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    • Forget defending Ukraine, remember last week when that poll came out showing half of democrats won’t even fight to defend America if attacked? If that’s not a damning indictment of universal suffrage, then I don’t know what is.
      These people are not worthy to be called citizens or have the same political power the rest of us do. It was not people like this who built and made this nation great.
      And yet they expect us to defend them with our guns (that they want to be taken from us), to subsidize their lifestyles with our tax dollars (while demanding we be ever more extorted), and to brainwash and groom our children into their weird, degenerate cult (while they scream “bigot” to anyone who objects).

      Democracy has failed. Weak men make hard times.

      • All true; however, dumbocracy was always going to fail. That’s why our Founders created a Republic.

        • I know it’s a boomer take, but seriously, we need to stop saying we’re a republic. We WERE a Republic once.
          The founders created the Old Republic, Lincoln created the 2nd Republic, and Woodrow Wilson created a “Progressive” democracy.

          Americans like to brag that we’ve had the longest lasting constitution still in use, but that piece of paper has definitely been interpreted and utilized in very different ways throughout American history. So much so that our current nation bears very little resemblance to the nation the Washington, Jefferson, and even men like Hamilton envisioned.

        • Florian Geyer,
          I agree with you completely, and apologize if I was unclear. I wasn’t trying to argue or correct you, simply saying that the Founders saw all this coming and did their best to give us “A Republic, if you can keep it,” until “nice” people in subsequent generations fuct it away.

        • “That’s why our Founders created a Republic.”

          And that was destined to fail too. Ultimately it is human nature. The founders got things mostly right but human beings have a way of messing things up.

        • There’s a decent argument to be made that we actually have two systems at this point, running at loggerheads.

          One’s that Constitutional Republic, the other is a “multicultural democracy”.

          The two can’t coexist. But hey, whatcha gonna do about it?

        • Lincoln was the first progressive. He did not create a republic. He created an empire and enslaved us all to the tyrannical Federal government. The Republ8can party started as a big government, big war, anti American progressive party. Marx loved Lincoln.

        • strych9,
          Agreed, but the Republic largely ceased to matter with the introduction of democracy. Every democracy is on the down-escalator to social-democracy (and then to post-democratic Eurocracy). All the republican constitution did is moderate the speed or slope of our escalator a little bit.

        • DDW,
          I don’t disagree. I think the Founders’ main shortcoming was to regard certain core principles as so self-evident that they would never be questioned, and leave them implicit rather than explicitly codified in the Constitution – failing to anticipate not only relativism, but (far worse) 21st Century coalescence around “principles” that are the exact opposite of reality and truth.

        • There’s a decent argument to be made that we actually have two systems at this point, running at loggerheads.

          One’s that Constitutional Republic, the other is a “multicultural democracy”.

          The two can’t coexist. But hey, whatcha gonna do about it?

          Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

        • “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

          ― G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

        • Umm…
          “until “nice” people in subsequent generations fuct it away.”

          The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      • “…remember last week when that poll came out showing half of democrats won’t even fight to defend America if attacked? If that’s not a damning indictment of universal suffrage, then I don’t know what is.”

        The ‘Great Awakening’ (much, much different than the Leftist Scum concept of being ‘woke’) is already starting to happen, thanks primarily to the immigrants from Central and South America.

        The adults of that generation were kids when groups like ‘Shining Path’ were in their heyday, and they want *zero* part of that bullshit. It’s apparent in places like south Texas, near the border, where until recently, they were a solid, reliable vote for the democrats.

        If you look at the voting trends, around 2012 is when the tide really started to turn against them, but they blew it off as an anomality. (A lot of them still believe that!)

        This is an opportunity to drive a hard wedge between the Latino vote and their Marxist masters in Washington if we play it right.

        I envision a political ad along these lines :

        { A middle-age ethnic South or Central American}

        “Hello. My name is (this). My family came to North America as a result of groups like ‘Shining Path’ disappearing my family members, only to be found later executed.

        America, please listen to me. We never would have voted for those Marxists back then in the first place if we knew who they really are.

        They came for my country, and we foolishly handed it to them, believing their pretty lies. I beg of you, don’t let that happen to America.”

        While she’s speaking, images of Shining Path atrocities are in the background.

        The same theme will work with the Russian immigrants that managed to escape the ‘Iron Curtain’.

        These people are a powerful weapon to use on the Leftist Scum…

        • The “results” of this, and almost every poll other than an actual election of the people are just BS answers for the time in which they are taken, as well as answers to the “loaded questions” that were posed.

          It might be a bit difference is one’s home is actually being threatened by a foreign power. Leave the US? Go to where??? It was a stupid question to ask…

          Doubt that? If so, how does one explain the absolute explosion in the number of Americans purchasing firearms for their own personal protection as a result of the 2019-2020 rioting? I’d bet most of those new gun owners would have claimed they still supported gun bans and stricter regulations against owning them until they started seeing BLM and others about 6 doors down from their own place.

          I get it- far easier to predict doom and gloom than to see even a glimmer of hope and try to kindle it. To do so means one has to get off their ass and actually participate rather than sit around as a spectator, wringing their hands and saying “I told you so”.

          One thing I will say as to the cartoon, however: Many of the woke, vain, little high-maintennance chicks will, someday, often regret their choice of the sensitive, feminine boys they fostered and hooked up with. They usually already do when they need some yard maintennance, electrical, plumbing, or auto mechanical help- things like that.

          No? Check out the divorce rate…

          In any event, get off your butts, defend this country and not some other. And it is still a republic so long as we maintain the Electoral College.

          Incidentally, about 6 hours after I write this, I’m playing in a symphony concert where the woke conductor will have the orchestra performing the Ukraine national anthem, in a concert where the Star-Spagled Banner will NOT be performed.

          They will be playing it without the principal trumpet.

          Seriously, if they REALLY want to “help” Ukraine, they can go grab a rifle and book a ticket to Poland or something…

        • Yes they did poll republicans, independents, and Democrats. In fact, the results were part of a TTAG article on 3/22/2022.

  1. The US federal government has on multiple occasions lied its own people into mismanaged wars-of-choice (Iraq, Vietnam). Why should such miscreants be granted yet more powers over the liberty of its citizens, in the form of a draft?

    • Agreed. As a veteran military leader, I can tell you a draft (more people who are there for the wrong reasons / don’t give a fuck) is the very last thing any unit needs.

      More importantly, an all-volunteer military provides a virtual referendum on any foreign adventurism. If you can’t wage your war with non-slaves – if the people who’d be risking their lives choose not to join you – you probably don’t need to be there.

        • merlin grayman,
          I didn’t realize that, but percentage-wise you’re right. The WWII military was much larger, however, so the actual number of volunteers was also larger.

          It makes sense, when you consider who was fighting (besides the professional / career military). Vietnam was small enough to be fought by young men between high school and work or college. WWII required a much larger slice (of a significantly smaller population), and therefore pulled men away from families and careers.

          All things considered, I believe even WWII could have been won with volunteers, and it would have meant much better precedents.

      • “if the people who’d be risking their lives choose not to join you – you probably don’t need to be there.” – as was proven recently when what was left of a Russian tanker unit ran over their commander after half of their fellows were slaughtered under his command!

    • Gulf I and Gulf II were both engaged in/started by Republican Presidents. Funny thing, both were named Bush.

      • Of whom George Sr was inept whereas George Jr was, in my opinion, incompetent with his strings being pulled by Cheney. Simply my 2¢ worth.

        • You’ve doubled your support with my 2 cents worth thrown into the pot. I’ve long thought that George Jr. is a pretty decent old boy who relied on his father’s advisors, who all thought it was still 1965!

        • You mean the ones that hid the weapons of mass destruction so well that they were never found?

  2. Draft every pathetic fool who voted for Jim Crow Gun Control joe, give them 10 rounds and put them in trenches along the Russian border.

    On the other hand…Those who vote not-sure in no-brainer polls are disgusting. The not-sure selection should not be an option for stupid to continue being stupid.

    • Ten rounds? That’s awful generous.
      To best fit their persona a field manual of Karen’s Harsh Words and Rants would be appropriate.

      • Beta? Seriously? Beta males are generally somewhat respectable. They are just not alphas. Today’s incels are something else, entirely. Zeta males, maybe?

      • “Imagine being the…”

        She’s getting lots of what you aren’t, good loving.

        (BTW, a woman who talks dirty can be a seriously fun lover. Maybe one day (*snort*, Ha!) you might get to find out for yourself… 😉 )

        • Geoff,

          Our nameless, brainless, d***less troll will NEVER know the touch of an actual woman (Rosie doesn’t count). He is a pathetic clown of a worthless fool, who continues to inflict his opinions on us. Maybe someday he will become more enamored of his daily circle jerk with MinorIQ and dacian the stupid, and leave us in peace. Until then, we can mock him/her/it until he/she/it leaves us alone.

    • Debbie:
      Don’t respond to polls in the first place. Most political polls are dishonest and are used to attempt the manipulation of the public. If everybody would refuse to respond, then the polls would go away, and we’d all be better off. And… that’s my two cents worth.

      • Shadow,

        The funny part is, the best polls out there are the “internal” polls conducted by both parties. They KNOW how to conduct a poll that actually measures what people think, and they do . . . for their own purposes. They NEVER release those polls.

        Most polls are intended not to measure public thought, but to “shape” public thought. Anyone who believes a published poll is either an idiot or a partisan. Real people ignore them. MinorIQ and dacian the stupid use them for points (when they say what they want them to say).

        Counting runny noses is a stupid way to conduct public policy.

        • Ooof. You really should take that remedial writing course before you post again. At this point you’re just embarrassing yourself. But I suppose you’re used to that by now 🖕🤡.

        • Wow, still running with that lame-ass “joke”, nameless, brainless, d***less troll?? It was a fail when you first wrote it, and it doesn’t improve with age. You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

  3. Yes we do what we have to do when we have to do it.
    Nobody wants to be drafted or they would have already volunteered.
    I believe that if America was being invaded as is the Ukraine there would be plenty of Americsn patriots that would step up to the plate.
    I kinda dont like that meme or whatever it is because it kinda makes it seem like we’re all a bunch of wussies for not joining the Urkranium army.
    One bright spot about the war, it’s made covid go dissapear.
    Sad, however I believe in the near future U S. Military will be active in the Ukraine. It appears Pestident theBiden may have some skeletons in his closet that could get him impeached.

    • Nah, Hunter ground up all the skeletons he could find in his father’s closet and snorted them a long time ago.

      • Hunters no Keith Richard’s,
        “Ahh crushed bones it is, does stick in the nasal a bit, I believe I’ll have some marrow.
        I say Grace, would you mind playing Cannibal Song once more, Micks bahbies need their nappy time lullaby”

        • ‘Hunters no Keith Richard’s’

          Well aside from artistic talent he is.

    • “One bright spot about the war, it’s made covid go dissapear.”

      It’s done a whole lot more than that. Europe is now unified against Putin, and even the ‘Greens’ are suddenly open to the possibility of building new nuke power plants.

      In the interim, America will likely get fracking starting up in a really big way to support the demand for natural gas not being supplied by Russia. Deep-water ports will be expanded to handle the numbers of massive LNG carriers needed to supply Europe. Ship builders will be busy making those carriers. That’s American jobs, right there.

      That it only took one month to fundamentally change the course of modern history is only now starting to be grasped. And it’s pretty cool to cheer on those strangling dictator Putin. I wonder if it could result in Putin being forced into retiring by the oligarchs who are actually running Russia…

      • Not likely. Putin made a deal with the oligarchs. Stay out of politics and I well let you pillage the country.

        • “Putin made a deal with the oligarchs.”

          I believe that is correct.

          However –

          If he fvcks up their money engine enough, they may decide they are better off without him.

          Or this – A member of his private guard has a brother killed in that conflict, and decides to avenge him…

        • If he fvcks up their money engine enough, they may decide they are better off without him.

          If they’re smart they know that the disruption is temporary.

          Ukraine’s the sideshow for the real monetary war to destroy the US dollar as the world reserve currency and, it appears, Ol’ Yeller is playing right into their hands.

          Maybe the *leaders* in the West believe it will usher in a Cent. Bank. Digi Currency. They’re wrong, it will just nuke fiat overall but the West will get destroyed first.

          You can already see it happening.

      • How certain are you that Quid Pro Joe and the Dumocratic string pullers (such as AOC, Nazi Pignosi and Chuck U Shumer) would voluntarily backpedal on fossil fuel free America to do the Right Thing? I’m not. My take is that will stick to their lack of guns (which they want no one else to have) than to “lose face”. I’m getting sick of seeing their faces. I wish they would lose them!

    • The real problem is that it’s made Covid disappear from the headlines but it hasn’t changed the bifurcation of society in many areas.

      And in those areas the bifurcation is ossifying.

      • Spent the afternoon at a big shopping mall yesterday, haven’t been there in 3 years. Watching people, as is my wont, while ensconced in a corner chair in Macy’s shoe department while the wife & daughter wandered around collecting packages. Felt like Dagwood stumbling out of Tudbury’s. But watching people, citizens (or, “former” citizens?), wandering around, 8 of 10 completely self-absorbed in their own little screen worlds. Strych9, I see why you are pessimistic. This place is going down the toilet fast. That great sucking sound that Ross Perot warned us about is more than jobs moving to Mexico.

        BTW, possum, that panhandler I saw the other day moved his setup across the street, musta gotta clue. He’s contributing to that sucking sound, and that sign is still up. Whenever we eat out, I have been leaving waiters an extra generous tip, and thank them for working.

    • possum,

      Senile Joe (or, more accurately, Senile Joe’s handlers) may very well get us into a war. Being wrong does not mean you will be unsuccessful. Joe, and Schmucky Chucky Schumer and Malig-Nancy Pelosi may very well get us into a war – at this point, I would posit that they intend to, to distract from their own incompetence. Hey, they’re not the ones dying, so why do they care?

      • Lol. Take off the tin foil for hat, cut back on the OAN and get out of your basement/bomb shelter. I’m sure the terms of your house arrest allow you to go outside and interact with people. Doubtful many of them want to interact with you, however, since you’re a serial wife beater who pretends to be an attorney when posting on message boards. On God you’re a fool 🖕🤡.

        • Hey, nameless, brainless, d***less troll!! Twice in one day!! You are a pathetic, witless troll of an @$$hole, and you sport delusions of adequacy. If your hand were sentient, you wouldn’t even get the occasional action that is your only release. Rosie wouldn’t even have you. Go pound salt in your @$$.

        • muckraker,

          It would be embarrassing to be stalked by such a halfwit, if it weren’t so much fun to curb-stomp his worthless @$$. Playing whack-a-mole with the brainless troll is almost animal abuse, but . . . he (she, it, they) is fun to kick around.

  4. Conscription is slavery. If a population is unwilling to pay a fair market rate for a soldier their situation can’t be that dire. Especially when you consider that every society benefits from a patriotism discount.

    It artificially cheapens the value of a soldier. The British had a small professional army in 1914 that was far superior man for man over any other. It took 16 months of fighting before it was depleted to the point where they felt the need to impose the draft. A few months later they launched an offensive known as the Somme. Had soldiers faught of their own free will they would be far too scarce to have their lives squandered the way the generals did.

    • I found a used book at a local bookstore a couple of months ago, The First Day on the Somme by Middlebrook. Best $5 read in years! The British generals should have been taken out, given a short trial and executed for treason and stupidity to the Crown. Even the French component of the Somme battle did their assigned mission within a couple of hours with minimal loss of lives. The Brits had over 60k casualties in one day. The Brit generals would have made great Democrats…even after their battle plan had gone to sht, they kept sending waves of troops marching at a standard pace directly into German machine guns who commanded all the high ground…insanity, keep trying something that has not worked yet while hoping that it would automagically work on the 17th attempt.

      • Half a league, half a league, half a league onward!

        When I first heard that poem, I thought it was something admirable. By the time I reached adulthood, I realized just how stupid it was. And, NO ONE had the initiative to call a halt, or to change direction, or to anything. Just charge into certain destruction, because you were told to do it.

        Of course, that’s exactly why our great-great-greats kicked the English’ arses. Twice.

        • …and 25’ish years later the Brits had the insufferable egotist Montgomery commanding in WWII. What an jerk…an Aristocratic master of B.S. There are several accounts of US General Bradley and General Patton commenting on what an ass Montgomery was and how his battle plans generally went awry…but, he knew how to suck up to his troops.

        • “Half a league, half a league, half a league onward!”

          “When you lay wounded on the Ukraine plain, and the women come out to cut up your remains for dog food, roll to your AK and blow out your brains, and go to your God like a soldier.”

          Kipling updated… 🙂

      • Later in the war they invented the creeping barrage where the artillery would land the shells a few yards ahead of the troops and advance toward the enemy line. The best way to stay alive was to keep as close to the explosions as possible. Imagine the shells exploding 40 yards ahead and rushing toward them. Those men certainly had no lack of balls.

      • How many of those British general officers were leading from the rear? Most likely warm and safe in London?

  5. The Democrats are gonna kill us all. The United States has no national interest in Ukraine.

  6. It takes the whole pack of baboons to chase off a leopard but they’ve a reason for chasing it off. No amount of bananas will get the chimpanzee to help.

    • As someone who was in line to be drafted in 1972 I’m happy I wasn’t. I knew some guy’s who were and they came back a wreck(2 heroin addicts among them). What an effing waste of blood & treasure! You invade my homeland & I’ll happily fight. Would Ukraine fight for us? Afghanistan?!? Vietnam??? FWIW my son who speaks Arabic was in harms way all over the mideast-Egypt,Kuwait,Iraq,Jordan and who knows where.

      • Sounds like you may have lived near the base I spent most of my enlistment in. Got a Funck’s near(ish) by?

      • That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝙛𝙪𝙡𝙟𝙤𝙗𝙯.𝙘𝙤𝙢

        • Maham665, I’m confused, are you an AI scam bot who now engages with the other commenters or a commenter who runs scams on the side?

    • Yeah, old enough. Got my orders to report for duty in the morning at 1:00 AM after JFK made his speech: “I am activating certain units of the Air Force Reserve…” or words to that effect.

  7. It would be a mistake to make any comparison between Ukrainian people and American people in this way. We are talking about two separate and distinct cultures. Not to mention the fact that people do actually believe America still has “the draft”. Ukraine must fight for their right to exist just like America did. This fight became ingrained within the American lexicon hundreds of years ago.

    In a fight such as this, some will run and hide. Indeed some should. But we are talking about a ‘kill or be killed’ situation. Not everyone is mentally equipt to handle such things. That is the reason why guns and the proper use of them are not only handed down through American generations but also codified within the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. People need to be prepared. Maybe if things go the right way, Ukraine will end up with something similar.

  8. Do what you have too includes so much more than stopping an invading military. Much of everyday life can be included under do what you must. Stick around and get that HS diploma. Get something in the way of an education or training in a useful skill or trade. Go find a job or create and build a business. Preferably something legal. Provide for and be responsible for your offspring. Don’t turn away from or discard a relationship just because you would like a younger model or would rather go party and play. Be the example of what you want your kids to be. Not the bad example of what not to do. While I have made many mistakes in my life, I have no real regrets. Nor are there many things I would change if I could. Many of those out complaining about how hard life is, or whining about how their situation is someone else’s fault, etc. are those who can’t come to grips with the fact that life is not always fair, and is what you make of it.
    As for the situation in Ukraine, I honestly hope our idiot in chief nor his puppet masters get us involved beyond a supply and support mode. With none of our troops on the ground. I have no problem with giving someone tho tools they need to defend themselves. But, a war in central Europe is not our problem, no matter who’s profits are involved.

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