of course, he’s in CA or some other “No AR/AK” Kommie Blue state…

      • Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser operates out of some commie-infested New England location, as I recall. He’s only a “gun guy” in comparison to the progtards he’s standing next to. He thinks they’re inevitably going to win, and that he’ll be *their* gun guy when it happens, but he seems to have forgotten how this stuff works. Being a self-proclaimed “gun guy” makes him inherently impure, and the insufficiently pure are always the first ones to be stood up against the wall when the communists win. And I think we know what happens to quislings when the good guys win.

  2. Weisser could suck-start an AR/AK and maintain the same level of cognitive ability he currently has.

    • Things not to buy: Coke, Delta Airlines tickets, and do not watch Major League Baseball. Until these private companies take back what they said about the Georgia voting rules changes. This is what Donald J. Trump asks of you. Also do not support the RNC with any donation. Support the Save America PAC of Donald J. Trump.

      • baseball’s popularity is already on the decline…this just hastens the process…but the dems bringing big business into their ranks has to be a shock to a lot of republicans….

    • Well so much for increasing sales on gunbroker after they started adding tax to purchases. With shipping, tax and FFL that’s the better part of a $100.00 bill per firearm.

  3. There were couple of instances where an AR15 saved lives or stopped the threat. The church shooting in Texas was stopped by a good Samaritan armed with one. The lady’s story on Fox news how an AR15 saved her from harm. And the St. Louis couple or the Korean shopkeepers during the L.A. riots.

    • In the name of accuracy, the Sutherland Springs First Baptust Church killer was apprehended by a civilian with an AR-15, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that lives were saved. Willeford didn’t enter the church and confronted the murderer after he had been shooting for 11 minutes and chose to leave the church. The damage was already done. Willeford may have prevented further attacks at another site, although the killer seemed to have targeted the church because his wife’s family attended (not that Willeford could have known that at the time).

  4. No way “gun guy” Mike still owns a store. I hardly believe he’s still alive. Shit, part of me wonders if his very existence is a fabrication to forward a narrative. A straw man with a name.

    • Actually he does, and he used to be a fairly prolific opinionator–against guns. An ultimate FUDD!. I haven’t seen his name for a couple of years, so I was starting to wonder if he was still around.

  5. That’s the noted clown “MIKE THE GUN GUY”, useful idiot of the gun-grabbers and the left in general. Mike believes that the left will come for his guns last, so screw the rest of us. Gun rights traitor.

  6. “Support the Save America PAC of Donald J. Trump.”

    Nope. Trump was the worst thing to happen to the Conservative movement in decades. I wish him ill.

    • Trump was the worst thing to happen to the Conservative movement in decades

      Guess you never heard of Bush#41 and Bush#43… One gave us 8 years of Billary the other gave us 8 years of “Hope and Change (and the FUNDAMENTAL changing of America)… All Trump did was piss off the Chinese and the Progressives (left AND right) to the point that they actually risked it all by rigging a National election… Yeah, we get it “Orange Man bad”… You’re watching WAY too much CNN…

      • david douchebag…It’s thinned skinned pasty mouth politically inept twerps exactly like you who held hands with democRats and helped usher in Jim Crow Gun Control joe. Take a bow f-n bozo.

    • David Walters,

      “Trump was the worst thing to happen to the Conservative movement in decades.”

      When you say, “Conservative movement,” if you mean, “Republican in Name Only (e.g. left-of-center Progressive Light),” I agree with you.

      On the other hand, if you are referring to a true Conservative movement, I do not agree with you.

      Either way, simply look at the facts/evidence that is easily available to the public. In spite of election fraud (machines crediting legitimate Trump votes to Biden), Trump still got a giant number of votes — the largest number of votes of any Republican Presidential candidate in history if I am not mistaken. And look at how Biden supposedly got more votes than Obama and Hillary Clinton even though Biden never significantly campaigned.

      After reading nearly 100 pages of court filings (and checking the veracity of the claims in those filings) and watching over an hour of video on election fraud (and checking the veracity of the claims in that video), I am 1000% confident that Democrats flat-out stole the 2020 Presidential election. Absent that massive election fraud, Trump would have won the election by a significant margin.

      And we have not even touched on the fact that social media giants and the legacy media pulled out all the stops to prevent Trump from winning a second term.

      • we all know Trump won…so do they, but they’ll never admit it…they pulled it off in ways we didn’t foresee or anticipate..and did real damage to our faith in the electoral system in the process…either they didn’t care or thought the risk was worth it, but it’s just another step in the unraveling of the country that they seem so desirous of accomplishing….

    • Maybe he was the worst thing to happen to the GOP if what you mean is he opened the eyes of over 74 million left and right voters. Exposed the GOP for the POS they really are. Of course never mind the fact that he captained the lowest unemployment rate in this country’s history, rebuilt a destroyed military, brought military home, etc. Basicalky, Trump did what he said he was going to do and anything didn’t get done it was because of the GOP led house and senate and their inflated egos. Those jack asses just could not stand to see the country succeed and it appears you feel the same way. So, I hope you enjoy the new tax hike that is coming, the largest in history by the way. I also hope you get booted from your house to make room for illegals and I truly hope you suffer everything negative that Joke Biden and his string pullers come up with. People like you are disgusting and traitorous to the core for wishing ill on the greatest and most effective President we have ever had so hold onto your panties Suzi, 2024 is just around the corner and you are already on the losing team.

      • Those jack asses just could not stand to see the country succeed

        Not so much the country as the NON-politician that exposed ALL of them for the hypocrite’s that they are AND made fools of them… (2022 House and Senate THEN 24 back in the Whitehouse)…

        • I’m waiting for Jan 2023, when the House should impeach Joe and the Ho, and refuse to seat ANY Democrats.

        • Evidently your doctoring keeps you away from reading… I don’t understand how someone allegedly “smart” enough to get through med school can be so intellectually bankrupt as to be dependent on the lies and talking points of left wing media/operatives rather than take the time to educate yourself on things like the economy, military, job growth (Pre-pandemic), the removal of regulatory restraints that allowed the “rapid” development of a covid vaccine (something you SHOULD be aware of) All while being investigated in a PHONEY Russian collusion probe, Impeached “TWICE”, and dealing face to face (not from his basement) with a “HOSTILE” media and the proliferation of lies being repeated hourly on a daily basis through talking points issued each morning by the Democrat Central Committee… So, I get it, you are a Liberal and a member of the “pissed off for Hillary’s loss” crowd… Orange Man “BAD” because he made you look like a fool… I mean HOW could someone so “smart” appear to be so “stupid”? RIGHT? Get over yourself, enjoy your high gas prices, stupid high taxes (coming soon to your neighborhood), runaway illegal immigration (more work for you?) and all the other good stuff that the “JoeMalla” administration have planned for you… Semper Fi…

      • …and don’t forget that Trump crushed the ISIS juggernaut in Iraq that Obambi let run amuck, and scared the living BEJEEZus out of Iran and North Korea, by promising ‘out loud’ to instantly squash their piss-ant militaries and generally made us less suck ass sycophant to all the parasite nations that try to extort us for everything they can while constantly backstabbing us every chance they get. Not to mention that he was the only President who ever stood up to the CCP Behemoth and knuckled them under so much that they, too, out of panic and desperation that their world dominance agenda was coming to a screeching halt under The Donald’s presidency, risked WW3 to intentionally spread an economy wrecking germ to help prevent his re-election.
        Thanks David, for your comment, it reminded me to contribute another 100 bucks to Trump’s PAC group.

        • You’re welcome. There are reasons he couldn’t be re-elected.

          You’ve been polite, unlike others. Thanks. But please do give some thought as to why he failed at re-election against a moron like Biden…my belief is that his performance as president bolstered the never-Trumper’s ranks to the point that, well, I’m in good company with other conservatives who feel the same way I do about him, and we stayed home.

          Again, thank you for the polite reply.

        • back in the sixties they would have just shot the guy…certainly appears they took a long, circuitous, oft times desperate route to finally accomplish the same thing…except he’s still around… [sorta’ like Rambo coming out of that hole]…which may yet prove interesting…

    • NOPE not true, Trump is a genius “the bump stock ban” did exactly what he knew it would do in the supreme court and has done the one thing he knew it would do which is set up a “PRECEDENCE”. This precedence goes way beyond bump stock! Trump is a chess master thinking 10-15 moves beyond what everyone think. Consider this precedence can be used for COMMIfornia to win back their stock and much more. COMMI Joe knows also any of his or HER edicts will be blocked in the supreme court all because of this!

      • Markd
        the word you’re looking for is “precedent” . not “PRECEDENCE”.

        And not that I’m disagreeing with your point, but it hasn’t made it to the SCOTUS yet.
        Only the 6th Circuit of Appeals has ruled correctly on the bump stock ban as of now.

      • Would have been nice for him to just play first level checkers and undo even a single gun-grabbing executive order that has been issued by the gun-grabbing preceding presidents. Would have taken only a stroke of a pen.

        Also would have been nice if he didn’t expand the Obama EO by including VEPRs onto the banned list. That stung.

        But I still voted for him twice.

        • TRUMP did not EXPAND the Obama EO.. The VEPR was banned by Treasury Dept Regulation due to concerns about Molots relationship w/Kalashnikov…
          “U.S. sanctions related to Crimea will not be lifted until Russia ends its occupation of the peninsula.”
          The department has accused Molot of acting as a front for the Kalashnikov Concern.

    • The worst thing to happen to the conservative movement is itself. Conservative politics have failed to conserve or improve anything that matters. Trump was successful — and popular, and hated — because he governed like a populist and nationalist, not a conservative.

      • conservatives are a minority in this country….and have been for some time…seems as though their primary campaign strategy has always been to wait for the dems to screw things up…which they can be counted upon to do on a regular basis…Trump was a bit different in that he genuinely seemed to put the interests of the country ahead of party interests on many occasions

  7. Somebody needs to RED FLAG this gun store owner, when he can’t sell his wares or the po po comes & takes them , maybe then the idiot will shut his pie hole, & break his fingers for backing legislation on any weapons of choice. talk about a oxymoron.

  8. The AR15 is not a conservative thing. It’s an American thing.

    If it appears to be ‘gun of choice’, it’s only for the law of averages.

    It is not the gun of choice. Handguns are and have been for decades.

    These people have no clue what an ‘assault rifle’ is. The NYT is a great example of the blind leading the blind.

  9. ONE New York Times author writing ONE article on banning AR and AK pattern semi-automatic rifles and how that ban may or may not reduce violent crime — in my world that is not compelling evidence that fedzilla is unlikely to ban semi-automatic rifles.

    I personally think the odds are greater than 75% that fedzilla will attempt to significantly interfere with our ability to acquire and own AR and AK pattern semi-automatic rifles without running afoul of the law. Whether that interference comes in the form of significant taxation (e.g. a $2,000 tax on every such rifle and NFA registration), banning all future acquisitions (including banning inheritance, gifts, and new purchases), or outright bans (ala Diane Feinstein’s famous statement, “Turn ’em all in Mr. and Mrs. America!”) remains to be seen.

    Why wouldn’t Democrats try it? What do they have to lose now that they can openly steal elections? What else would be a higher priority and generate more buzz/excitement with their donors and voters?

      • Why wont they get away with it again?
        It appears anything We The People do will be called an inserterection.

        • Why wont they get away with it again?

          Voter ID laws for mail in ballots like the one just passed in GA. and working through other state legislatures right now…

        • MaddMaxx,

          My state already had voter ID law and our incumbent Governor and Secretary of State (who is responsible for running and certifying the elections in our state) simply ignored our state’s voter ID law — allowing people to submit mail-in ballots (not even absentee ballots) without any verification of their identity, citizenship, or residency.

          And since our incumbent State Attorney General is also a Democrat, he/she refuses to investigate much less prosecute our incumbent Governor and Secretary of State.

          We are quite literally at the point (in my state) that the only remaining option is for We the People to forcibly remove our Governor and Secretary of State from office if we want lawful and legitimate elections going forward.

        • My state already had voter ID law

          If your state has a Democrat Governor, Secretary of State AND State AG chances are you don’t live in a Red state (sounds like PA) and probably with the exception of a few rural counties would have carried Beijing Biden anyway… All that rule changing did was add a few million MORE illegal votes than were necessary… like about 8.5 million to be exact… If your legislature allowed this usurpation of powers then they too are complicit, they don’t need the AGs permission to hold hearings and make public their findings making the people aware of the fraud and abuses of power perpetrated by their Gov, Sec of State etc. then at election time it’s up to the people to decide… No one is EVER going to be prosecuted over this at any level of participation…

        • MaddMaxx,

          I live in a “purple” state which almost always has a solid Republican majority in our state House and state Senate — and yet my state flip-flops back and forth between Republican and Democrat governors. In the 2016 election my state narrowly voted for Trump. In 2020 I believe the same thing would have happened — except for all the well-documented voting “irregularities”.

          And yes, I agree that my state’s Republican majority legislature should have done a lot more and could still do a lot more — exactly as you stated.

    • From my cold, dead hands…

      No one should think this ex-Marine is kidding. I actually know how to use weapons.

      • You know Dave when the Takers hear or read “from my cold dead hands” they just smile and think or say, ” That can be arranged. “

        • I’m almost 70, and, ready. My statements aren’t bravado.

          But thanks for the thought.

        • They are planning for somebody else to do the arranging, a big mistake. When you think your dirty work will be done by the peons you control, better get designing your headstone at the same time.

      • Dave, are you really a Marine? I ask because calling a Marine an ex Marine is fighting words. Did you mean Former Marine or just Marine? Oh well, at least you capitalized the woed Marine.

        • Yep, USMC (active 68-75)… NEVER once referred to myself as a an EX or a FORMER Marine… Two honorable discharges (2nd under medical conditions) and at 71 I STILL carry the title proudly… Once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine… Semper Fi…

        • I get so tired of fighting this meaningless semantic debate.

          Hey, I left it behind. I’m “EX” AND HONORABLY AT THAT.

          Screwing yourself is still legal. Give it a try.

        • You left it behind yet you are the one that mentioned it. Just sayin’ you are either a Marine or you are not. Can’t have it both ways cupcake.

        • I left it behind. Folks now call me “DOCTOR”.

          There’s life after service…you know…or maybe some of you don’t. MY SERVICE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I’VE DONE IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          It’s cool to be able to change. I did. Try it. You may like it.


          Then WHY inject it into your narrative… Physician? heal thyself…

          From my cold, dead hands…
          No one should think this ex-Marine is kidding. I actually know how to use weapons..

          THAT is a strange thing for a DOCTOR to say… Sounds rather “conflicted” to me..

      • this ex-Marine

        Just a thought, Unless you received a BCD, or a COG type discharge and you completed basic Marine Infantry Training, but you no longer consider yourself a part of a unique and limited brotherhood (14% OF the 1% of Americans who serve in the military) then you COULD call yourself a Marine Veteran… OR just don’t reference the Corps at all… Semper Fi (it’s more than just a slogan)

        • He’s an asshole Maddmaxx. I don’t know we waste our finger tips on shit birds like him. Yea, David, talking about you.

        • Just one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children… Maybe he was one of the few fortunate ones that got drafted? Says he left it behind, when I leave something behind it stays left behind, not called upon to prove how serious I am about something and then cast aside again til I need it… Semper Fi…

    • Unless they manage to kill the filibuster (despite the dangers of doing so), they do not have the votes. I have to wonder if they will call a vote and suffer the ignominy of a very public defeat, particularly where their narrow majority could disappear at the midterms if Democrats in swing states vote for the bill, or whether they will wait and just allow the bill(s) to die a natural death in committee.

      • Chucky (Bride of Nancy) will NOT let such a significant bill come to the floor unless he knows he has the votes… He would not take a humiliating ass-beating like that publicly…

      • Yes, that’s why Lindsey Graham is challenging the ‘assault weapons ban’ bill to come to a vote asap. There are enough ‘moderate’ gun rights Senators to kill its passage and set it back for a while so we can regroup into serious political battle mode on other gun control legislation also giving the country time to get ‘Woke’ to what this rapid Communist take over is really about! Especially the cognitively dissonant Millenials and the bullshit bewildered moderates who still don’t know the difference between a bullet hole and a butt hole.

      • gun control is very scary proposition for a lot of elected officials who wish to keep their jobs…which is why pushing this through congress in the normal way is nebulous, at best…but the dems seem capable of anything these days

  10. “Any firearm that loads from beneath the frame and fires in semi-automatic mode is an assault weapon.”
    So the Ruger 10/22 that I have had since I was 12 is an “assault weapon”?
    Yet nobody has been “assaulted” with it almost 40 years.
    Michael R. Weisser is a nut but he isn’t a “gun nut”.
    He’s an anti 2A author who drums up controversy so the Karens buy his books.
    He has a blog on WordPress, I guess that makes him an “expert”.

  11. I’m confused , he wants to ban assault rifles, which an AR or MAK90 is not, then goes on to say handgumns do most of the killing.
    And what a FUDD of a gunmshop owner. Guys like this potg dont need, that’s for sure.

  12. interesting factoid i read yesterday:
    apparently more people die in falling incidents every year than from all types of rifles combined
    we not banning ladders…

    • Its strange how humans accept the vehicles of
      deaths .
      Lossing lives War’ing, acceptable.
      Lossing lives in vehicle fatalities, acceptable
      But losing lives because a gunm was used, unacceptable.

    • we not banning ladders…

      No but you might see a portable elevator traveling with Air Force I in the future… I mean falling UP is one thing, but if the Creepy old shit EVER falls DOWN, hmmmmmm….

  13. Mike W sure likes getting his fifteen minutes of fame, with his “gun guy” credentials that he can use to push for “sensible, common sense gun control.” Anyone can be an NRA member by paying the dues, but I think they should revoke his membership for misrepresenting himself and using his membership to speak as if he represents the views of the NRA.

    Just an example of the media being willing to give voice to a camera loving, attention craving critic who will help create their narrative rather than reporting fairly what each side might say. Mike W doesn’t represent the millions who decided they wanted to buy an AR or other rifle for self defense, collecting, ban proofing, fun, hobby use, hunting, gun sports and competition, or any other reason, but he is useful to the media because they can say “see, look, a proven gun guy who doesn’t like ARs, see, if he with his burnished credentials says ban them, then ban we must!”

    Even though the columnist says “may not have the votes, may not help”, he still have Mike W the voice and doesn’t refute him nor say “these guns are poplar, useful, and protected by the constitution.”

  14. When I was in school I worked part time in a gun shop. Back then you couldn’t give away an AR-anything. We’d keep a Colt and a Bushmaster in the shop and they would literally sit there for seven or eight months before somebody decided to buy one. The AWB made them popular. But I’ve been reading online articles written by young people who think that they’ve been popular since the day they first hit the market so people will choose to believe whatever they want.

    • so people will choose to believe whatever they want.

      Unfortunately YOUNG people find it easier to believe what they are told on facefuk or tweety than to actually read about something and learn the facts…

    • the fact they now cost about half what they did then probably plays into it, as well….as does their depiction in current video games…but this is just speculation,…people tend to ponder a purchase unless they get clear signals it’s buy now or lose the option later…that AWB made the threat real and they took advantage of the renewed opportunity when it expired…the dems just don’t get it…they probably never will…the harder they push the greater the demand for what they want to deny us…but then they never did understand the inner workings of business and marketing….

    • if you haven’t lived through a time-period all you can do is ponder what it was like…kids today see the world through a narrow lens with little understanding of the past or even a concept of how it could be different from what they currently experience…. automatically assuming that now that we are in the “21st century” all things are better than what came before because of a false narrative that’s fed to them on a continual basis…….

  15. Michael Weisser needs to be throat punched via Wolverine’s claws. Talk about a POS Communist FUDD. FUDDs are our worst enemies by far. The Benedict Arnolds of the 2A community.

    • they’re the old school guys who long for a time when black guns weren’t everywhere and gun ownership did not carry such a sinister connotation…people didn’t carry pistols everywhere.. hell, many did not even own one…and we didn’t live in trepidation of those around us….it was a different time, a different age… when live and let live was the rule…in many ways the world was a better place…so pardon them for looking back wistfully as they try to adapt to the new reality…

  16. The comments in the original quoted article from the NYT are breathtaking in their ignorance. I took about 10 min to scan through them and…wow! Some of the comments are pure hatred and fear.

  17. The Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party no longers calls Blacks the N word however today’s democRat party uses the same MO to denigrate the Black Rifle by calling it an “Assault Weapon.”

    It’s just something about “Black” that brings the out the sinister slave master in democRats.

    • Maybe it would help the DemocRATs adjust if we called black rifles “firearms of color” instead. Personally, I’d advocate for “Negro rifles,” as it evokes the old-school dignity of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois.

      • So, it I named my AR “Blackey” it would be wrong? Or could I call it a rifle that represents the presence of all colors?

        • What if all the good guys laid down a really nice camouflage paint job on their ARs/AKs… Then only the bad guys would have those scary “Black” rifles making them easy to identify…

      • “black” is a threatening color…always has been associated with the forces of darkness…some people like that about their AR’s…the manufacturers even used it as a not so subtle selling point…”buy one of these and be the local baddass”…kind of thing…and anything that looks remotely military scares the hell out of the liberals…probably because it’s a reminder of the true intent of the second amendment……

  18. After a fashion, even sycophants like the “Times” have to start paying attention to polls and new gun sales! They hate it, but they cant deny it!!!

  19. So any mouth breather that reads the NT now “knows” that they need an AR for their planned killing spree.
    Self fulfilling prophecy?

    • Most likely, yes.

      The massive news coverage of mass shootings has been shown to create MORE mass shootings, so it’s not a stretch to say that the New York Times is instructing up-and-coming psychos in how to achieve the notoriety they crave.

      “Our findings consistently suggest a positive and statistically significant effect of coverage on the number of subsequent shootings, lasting for 4-10 days. At its mean, news coverage is suggested to cause approximately three mass shootings in the following week, which would explain 55 percent of all mass shootings in our sample.”

  20. That nasty girl pictured probably saw the Tostito rack and couldn’t restrain herself. I mean if a bag of bite size Tostitos and a can of mild cheddar dip doesn’t do it for you nothing will.

  21. Whenever I see Michael Weisser being used as an “expert”, etc., in a news article, my eyes roll all the way up into my skull. The dude is an absolute HACK and is a liar/con man extraordinaire! No wonder even the NYT has problems with what he says.

  22. The person mentioned in the article is as much of a “gun nut”, as I am the long lost heir to the throne of Atlantis.

    I HATE hearing the made up “assault weapon” crap. ANYTHING used to assault someone is an assault weapon. Alas, liberals do not ever lament “assault hammers”, “assault bats”, “assault burritos”, and the dreaded “high capacity assault vehicle” (think moving truck used to mow people down in France).

    The same goes with the buzz term “gun violence”. No firearms have ever been violent. Only people and their intentions perpetrate violence. However, no one wants to blame the individual for anything. The idiot responsible is characterized as another victim “of the system” or imaginary white supremacist.

  23. David Walters said: “Screwing yourself is still legal. Give it a try.”

    So, did you enjoy yourself during the “screwing yourself” session?
    Sure sounds like it.
    Does no one else want a piece of you ?

    In other news, Michael Weisser is a typical slimy leftist goon, pretending to be a virtuous protector of the Bill of Rights.

    Don’t walk behind him or you might slip in the gooey slime dripping from his lying lips.
    This is much worse than a banana peel… 🙂

  24. I do not believe the US military has any AR-15s. They do have a bunch of M4 and M16, but they are fully automatic weapons versus the AR-15 being a semi-automatic weapon.

    • The US military may no longer have any ‘AR-15s’ in inventory, but they did, at one time. The original 8500 USAF rifles, Colt Model 604s, are marked as AR-15s, were select-fire (optional on the AR-15 at the time) and were accepted into service under the nomenclature ‘M-16’–but not so marked.
      AR-15s were available, along with AR-10s, in both semi-auto and select-fire versions. Only military-accepted AR-15s were actually ‘M-16s,’ although they were not marked as such originally. Therefore, although the USAF CALLED the guns ‘M-16s,’ they were really AR-15s.
      For that reason, arguing that an ‘AR-15’ is not an ‘assault rifle’ nor a ‘weapon of war’ nor a ‘military-grade gun’ is playing a semantic game not worth playing, because it has been all three.

      • And was designed as such from the beginning in .308. After USAF had their way with the ARs changes then it became the M16. Compared to what else was available at the time, Stoner did a phenominal job

        • original AR-10’s had a brown paint job on the stock and forward grip that looked really crappy when it began to peel as well as a different charging handle and were a little heavier because of the larger caliber…very few around today…I could have had one but passed because of the appearance…another one of my silly mistakes….

  25. POP QUIZ:

    Does anyone recall what happened in DC April 2nd?
    How about Orange CA March 31st?
    March 22nd in Boulder?
    What about Atlanta on March 16th?… Asian women ring a bell?

    Hopefully someone remembers because the most important news today is all the “LIES” about Georgia’s new “voter SUPPRESSION” law, MLB, and a chopped up heavily edited ambush of Ron DeSantis by 60 minutes… Move along, nothing to see here…

    • Yep, the shooters/attackers were not white so none of them met the Democrats narrative therefore their race baiting could not move further in those instances.

  26. A truly terrible loss… For SOMEBODY… Too bad it took so long, seee ya… A certified POS… Probably won’t matter in the long term, heavy BLUE district, DeSantis must set a date for special election, most likely stays Dem, but might get a moderate… Certainly can’t be any worse or MORE corrupt than good old Alcee…

    Florida Representative Alcee Hastings, 84, A prominent Democrat lawmaker with a history of corruption has passed away following a two year battle with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

  27. Another “Move along, nothing to see here” shooting?…

    A U.S. Navy medic shot and critically injured two sailors at a business park in Frederick, Maryland, on Tuesday, authorities said. The suspected gunman, 38-year-old Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet (bet he’s NOT a WHITE guy), was later shot and killed at the U.S. Army base Fort Detrick.

    • they’re pushing a narrative that”white” is evil…and one with a pseudo-assault rifle is the perfect foil…anything else is quickly overlooked as irrelevant to their purpose……


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